Use Your Heads Then Lift Them + About the Art of Bunk

By Anna Von Reitz

Here is the ancient Maxim of Law that deals with the present situation: “As a Thing is Bound, so it is Unbound.”

Everyone in this country was improperly presumed upon as a result of Franklin Delano Roosevelt making his “New Deal Speech” which was accepted by the guilty parties as a Declaration.  As a result of it, and a declaration made by the Territorial State of State Governors at their Conference March 6, 1933, all the Federal Citizens including those residing in the federated Territorial State of States became chattel backing the 1933 bankruptcy and all were considered to be franchises engaged in international commerce.

Of course, the vermin never had any such power or ability to speak for us or to actually indebt us in this fashion.  They simply presumed upon us and mischaracterized us and set about falsifying the public records.

If Donald J. Trump wants to correct this situation, he can make a similar declaration removing all Territorial and Municipal United States Citizens and the citizenry of the Territorial States of States back to the land jurisdiction of the actual United States–including his own principal franchises: DONALD TRUMP, DONALD J. TRUMP, and DONALD JOHN TRUMP.

That would allow them all to come home and put an end to the stranglehold they have put around their own necks.

The Territorial United States has been delivered from bankruptcy and just as they proposed to “remove” all of us to Puerto Rico for several decades, they can remove all of their own franchises back home to the international land jurisdiction of the United States — simply reversing what FDR did and also then reversing the legal presumptions involved.

President Trump can then also come safely home to the land and soil of New York and simply exercise the already well-established provisions for Dual Citizenship — only now a Dual Citizen of the land jurisdiction instead of a Dual Citizen of the Municipality— as it was prior to 1946.  And he can serve as the actual President of The United States of America without any obligation to the Queen or threat accusing him of “treason” against the Territorial United States, which in fact belongs to us: lock, stock, copyrights, patents, corporate charters and all.

There are addle-pated rumors flying that Treaties with the UN require us to merge with Canada and Mexico in a single “regional government” and to open our established borders and give up our national sovereignty and all sorts of other nonsense.

Let’s get this one straight, too.

We have agents at the United Nations via our Native American partners serving as contacts, but we have no treaties with the United Nations obligating us to anything whatsoever.

All treaties entered into “in our behalf” by the usurping Territorial United State Government are null and void for Breach of Trust and Fraud and we have certainly never granted any delegated power affecting our national sovereignty, our borders, nor our immigration policy.

So, put a Big Red “X” over the North American Union and the Unidroit Treaty of Rome which Commander Gould sacked in 2003 and numerous other “treaties” which the Territorial United States signed without any delegated authority to do so.

And now that we are back to the issue of delegated authority — at the moment, they have none.  They vacated their constitutional agreements and any assumed commercial contracts by entering into bankruptcy.  As we have demonstrated, all three levels of the “Federal Government” — national, territorial, and municipal — were vacated by their incompetence and criminal Breach of Trust.

As we also demonstrated, all three levels of the “Federal Government” either belong to us directly or existed only to fulfill treaty agreements and commercial contracts owed to us.  Their self-voiding of their commercial contracts via bankruptcy also voids their charters.

The national level of our government was illegally and immorally moth-balled via usurpation, fraud, and Breach of Trust in 1868.  The municipal level was bankrupted in 2015.  The territorial level was bankrupted in 2017.

ALL powers ever delegated under any constitutional agreement with any of the former Principals and their Successors thus ended in 2017 and reverted to the Issuer — The United States of America (Unincorporated), its member States, and the People of this country.

We have maintained a constitutional form of government for now by establishing new agreements with other “federal partners”— the American Indian Nations, but our agreements with them do not imply a continuance of delegation of power under the old system and do not provide grounds for any would-be service providers or international trustees to presume upon us or assume a service contract without our explicit agreement.

The days of the tail wagging the dog are over, and those responsible have only themselves to blame — because it is their own incompetence, greed, breach of trust, and lack of good faith service that has led to this.


We are, throughout, the aggrieved and defrauded parties, who have been abused by our own employees.


We are owed the full, free, and complete return of all assets and property naturally belonging to us, absent all debts and encumbrances. This includes all land patents and titles belonging to our States and People.  We are owed the return of our gold which was confiscated illegally during the 1930’s and the return of our silver which was extorted under color of law via the Emergency Banking Act of 1934. We are owed the return of all our intellectual property and all assets and benefits attached to those intellectual assets, plus the absolute and permanent release of all indecent claims upon our bodies and our DNA.

We have claimed and placed agricultural liens upon all our assets and all the assets of our States and all the property assets and interests of the Foreign Grantor Trusts and tax shelters and stocks and bonds and labor contracts and performance contracts and insurances and other beneficial material interests held in our NAMES.

We found our “missing, presumed lost at sea” Trade Names and re-conveyed them to the land and soil of our nativity and we stand on our land and soil now, no longer deceived and no longer acquiescing to any continuance of this criminal imposition upon us and our country and our natural sovereignty.

In other words, the “service providers” have finally been “served”.

They all need to bow their heads in shame, turn over the accounts for audit, and do what they can to make sure that no more property is damaged and no more innocent people are hurt.

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 About the Art of Bunk

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a book called “Bunk” by Kevin Young, which explains the “art of bunk” in detail.  He explains how to be successful, every con game has to involve elements of truth.

Here’s how it works: Amy Shipton is seen walking a Saint Bernard down Main Street.

This fact is true.

Pretty soon everyone “knows” that Amy has adopted a Saint Bernard.

But has she?

We don’t have enough facts to know.  We only have enough to assume so.

It’s this gray area of “plausible assumption” that the shysters use to deceive and defraud and defame.

There’s another resource, a movie called “The Masters of Deceit” that I wish everyone in America would watch.

It explains how advertising and propaganda work, and how these devices are used to manipulate everything from elections to public opinion to which hamburgers you buy—-and how these same tools can be used to accomplish much darker ends, too.

You have the equivalent of a dashboard in your mind that you have to learn how to control, or others are going to take over and run it for you—-and not necessarily in your best interests, either.

Some of the best advice I can give my Readers is to learn how to control your own dashboard.  Learn how these fraudsters make a living off of lies.

I found out years ago that the evil “System” of registering and bonding babies was engineered and pioneered by certain factions in the Roman Catholic Church.

So I put on my combat boots and complained directly to the Pope.

Who else is responsible for bad things going on in the Church or as a result of Church laxity?  Answer: the Pope and the Cardinals—unless you are dumb enough to gripe at God for the faults of men.

You can get the flavor of these acrimonious on-the-verge conversations from my Letter to Cardinal George (Chicago) which is published on my website:   None of the members of the Church leadership wanted to hear my message; once they heard they didn’t want to believe it; and once they believed it, they didn’t know what to do—- but somehow we have all stumbled on and many, many Catholics have taken up the hard work of reforming both their Church and the world-at-large.

After some investigation, Pope Benedict XVI concluded we were right, and began immediate corrective action — for which he was blackmailed.

He asked for my help to inform his employees and members of the Church about this horrific dis-service to humanity, and I have done so.

I would have done so anyway, but since this was evil perpetuated in the shadow of the Church, I have admittedly spent more time taking the issue directly to Catholics.

All this, and I am not a Roman Catholic.  I am a card-carrying Lutheran since age seven.  And I have never been paid by anyone for my work, except for the freewill donation of many good people worldwide who have seen the necessity for reform and correction of both their government and their Churches.

The Roman Catholic Church has been used and abused in precisely the same way that the good government of The United States of America has been used and abused by the same con artists and for much the same purpose —- as an unwitting storefront for evil.

As an American who has been deliberately confused with Territorial United States Citizens and “mistaken as” one, my sympathies are with the Roman Catholics who have been similarly confused with Satanists who have infiltrated their Church.

This battle began in the First Century A.D. and is no surprise to any diligent Christian, because the genesis of it is firmly recorded in Acts 8, where Peter confronts Simon Magus, a newly converted Samaritan Magician— a Satanist, in other words.

Simon Magus’s assumption was that the Christian Fathers had stumbled upon a great con game opportunity, and he wanted in on the action.

He didn’t believe in Jesus or His message, he just wanted to learn the tricks behind all the miracles and get a percentage selling the new snake oil.

As the centuries wore on, Simon Magus wasn’t the only one with this attitude and these suppositions and goals.  In fact, we have been told by many former Satanists that infiltrating the Roman Catholic Church has always been a major goal of theirs, and that before one can become a fully-fledged priest of Satan, one must first complete all the rigors of becoming ordained as a Roman Catholic priest.

So, there it is.  No secrets.  From the First Century on, this has been a constant problem and in recent years–which for the Church means the last 150 years–the situation has clearly gotten away from the sincere members of the Church leadership– so much so, that Satanic practices and symbols and beliefs have infiltrated St. Peter’s and demons have been parishioners along with saints.

Is the Church to be condemned for the malice of Satan?  No.

It is only a matter of logic that the Roman Catholic Church would be a prime target for the Satanists and that they would use all their guile to “mirror” the Church in the same way they have “mirrored” our government and our money and even our own ‘persons”.

They have very cleverly stolen everyone else’s identity and moved right in as quiet parasites — pretending to be Americans, but not being Americans, pretending to be Jews, but belonging to the “Synagogue of Satan” instead, pretending to be Roman Catholics, but not being Roman Catholics, pretending that their fiat “FRN” I.O.U. has the same value as our Silver Dollar, and so on and on — deliberately pretending to be something or someone that they are not, in order to profit themselves.

They are still at it, in Washington, DC, in Cairo, in Mecca, in Japan, yes, all around the world.  There isn’t a religion, a country, or a race free of this plague.

There is a reason I said “some factions” of the Catholic Church engineered the system of selling babies into bondage for profit — the Satanic factions.

If the Roman Catholic Church has been most severely infected and targeted and attacked by these Tricksters, it should be no surprise to anyone, and least of all to the Catholics themselves, who had fallen asleep at the wheel in the same way that we Americans have fallen asleep at the wheel and let our lawful government run off the tracks.

And who is — predictably — screaming most stridently and accusing the Church of evil in the loudest voices?  The same Satanists who caused the problem and profited from it.  They are the original masters of the Hegelian Dialectic.

That’s part of their whole Schtick.  Pretend to be your enemy.  Do horrible things in his name — without him catching on, if possible.  And then leave him to take the blame and pay the debts. Just like the Americans are being targeted to pay the debts of Territorial United States Citizens.

So, please, stop falling for this crappola. We know who they are.  We’ve known for centuries.  We know how they operate.  We know what they do and how they do it.  Recognize it.  See it for what it is.  And learn to see what is right in front of your faces.

When you see some big-mouthed, red-faced ignoramus shooting off his spleen in a very self-righteous, holier-than-thou manner — you have cause to know that you are looking at one of two things: (1) a true ignoramus who has been deceived and doesn’t know any better, or (2) a skillful Satanist, cynically pretending to be a blowhard.

When you hear some “anonymous source” spreading what appears to be “plausible” information — train yourself to recognize the wheedling voice of the shyster, encouraging you to make assumptions without all the necessary facts and the whisper of the gossip-monger trying to slither their way into a seat at your mental dashboard.

Both ignorance and gullibility remain two of our greatest actual enemies, but we can defeat them in our own lives and change our entire world in the process.

We can learn to look around the corner– as my Mother used to say — to perceive the Bad Actors among us and discern the often-exactly-opposite identities and agendas in play all around us.

Once you understand that we are in school and that we are called to learn what evil is, called to recognize it, and called to put an end to it, then our life on Earth and the conditions we face here begin to make a lot more sense.

You all have a mission, a job.  That mission includes becoming fearlessly honest and educating yourself so that you can recognize solid facts versus hearsay and gossip, and to become wise in your own right— no longer relying on anyone else’s opinions or group prejudices, no longer accepting circumstances, roles or appearances at face value, becoming aware of it when you are making an assumption about someone or something that may not be true.

When someone shows you a picture of the Alaska Supreme Court members and the fact that I am not among them and then accuses me of claiming (falsely) to be an Alaska Supreme Court Judge — it’s time to set your Shinola Sensors on “High”.

Which courts have I always told you I serve on?  The Alaska State Superior Court and the Third Postal District Court.  Not the Alaska Supreme Court.

Where did that piece of misinformation come from?  From someone putting together a video for the Republic of Texas.  Not from me at all.

If people were really paying attention, they would have noticed that that same slide said I was a “retired” Alaska Supreme Court Judge — and I am obviously not retired, either.

In each case — the assumption that I “must be” a Catholic and that I “must be” on the Pope’s payroll, like the assumption that I “must be” making a false statement about being an Alaska Supreme Court Judge — were deliberately encouraged by people who had cause to know better.

So what does that tell you about them?

The same people will be standing on the rooftops defaming the Catholic Church, and encouraging you to think that Catholics are bad people because their Church was used to hide a great evil.

This “blame the victims” mentality is also part of the Satanist’s Standard Operating Procedure.

You let them into the Church, they will say.  It’s your fault. You should have shut the Satanists out.  You should have recognized who they were and what they were doing.

It’s your fault, Americans, for not watching more closely and discerning more wisely. You let Satanists and fools take over your government and use your sons and daughters as fodder in wars for profit.  You let them put a statue of their Goddess of Sin in New York Harbor.  You didn’t even recognize who she was. You’re all a bunch of yokels!  It’s all your fault.

It is a vicious cycle of lies used to perpetuate other lies, as all things perpetuate themselves, with Liars also engendering more Liars.  These are the “tares” and the weeds among us, those who eat but give nothing back, those who speak but say nothing true, those who blame but accept no fault of their own.

Learn to recognize them by their deeds and by their fruits and by their ways of thinking and speaking and operating.

I have summarized their Operating Mode for you and given you good examples of how they use partial truths just like their Father, telling Eve she wouldn’t die (right away) from eating the forbidden fruit— and good examples of how partial truths are used to deliberately promote wrong assumptions.

If you want to gird yourself against the snares of Evil, study the scriptures with an open mind, and be interested in learning how these creatures deceive you, so that you can be on your guard.

Keep your Shinola Sensors lubed and oiled, folks, and defend your own dashboards.  The trolls and the blamers and the nay-sayers and the do-nothings and the brainless gossips and the Satanists are all scrambling hard.

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