The Revolution? It’s Over. + AMERICA’S GRAND FINALE

The Rest is Just Enforcement

© By Dorothy Anne Seese

The cultural revolution is over.  Without a shot being fired other than by government agents, America was changed, transformed, from a land of liberty to a nation of multicultural tolerance dolts with liberal educations and preemptive mindsets. There is still a bit of mop up work to do to clear out some radical free-thinkers (mostly pesky Christians and diehards of the Confederacy and its battle flag) but they will be eradicated within a decade. One way or another.

American heritage has been demeaned, despised and desecrated. It has also been revised by revisionists who have graduated from universities that inculcate principles of the cultural revolutionaries.  The South was uniquely regional in its character, belief system, social behavior and pride.  A new “reconstruction” is mopping up where new, lesser and quieter “Shermans” have come and taken over its cities, media, schools and political arenas. The South will one day find its biscuits and gravy have been banned by the World Health Organization as nothing but flour and grease, and replaced by baked broccoli omelettes with sliced tomatoes.  No Southerner will be permitted to refer to the Stars and Stripes as the “Union flag” and all displays of the Confederate battle flag will be banned under penalty of law. Free speech emanates from free thinking, and to control freedom of speech is eventually to change the direction and tenor of free thought.

The South has always been unique in character, something that the cultural revolution cannot permit in any area of the country.  Arizonans were once rugged individualists. That situation has been corrected by cultural revolutionaries quietly moving over from California and occupying the major cities and some of the pricier small towns. In each case the newcomers took command by vocal minorities (or majorities) and initiating activism for liberal agendas.  The only way the Arizona state seal escaped being altered for having the motto “Ditat Deus” (God provides) is that no one speaks Latin. There is no need to make an issue out of things the general public doesn’t comprehend, the objective is to make issues out of what the public understands all too well, and to do it for great causes like “the children” or “the environment” or, that greatest of all masques, “the future of our country.”

The Revolution is over, and Americans are desensitized to the point where nothing short of an attack on New York, Washington, or San Francisco will get their attention, a larger attack than Nine-Eleven.  Cases of outrage are few.  The government ran some tests as to the outrage threshold of Americans and found it was peculiarly dense, satisfactory to the cultural commandants, when free Americans shrugged their shoulders at:

The killing of Vicky Weaver at Ruby Ridge by an FBI sniper;

The incinerating of women and children at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas;

The institution of martial law in Georgia twice, once in 1996 for the Olympics and again in June 2004 for the G8 Summit meeting on Sea Island.

The outsourcing of American border security to Accenture, a Bermuda-based corporation (formerly Arthur Andersen and Co. of the Enron scandal infamy), to pay offshore crooks up to $10 billion to “defend” the American borders, but no one has said which way the guns will be facing.  We do know that the U.S. Marines, when questioned as to whether they would fire on fellow Americans, said “no.”  Outsourcing to mercenaries is the only answer to a military that is loyal to its countrymen until they can be replaced by those whose mindset is not to protect the people but only the state and the powers that run it.

Whoever controls the firepower controls the state, which is why the insistence of the various UN and liberal American globalists that average citizens surrender their guns.  Los Angeles is out of control with gangs and a police force that is not controlling them.  Murder rates in both Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona are staggering.

It will become necessary, of course, to have some sort of martial law to provide for the safety of our citizens, and the citizens will cry for protection at any price.  After that, the success of The Second Revolution can be announced, but then it will be so obvious it will need no announcement, like daybreak. Or nightfall.

The Constitution is worth no more than the integrity of the judiciary that interprets it, so it can stand as the “living” framework for our nation as long as no one uses it to limit governmental authority over subjugated citizens.

Education has degenerated to little more than federal indoctrination, carried out through university level, for the purpose of instilling in young minds the worthlessness of the American heritage and the future of the new order to come.  Heritage, ancestry, tradition, morality, religion, family lines and any other allegiances are worthless to statists and will be educated out of the newer generations just as they are being despised publicly and anyone who dares to speak to the contrary is expelled or otherwise disciplined for egregious behavior.  Students are the tools of the order to come, to carry on where the mortal leaders of this generation leave off.

The shot that signaled the onset of the Second Revolution was the shot that killed the late president John F. Kennedy.  The year 1963 saw prayers banned in schools, and the Christians didn’t oppose it, although something over 80% of this nation declares that they are “Christian.”  That probably means they do not belong to any other religion, grandma was a Christian, or they go to church twice a year.  JFK was about to do away with the Federal Reserve, which is neither part of the federal government nor a true reserve, it is a cartel of US and foreign bankers.  They control the money supply of the United States, and they took the hard currency upon which our monetary system was based.  When Kennedy announced his intentions, he did not live long.

The Second Revolution continued with the Vietnam war protests.  Regardless of the benefit or uselessness of the war, the hippie movement, the flower children and flag burners were tolerated by Americans who shrugged as long as nothing was happening on their block.   It was just something on the news.  But it brought immorality into vogue, made way for the feminist bra-burning protests, and eventually the gay rights movement.  Then came the drug dealers and cartels from around the world.  Those were followed by an open border policy to the south, so that millions of illegal invaders could dilute the remnant of American culture by their sheer numbers and their general lawlessness.  The sex trade became part of America’s corporate structure and philosophy, as was exposed during the war in Kosovo, then disappeared from journalistic sight.

Every bit of the above and more is available through the internet and breaking news wires. Such sources often yield interesting stories that are “timed out” and never picked up by major media.  People have asked how I get my information. Via the internet, from village chat out in diners and markets, wherever I can pick up American thought and global information.  The only work left to do for a writer is to connect the stories and conversations and make a coherent picture out of it, then type.  The times, trends and events are out there for all to see, but most folks are too busy to look.

Many well-meaning Americans are waiting for the right time to fight the takeover of America by the New World Order.  They are expecting a revolution.  But … the revolution came, in fact it began over forty years ago.  They were waiting for gunfire and got professors.  They were waiting for tanks in the streets before it was time, so they got gay rights parades instead.  They turned to homeschooling after the government had anticipated a small rebellion and instead merely got rules and requirements for homeschool curricula.  The list could go on, but everything the honest American patriots were waiting for had been anticipated and circumvented by a different type of revolution.

The globalists are evil, but they are not stupid.  Their planning has been better than anyone gave them credit for being able to accomplish.

It was time to “shoot the bastards” four decades ago but no one saw the handwriting on the wall. Now the wall is encircling us and everything we should like to see done to restore America.  That will take a third revolution, because the second succeeded in taking our liberties and twisting our values, our mindsets and abolishing our cultural heritage.  It was right out in plain sight, and no one saw.  Now the internet writers are corresponding with each other while major media, a mind-control system straight from Stalin’s old Pravda, keeps spewing the doctrine of the new order in politically correct language and with slanted stories that the majority of Americans believe.

from Occupied America.


under the imperial Roman eagle

© By Dorothy Anne Seese

There is no doubt that the rise and fall of the United States of America bears a close resemblance to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, from its days as a representative republic to the final collapse in its own debauchery, too weak to fight even if inclined so to do. The imperial eagle is the emblem used by both Rome and the United States, a bird of freedom and power, but also a bird of prey. How fitting.

A television series I recently watched on Rome’s technological advances, engineering excellence, and moral perversion made a direct comparison between the USA and Rome, something that surprised me just a little since it was shown on a rather popular educational channel. Rome’s arches made possible engineering feats centuries ahead of their time. Roman roads still exist, in part, centuries after the fall of the empire. America’s transcontinental railroads, automobiles and airlines, use of laser technology and nuclear capability have made possible a republic wealthier than any since Roman times, stronger than its neighbors around the world, and now more to be feared. Sadly, the corruptive seeds inherent in the possession of power have made it a target for a fall equal to or greater than that of Rome.

While New York symbolizes the financial strength of the US, more fictional than real due to our enormous debt and interdependence on other nations, a precalculated condition brought about by the modern Visigoths who control international finance and demand cooperation from the US, Las Vegas symbolizes Pompeii, the riotous living capital of the Roman empire. Millions of people, American as well as foreign tourists, flock there to indulge themselves in every vice and leave behind billions of dollars for the luxury of such an experience. The exotic hotel complexes, more lavish than anything Pompeii could have offered, showcase restaurants where dinner for two costs the revelers over $300. And that’s just dinner. It isn’t difficult to drop ten to twelve thousand dollars for a single weekend in Las Vegas.

Romans also lost their identity in the growth of the empire. Roman citizenship became conveyed on any and all who would swear allegiance to, or contribute money to, the emperor’s treasury. Being a “Roman” came to mean being a non-slave or a non-barbarian (generally those who spoke Slavic or Germanic languages). By so diluting the identity of Romans as being what we today regard as Italians, the empire grew weaker as it grew larger, and each language group became minimally bilingual … Latin for business, the native language for all other purposes. This cultural dilution was encouraged by the Roman emperor and his court for the purpose of gaining finances to protect their extensive borders, but every time they succeeded in gaining money, they lost power and became bankrupt. When they could not pay their huge standing army, it deserted. In the US, we’re cutting and have cut our military strength, yet our military is still efficient if allowed to be so. It’s being used up, decimated in fact, by useless foreign wars in places where we are accomplishing nothing. Not even Rome began a campaign with nothing more in mind than to lose!

However, not all is lost in our wars-for-nothing, other than the lives of soldiers who are as expendable as Roman soldiers or worse, the gladiators who died in the arenas of public entertainment. The US has a multinational military/industrial complex that benefits financially, at the expense of the American taxpayer, from supplying the military and gaining large contracts for “rebuilding” devastated areas, at best a ridiculous notion from an imperial standpoint. But, this is a different age and has been since the Marshall Plan. The presence of US troops is a hollow shadow of the protection once offered, and our armies are expendable if they accomplish a presence that allows the construction contracts to proceed. That isn’t capitalism, it is tyranny and tyranny at its worst, disguised as capitalism. Huge monopolies form an elite that has allied itself with the global governance elite of bankers and financiers at the expense of human lives and the destruction of the Republic.

Romans, in the period of the Republic, were quite religious folks, dedicated to several deities borrowed from Babylon by way of Greece. While this is no endorsement of their pagan deities, at least the people did have some higher authorities, capricious as they were, to please. In America, founded by devout Christians seeking religious freedom from the Anglican church (those Mayflower folks), churches were built, universities and theological seminaries built to teach the essentials of the Christian faith, doctrine and practice. Whatever criticisms we might have of their intolerance for other practitioners of the Christian faith, this nation was most certainly colonized by those who were devout believers in the Christ, the Bible, and the simple Christian life.

The founders who organized, fought and won the American Revolution had respect for if not total belief in the Holy Scriptures. The idea that the vast universe just “big banged” itself into existence would have been called heresy or worse. The intricacies of design obvious in all things, and the interdependence of climate, crops, pollenization, growth cycles and times of restoration were sufficient to satisfy most colonists that man is not an accident but a direct creation of a personal God who demands accountability from His creation. While cigars were tolerated, homosexuality was absolutely forbidden by law and punishable by that law.

However, just as Rome tired of its deities and began to ignore them, Americans of the late 19th and 20th centuries tired of God’s absolute rules, considered them restrictive and regressive, and thus began to chip away at the foundational Christian principles of our founders’ government. The Supreme Court was used/misused to end prayer in schools, approve of abortion as a woman’s “constitutional right” and is now faced with whether it shall redefine marriage to include any union. Even Rome, with its rampant homosexuality and pedophelia, never attempted to redefine marriage! While marriages were often matters of money and convenience, they were always between man and woman. In that regard, the Romans were just one baby step ahead of the United States and its redefinition of marriage.

Christianity thrived in the Roman empire, so much so that Nero found it convenient to pin his little bonfire on this “new sect” of religionists and use Christian captives as human torches to light his patio parties.

In America, we are not far from having our Bibles banned as “hate literature.” Why? Because it condemns fornication, adultery, pornography and homosexuality. To condemn such can be construed as “hating” or “propagating hatred” of those involved, which happens to be a growing segment of Americans or persons living in this country. The supposed 80% of Americans who declare they are “Christian” is either a totally skewed figure or the pollsters selected their samples from the American midwest and the South. If 80% of our people were Bible-believing, obedient Christians, this nation would have had a revolt at the first Supreme Court decision in 1962 removing prayer from the schools. Only weak, careless, pew-warming churchgoers who attend for the sake of appearances would have allowed such an attack on the practices of our nation since it was a British colony to prevail.

Instead, our church are figuring out how to “get with the program” and bring in more people for more money, more offerings in the plate. Rather than serving the poor, they build grandiose buildings to “honor” God, but they are honoring the god of mammon, not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not the Great “I AM.”

Thus, the United States, with the Imperial Eagle at the forefront, marches straight into the abyss with Rome and its predecessors that have been left in the dust by history. Babylon, or the “spirit of Babylon” jumps from one empire to another seamlessly, with its greedy commerce, false religion and corrupt politics.

Just as it was with Rome, is with the United States, so shall it be with the One World Government, the final age of human government that will incur the final judgment on man’s inability to govern himself or live apart from the evil nature within him.

I have loved my country. My government lost my respect in 1965 and thereafter, a-whoring after other nations for the sake of a few unscrupulous millionaires claiming “free trade” in the stead of what should have been called treason. America’s resources were great, they have been wrongfully exploited and much of our land is owned by those outside the United States, non-citizens, whose interests are to take and not give, to ruin what we built before non-citizens were permitted to own property in the United States.

Many patriots want to take back the United States, thinking that we need only fight the present government. That is limited thinking. Patriots would have mercenaries from all over the world, courtesy of the United Nations, ready to kill any American who rises up against this unjust and debauched system.

There is but One with whom these wealthy profligates have to deal, and He will deal both justly and swiftly. Those who fear Him have nothing else to fear, not even the demise of America as we knew it. After all, this life and the lifespans of nations are purely mortal, and the greatness of God’s Kingdom is eternal.

Revelation 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. (KJV)

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Americans have followed the ridiculous to their destruction and all that remains is the ravages of an internal war against the few who had the brains and guts to recognize the truth.

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