Another Victim of Human Trafficking Meet Thasja + Let’s Make This Perfectly Clear

By Anna Von Reitz

Another Victim of Human Trafficking. Meet Thasja.

She’s a highly skilled photographer, late 20’s, beautiful, bright, and kind.

She has been kidnapped and sold to a high end Mexican brothel keeper.

And the monsters responsible are moving her to the Mexican Border crossing at El Garrita Chapparal this afternoon.

The US Attorney General, Summer Stephan, has been alerted and done nothing.

The police in Oklahoma City, Oakland, and L.A. have been given detailed up-to-the- moment information pin-pointing her whereabouts and the names of her abductors — everything necessary to make the arrests.

Nothing has been done.

I ask you, the men of this country, how long is this going to go on?  How long before we mete out that they’ve got coming to them?

When are these criminals going to be brought to justice the Old Way, with a jury of their peers standing outside in the open air, a Justice of the Peace, a short rope and a tall tree?

If the “law enforcement officers” responsible for riding herd on all these foreigners won’t do their jobs, then we must still keep the peace and uphold the Public Law of this country.

The UN has nothing to say about it, because the UN has done nothing about it.

Except profit by it.

It’s time the world woke up and began the enforcement actions necessary to bring the bankers causing all this corruption to their knees, and to fire all these useless politicians and even more useless police.

They aren’t doing the jobs we hired them to do, so what good are they?  Have we finally defined “Useless Eaters”?

Please, America, listen up.  Get out your mops and your buckets and your Winchesters, too.

Either take responsibility for running the world, or the criminals will.

I know what I’d be doing if she were a member of my family and I wouldn’t be asking any judge for permission to do it, either.

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Olddogs Comments!

OH my God, Anna is promoting the old-west be brought back!!!!

Well no shit surlock! It’s about time you woke up and remembered this is OUR country and it is up to US to run it. How would you like your daughters raped every day? And you want us to give up our guns???

Out of my cold dead hands makes sense to me! Maybe we should arrest our so called politicians and trade them for our daughters in captivity. After all they are the ones who support bungholers, they might like being buttf%#ked every day.

Let’s Make This Perfectly Clear

By Anna Von Reitz

I don’t recommend any kind of A4V “Process” for Joe Average.  That  only extends to people who are legitimately federal employees and/or dependents because of the bankruptcy—- they aren’t actually getting any 1930’s style “A4V” redemption per se.  They are getting debts discharged in bankruptcy.

If you are not a Federale and don’t want to be listed as bankrupt, stay out of it and get your assets out of the bankruptcy slush pile by sending your BC to Mnuchin and telling him to move it and set it aside.  No A4V’s except for legitimate “FEDERAL PERSONS” and no TDA’s.

Once you move back to the land jurisdiction, those FEDERAL PERSONS are re-flagged as vessels operating in International Trade, not Commerce— and the remedies of Commerce — bankruptcy, etc., do not apply.  You are owed remedy for this situation in probate, instead.

The process I recommend for regular Joe Average non-federal employee, non-federal dependent is simple and straight forward.


  1. Get your Trade Name recorded and permanently domiciled on the land via an Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance.
  2. Claim all variations, spellings, permutations, punctuation, and orderings of any Names/NAMES that have ever been used or associated with you via a Certificate of Assumed Name added as an Extension to your Deed of Re-Conveyance.
  3. Cancel all prior Powers of Attorney.  Record that as an Extension.
  4. Issue a Letter of Appointment making your Trade Name the Power Holder and Attorney in Fact.  Record that as an Extension.
  5. Issue a Mandatory Notice under FSIA — examples have been provided. Record that as an Extension.

And then, for God’s sake, just settle down and stop money grubbing.  This is the first, most important part of living as a free living being again and the best means of protecting yourself and your assets available.  Don’t turn right around and muck it up again by getting your cart in front of your horse, making claims against bankrupt entities (which can get you in big trouble), and/or contracting to act as a Federale again.

You can’t be “in” and “out” at the same time.

You can’t be an apple and an orange.

You can’t be a sovereign and a citizen.

You can’t be acting in a private capacity and a public capacity at the same time.

You can’t claim that you are a free man standing on the land, and then turn around and claim that you are an indentured servant at sea.

You can’t claim to be an heir and landlord and at the same time claim to be a destitute pauper in need of funds from the Public Charitable Trust.

There is a LOGIC to this, people, and you have GOT to understand it and live by it.

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