The Legalization Of Deviant Behavior + Fun Facts to Know and Remember

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America has undergone a radical transformation and the average American is oblivious to what has occurred.  As the average “Deplorable” laments the decline of this once great nation very few have a deep understanding of what has actually occurred.

The Bible, which most Americans no longer read nor believe, gives a clear warning in the book of Isaiah “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…”  Sadly, the America that most of us pine for is but a faint fog in our once vibrant memory.

Normal is no longer normal.  Common sense is no longer common.  What used to be universally accepted is now scorned.  Old fashioned Mom and Pop beliefs have been replaced by a deepening dark degree of deviant directives designed to rewrite the standards of right and wrong.

Pull back the curtains and peek outside.  There is no longer a common standard upon which behavior can be regulated.  Once the Bible was removed as the cultural barometer in America the barn door was opened to the introduction of all forms of animalistic behavior masquerading as Constitutional rights.  The removal of the God’s standards from the minds of our people has given us a time “when everyone does what is right in his own eyes.”

Normal is no longer a standard, normal has become a perspective.  What is normal for me may not be normal for you.  Opinion has become the sinking sand upon which American morality now teeters.  An ever-changing standard of normal has thrown the American culture into chaos.

Evil becomes good when right and wrong are merely an opinion.  Even science has become an opinion…bought and sold to the highest bidder with a demonic agenda.  Is manmade global warming true or not or can favorable research be produced for 30 pieces of silver?

Most of our laws are put into force in order to control behaviors.  Back in the day when we all shared a common set of values we endeavored to legalize “normal” behavior while criminalizing abnormal.  Normal behavior was encouraged by law.

Deviant was the word we used back then.  Deviate is a word emanating from the unchanging laws of mathematics.  Websters 1828 Dictionary defines deviate as “To turn aside or wander from the common or right way.”  Evidently Daniel Webster was a homophobe because he believed in a “common or right way.”

Deviant is defined today as a person or thing that deviates or departs markedly from the accepted norm.  Abnormal behavior is deviant.  We simply deny that truism.

Man can never make straight what the Lord calls crooked nor can he make crooked what the Lord call straight.  Since deviant behavior by its very definition can never be made normal it is the term “normal” that must be redefined.  Hence a nation where the most abhorrent of behaviors must be reclassified as human “rights”.  A moral wrong can never be a Constitutional right.

Abortion is no longer murder but rather a Constitutional right.  Homosexual sodomy is no longer deviant but has become a Constitutional right.  Pedophilia is on the fast track to be normalized as nothing more than an “orientation” and a Constitutional right.

Today anal sex between men is no longer argued as abnormal behavior but as a Constitutional right.  The approach has been simple.  Normalize the abnormal by calling it discrimination and demand the right to practice it.  “Legalizing” male on male anal sex does not make it normal.

Look, my friends, laws are put into place to control behaviors. Most laws punish deviant behaviors.  Luckily for us, most criminal behavior is deviant…against accepted normal standards…and is punished as such.

But a transformation is taking place as the deviants work to normalize abnormal behaviors.

The sex act is nothing more than a bodily function.  It requires no “love” and no orientation.  Many of our citizens have a vibrant sex life without the benefit of a partner.  They defecate in private and they masturbate in private.  Both are simply bodily functions done in seclusion.

Enjoying hamburgers more than hot dogs is not an orientation, it is an appetite.  Some like steak, and some like chicken, but both selections are considered normal.  Eating another human being would be…deviant…abnormal…and illegal.

Love is not sex and sex is not love.  Love is an emotion while sex is a bodily function.  Declaring the right to “marry” simply because you are “in love” does not hold up to scrutiny.  I love many different people with whom I have no desire to engage in a sex act with.  I love my children…my buddies…my neighbor…my grandchildren…my dog,  but using any of them to reach an orgasm is deviant…abnormal.

At the same time, it is possible to use another person simply to fulfill my sexual appetite and my desire to reach an orgasm.  That is what hookers and pornography are used for…simply fulfilling a physical appetite.

Eating is a bodily function.  Using the restroom is a bodily function. Smoking cigarettes and drinking booze are bodily functions.  Some of us have “normal” appetites and some of us have “deviant” appetites.  Engaging in some behaviors is normal while engaging in others is not.  The purpose of laws is to control the abnormal behaviors.  Satisfying any and all appetites is not a Constitutional right.

What if a drug addict was “born that way?’  Isn’t taking drugs a choice?   Why isn’t their “appetite” legal?  Would you rather your son use drugs…or sodomize his best buddy?  I say both behaviors are abnormal.  Drug addiction is a sickness…but sodomy is normal.  Understand?

America is upside down.  Owning a gun is becoming deviant.  Believing in the Bible is abnormal. Speaking what is on your mind is offensive. Cross dressing is heroic.

You know the world has gone bonkers when heterosexuals do not want to get married…and the homosexuals do.

Try as they might the deviants cannot make the abnormal normal and calling it legal does not make it right.  You cannot make straight what God has declared crooked.  Why do we fall for such foolishness? Why are the churches looking the other way?

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Dave Daubenmire is a veteran 35 year high school football coach who was spurred to action when attacked and sued by the ACLU in the late 1990s for praying with his high school football team. After a two year battle for his 1st amendment rights, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement. Challenging the “church of the Status Quo”, Pass The Salt Ministries is calling Christians to wake up and engage the culture. By taking the fight to the enemy, Coach Daubenmire has become a recognizable voice in the media as he is an unashamed, articulate, apologist for the Christian worldview. A popular, high-energy speaker, Coach Daubenmire’s motivational lectures, laced with powerful and relevant Scripture, is challenging Americans all across the country. E-Mail: Web: Web:

Olddogs Comments!

Right on Dave! The scum of the earth is now the cream of the crop.

Fun Facts to Know and Remember


By Anna Von Reitz

Fun Facts to Know and Remember

  1. The rats have amassed unimaginable amounts of money.
  2. That money actually belongs to you and to other innocent people worldwide that they have defrauded.
  3. They have attempted to claim that you are “lost at sea”.
  4. Based on that Bushwah, they attempted to claim your entire country was “abandoned” and open for them to claim.
  5. There is no reason for anyone to ever suffer any lack.
  6. There is no reason for anyone to ever be taxed.
  7. This entire Mess is the result of greed and criminality at the highest levels of the Church and the world governments.
  8. The banks are trying every trick to hold onto assets that depositors left with them in good faith– again, using bogus claims of “abandonment”.
  9. The entire National level of the American Government was usurped by the British in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract 150 years ago.
  10. The British Government has been at the bottom of most of the wars and conflicts in modern times.
  11. We have the proof and it is distributed worldwide.
  12. The Brits, like the Nazis, always try to burn the books and destroy the records of their evil activities.
  13. Serco is at the “US” Patent Office right now trying to scrub the evidence of their infamy out of the records.
  14. They can save their digital book burning effort, because we already have it all copied and dispersed.
  15. The repeated appearance of “Elders” who are going to save you and make this Mess go away is just a popular “cover story” as is the OPPT—the perps want to roll the World Trust over into another trust and continue to control it by appointing the Trustees.
  16. We don’t want or need their kind of “Trustees” — what we need are “Fiduciaries” who serve us, not them.
  17. We have it in our power to restore our National government, by reclaiming our birthright political status and assembling our land jurisdiction Counties and States.
  18. Until then, the Original International Government Instrumentality, The United States of America (Unincorporated) still stands and is active and has claimed its reversionary trust interest and has placed claim on all assets owed to the American states and people in their behalf.
  19. The clock is ticking, Many millions of Americans and billions of people worldwide need to wake up and reclaim their stolen assets and identities.
  20. The politicians, the churchmen, the military leaders, the banks— all need a public shaming for what has been allowed to go on here and throughout the world.
  21. Satan’s followers, the Apollyon Acolytes, perverts devoted to endless war, who feed on the suffering of others, cannibals who worship the moon, infested the Nazi AND the British leadership during the First and Second World Wars.
  22. From there, they came to America via Operation Paperclip and various other programs, where they have infested our military and the Pentagon and the Territorial and Municipal Congresses.
  23. These Acolytes of Satan are not men. They are literal evil spirits and they are the cause of the Evil in High Places.
  24. Overcoming them requires fearless opposition, but in a dispassionate — “Get out of here with your nonsense.” way, just as Jesus dealt with Satan and with evil spirits. They have to be told to take a hike with real authority.
  25. So we have told them and it stands upon the record: when what is true comes, what is false must pass away.
  26. So it also stands that Satan has been bound and led away in chains.
  27. So it also stands that the claims of the people to inherit their land and their peace and all else that they are owed, has been brought forth and has cured.
  28. Therefore, be of good heart and have faith and steer a steady course; they are already defeated.
  29. Be watchful and resolute in exposing them at every turn, and in undermining every attempt of The Worm to delude you.
  30. Make every trustee, every official, every functionary accountable. Hold their feet to the fire and let them know that you are awake and watching.


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