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Gun Control 101


By Anna Von Reitz

Gun control, like bladder control, is a personal matter.

All those who feel that they can’t control themselves should by all means take measures to donate their guns to competent authorities before any accidents occur.

All those who (generally speaking) want to impose their will on other people, have feelings of anxiety, and who can’t control the impulse to trespass upon others are invited —indeed, encouraged— to turn in their guns and other weapons at the nearest police station.

That is the first thing I have ever read from Anna that I disagree with, and strongly advise those people to sell your weapons to someone else cheap! A lot of confiscated weapons go home with the cops,,,,,,free!

We can arrange to have Social Psychologists assigned to each one of you as Caseworkers and make sure that your homes are sanitized of all possible dangerous tools, objects, and substances.  Of course, you will have to retrain yourselves to eat everything with your fingers, and won’t be allowed to use soap. Also, you won’t be allowed to cook or eat cooked food, but that is the price we pay for safety.

Since virtually all perpetrators of these mass shootings have been progressives it only makes sense that all progressives and members of the ACLU and Democrats (generally speaking) be disarmed as quickly as possible, unless of course, they sign and record a public oath with a video-taped Pinky Promise Ceremony promising everyone that they won’t go nuts in the foreseeable future.

Disarm yourselves immediately, with our blessings; but, expect to pay a large “Security Tax” next year as part of the overall gun control effort.

After all, if we have to control your guns for you and use guns in your defense against predators and crazy people and pay (admittedly useless) police forces to stand around while you are being shot at, it is only reasonable that you pay a substantial additional tax for being unable or unwilling to shoulder your share of the burden of public safety.

How does an additional $5,000 per year in taxes sound?  And two weeks a year of community service on assignment with the state militia?  That sounds fair.

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Google Infringing Free Speech— Again?


By Anna Von Reitz

This week several information websites/channels have been shut down with censorship being provided (allegedly) by Southern Poverty Law Center and the (formerly and still at heart Jewish) Anti-Defamation League.

I haven’t seen the proof of who the censors are, so reserve judgment on that part of it, though it does make sense that Google would rely on organized volunteers instead of spending its own money to do its own censorship.

This should, no matter who is responsible, spark a huge debate about censorship and First Amendment rights and the limits of “federal” trespass on our property assets— because make no mistake, rights are property assets.


Those who elect to function in the capacity of federal citizens have an obnoxious habit of thoughtlessly trespassing on the rights of others.  They don’t even stop to think that if they trespass upon others and censor others, that they are ultimately also trespassing against their own estate and curtailing their own freedom.

We see this with their gun control spiel and we see it with these attacks against news and media outlets that don’t actually do anything immoral or illegal, but which these people simply find offensive for whatever reasons.

I find the overall hypocrisy of the Southern Poverty Law Center offensive, but I don’t try to censor them, even when they are ignorant and when they tell outright lies. I just figure everyone has a right to be a horse’s rump.

Ditto the (J)ADL — defaming anyone is a bad thing, even if it is Alex Jones.

As for Google, what possible excuse does it have as a private business making use of public airwaves and public infrastructure for infringing upon the First Amendment Rights of Americans?  None that I can see.

It’s likely to turn into a full scale you-know-what match, complete with treble damages.

Nobody has to like the SPLC just like nobody has to like Alex Jones, but when we actively set out to quash their free speech, that’s a different thing.  That’s an infringement on the basic principles of this country, which allows such disparate opinions in the first place, and which we all depend upon whether we come at it from the standpoint of freedom or the standpoint of liberty.

My advice to Google?  Review the content and if they aren’t advocating overthrow of the government or showing lewd pictures, turn those censored sites back on.

My advice to SPLC and (J)ADL — stop being schmucks and stomping on other people’s rights in the name of defending your own.  Your opinions and likes and dislikes don’t rule the world.  Other people have the right to hold their own opinions and beliefs, too.

And any infringement of anyone’s viewpoint is an infringement on everyone else’s viewpoint.  Remember Patrick Henry — I paraphrase — ‘I may not agree with what you say, Sir, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.”

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Dear Mr. Trump


By Anna Von Reitz

Please do not allow yourself to be bullied into making any unjust decisions that may affect Americans who are non-citizen nationals owed all guarantees and protections including the right of free speech and to keep and bear arms.

The present attacks against both the First and Second Amendments are not to be allowed or promoted by any agency of the federal government, and in fact, inappropriate acts of censorship by Google, which is in receipt of the benefit of our public infrastructure, should be countered immediately.

If they want to use our infrastructure, they need to respect our rights and prerogatives, and so do all members of law enforcement and agency personnel.

You can tell your own employees to stand on their heads and do table dances if you please.  Anyone who wants to disarm themselves should be encouraged to do so, and charged a “Security Tax” for their failure, unwillingness, or disability to help enforce the Public Peace owed to this country.

Any infringement or trespass will be cause for international outcry and commercial prosecution by the Foreign Sovereigns being mis-addressed as U.S. Citizens. This country functions under American Common Law and any legal liabilities created will be charged against those trespassing on our jurisdiction.

Any such infringement or trespass would also be further evidence (if more were needed) of Breach of Trust, Bad Faith, and violation of commercial contracts owed by the British Territorial United States.


Anna Maria

Olddogs Comments!

Getting back to gun control again: I never in my wildest dreams thought I would find a politician I respected, but Kentucky Governor Bevin’s is my kind of man.

Gov. Bevin Responds to Alleged Hypocrisy in 8 minutes


In 11 minutes Gov. Bevin responds to gun violence.


Listen to the Broward County Sheriff tell this group of Muslims that his job is to keep children out of jail… no wonder he ignored the documented by Sheriff’s log 45 telephone calls of complaint about Nikolas Cruz.  Rather than trying to take away our Second Amendment rights, perhaps the students of this school could take an interest in getting a better sheriff elected?  Had the sheriff responded properly to any one of those calls, no one would be dead and Nikolas Cruz would be getting the help he obviously needed.

Broward Co. Sheriff Scott Israel Is A Muslim And Democrat – Reluctant To Jail Youth –
YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTfX8vJLNjA

Olddogs Comments!

AMERICAS REAL PROBLEM IS THE PARENTS WHO ALLOW THEIR CHILDREN TO CONFORM TO A GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED MORALITY. If you do not understand that the corporate government is the stud duck of America’s Corporations, you simply have not awakened yet. What you see in America is a surreptitious corporate breakdown of morality, in order to make the people compliant to authority. Oh Mr. Politician please take their guns away! Never mind the fact that our borders are so wide open you could bring in Nukes without fear of getting caught. American’s you make me want to PUKE!

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