About Hammers and Men


By Anna Von Reitz

When a man picks up a hammer, it is impossible to tell if he is going to build a new house for a widow or bash someone’s head in.

In the same way, when a man occupies an office it is impossible to tell what he is going to do with it.  All we have to judge any candidate is his words and prior actions.

Then too, people can change.

We all know profoundly evil men who have nonetheless done good deeds, and equally good men who have faltered and done terrible things.

So where do these facts leave us?

It takes a long time and many waters before a man has my trust, and even then, I live with the knowledge that my trust could, possibly, be misplaced.

When we first brought our complaints to the Holy See they were ignored.  We brought forward the fraud and the harm it was doing, but there was no reply and no action to correct.

Ten long years of correspondence and diplomatic efforts later, Pope Benedict XVI took action, and three years after that, the Romanus Pontifex was liquidated: June 12, 2011.

Francis has followed and continued the action Benedict began with his own quiet but determined effort to reform administration of the Church and clean up the aftermath of the liquidation.

Both these men did exactly what you would expect in a decent world.  They did the right thing, while still protecting the Church and its membership.

I wouldn’t ask more and I wouldn’t expect more of them.

Do I help and “serve them” in the cause of liquidating the Romanus Pontifex and correcting the Great Fraud?  After spending over ten years of my life advocating that they take these actions?

What kind of piker would advocate that someone take an action for over ten years, and then refuse to help them do it?  Uh-duh?

I will help anyone correct their mistakes.  Gladly.  I will help anyone do what is right.  No regrets.  When Benedict asked for help explaining the situation to his employees and to agency affiliates and to politicians— I wasted no time.  I fully admit that I used his good name and good offices to scissor kick and pry loose a long, long list of officials and business leaders, too, all in the cause of bringing the Great Fraud to an end.  Yes, I did act as his private attorney in this matter, and would do so again in a heart beat.

I am proud of what Benedict did to divest the Church and end the fraud.  I am proud of Francis, too, though he is very cautious and protective of the Church.  I don’t blame him.  They’ve already done what had to be done for their parts.  And now, it’s up to you.

Every church worldwide that incorporated itself in order to escape taxation has fallen victim to the same scheme and bound itself in the same way.  Week after week and month after month, I struggle to explain that the churches were never subject to taxation in the first place.  They were simply deceived into subjecting themselves to taxation in exchange for a promise that they would be exempt from taxation.

How silly is that?

Let’s see, I am already a private entity and exempt from taxation, but if I sign all this paperwork and submit to all these reporting requirements and supervision by “the government”, I will be exempt from taxation?

That’s how stupid we have all been, not just the Catholics.

It’s true we were defrauded and preyed upon in breach of trust, but now that we know that, we are responsible for taking action to correct the situation.

There is a duty involved here.  A duty to oneself and to mankind.  A duty to the law, also, for once you are aware of a crime, you must report and oppose it, or you become an accomplice to it.

That’s why no matter how scared we were or how hopelessly overshadowed by the immensity of the evil, we had to speak up.  And keep on speaking up. We had to take action, too. It wasn’t enough to research and whisper among ourselves. We had to walk into the lion’s den.

So we told the Popes and we told the Queen and we told the Secretary Generals and we told the Heads of State and the Kings of the Earth and the politicians and the bureaucrats.  We told the FBI.  We told every President from Clinton to Trump.  And now we are telling you, so that you have to take action, too— to uphold the actual Public Law, to save yourselves, your families, and your country, to do what is right and oppose the pirates and the charlatans.

You either do your duty to mankind, as the Popes have, or you admit that you are part of the problem and a friend of the evil that has infested High Places and run the world amok for 150 years.

Karen Hudes and various others have attempted to paint me as a sycophant and “servant” of the Pope have missed their mark; in this matter, the Popes have served me, and I have served our mutual cause, which is to bring an end to this betrayal of the public trust and this festering criminality, while they, the banks and courts, fall short of doing their actual duty and taking the actual actions required of them.

Let me point out that the World Bank and BIS and IBRD and the Federal Reserve are all grossly complicit in creating, promoting, and benefiting from the enslavement and misery and continued poverty of most of mankind and that they have no excuse for their failure to do the work that was entrusted to them at the end of World War II.  And they have done nothing appropriate to correct.

Instead of following through and doing their duty to mankind, they played footsie among their little “in-crowd” cronies and grew richer and richer themselves, at the expense of everyone else.  Their sins are as scarlet and though they know the truth they prance around and try to avoid confession, yet expect to be forgiven while they sit and twirl and block correction.

The banks and their bought-and-paid-for collection agents, the courts and “justice agencies”, are now the problem.  The Popes did their duty seven (7) years ago.  They aren’t the obstruction blocking progress now.  Well might Karen Hudes try to excuse herself and her bosses and keep on blaming the Popes and anyone else they hope to smear with their own dirty brush.  Try.  But facts are facts.

We are left with the picture of the banks as complacent criminals, stuffing cookies into their bulging mouths as fast as they can stuff, hands still in the cookie jar, gorging like pigs while the actual asset owners starve, thinking that they are immune from prosecution.  If you are to believe your eyes and accept this state of affairs— they are immune from prosecution, until we all decide otherwise.

Meanwhile, ask yourselves what Karen Hudes and the World Bank have actually done with their hammers both before and after 2011?  How many homes have been illegally foreclosed upon?  How many actual asset accounts have been seized under false pretenses?  And who has been paid a thin dime in relief and reparations?

The criminality just goes on and on and on.

And the politicians are milling around nervously trying to judge just how much of this garbage we are going to put up with and how to keep their own bread buttered.

We hear about a lot of indictments, but until criminals are actually being put behind bars and brought to justice, that’s just wind in the trees.  It’s been twenty years, and I am still waiting.

And as for me, I am not a Catholic.  I don’t have to be a Catholic.  If the Catholics are doing the right thing by mankind, I will stand with them and be proud to do so.  In this case, with respect to correcting the Great Fraud, the Holy See is the only government on Earth that has actually, factually done anything substantive to make correction.  And they took that action seven years ago and have followed up with additional action since.

So it is Popes and Catholics everywhere— Score 10.

All the secular governments — Score 0.

All the Protestant Churches taken together — Score 0.

And that’s the public record as of March 1, 2018.  Like it, lump it, or do something about it.

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