150 Years of Non-Performance


By Anna Von Reitz

Immediately after the Civil War, the Democratic Party led the attacks on the freed plantation slaves. The history shows that they systematically resisted the drive to give black men the vote, resisted the effort to distribute homestead land to blacks, and ultimately spearheaded the plot to “confer federal citizenship” on the former plantation slaves, thereby making them the first victims of the corporate franchise system that has all but overtaken the whole country today.

Now, I don’t believe in political parties any more than I believe in Federal Reserve Notes, so let’s begin by saying that I openly despise the “Two Party System” — with the emphasis on “System” and just because I am anti-Democrat does not prevent me from being anti-Republican as well.

Both the modern political parties that have dominated and decimated our public life for a hundred years got their start in my home state— Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin? Because a large number of German Communists who were kicked out of Germany following the 1848 Worker’s Rebellion eventually settled in Wisconsin and brought along the “Hegelian Dialectic” and the political party system with them.

Political parties of the kind we have now are a Communist invention, designed according to the Satanic Pillars— just set up two goal posts, two teams, and push the sheep back and forth between them forever: black and white, Democrat and Republican, Israeli and Palestinian….. divide and conquer.

This dualism is being set up on purpose and exploited to keep people in a constant state of “war”— because the parasites gain power and money from it. No other reason.

It therefore stands to reason then that no substantial worthwhile changes come from political parties in this country. Massive political actions like the peace movement and the civil rights movement have been the only source of actual change— not political parties.

That’s because the political parties aren’t here to make changes or improve anything. They are here to enforce the status quo and keep all the old fights going, like cooks simmering so many pots. They don’t profit from actually solving problems or promoting peace. So they promise the world and deliver diddly-squat and the “next election” never comes.

People swallow the Big Lie that it is the fault of the Democrats or it is the fault of the Republicans and keep waiting for that next election, when in fact, the real fault lies with us and our willingness to put up with this horse hooey longer than five minutes.This Eternal Nothing-Burger with Whipped Cream on Top is what this political system is designed to produce, just like a Whoopee Cushion Factory produces Whoopee Cushions. It isn’t broken. It’s designed this way. On purpose.

It has been 150 years, and the poor people are still face down picking crap with the chickens. Trillions of dollars have been spent and we have nothing to show for it. No future that’s better than the past.

So you can stop waiting for the next election and stop looking to Washington DC for the answers, because the only real answers are in you— in your vision of justice, in your solutions to the problems, in your will to make this a world that is worth living in.

As my Mother said, “You need to get on your knees before you take a stand, and when you take a stand, make sure they know you aren’t going to run.”

That’s the American Way. That’s the only way that things get done. Enough people have to wake up and be fed up — and stop believing that its “the Democrats” or its “the Republicans”.

This isn’t two sides in a debate. This is our country, our lives, our government—and our combined future at stake.

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