Hang in there, It is a slow process

I have to give Mail Chimp an atta-boy for their skill in making something simple as complicated as it can possibly be. I designed my first post notice with them years ago in thirty minutes and a child could have done it. Now it is a time consuming test of one’s ability to remember the maze of processes that took five minutes before. YOU GO CHIMP!!!

However, I will eventually remember the step by step maze and you will then get a new article posted 6 days per week, so please hang in there with me. I truly appreciate your patience, and surprisingly new recipients are signing up every day. I can only surmise Americans are waking up to the tyranny that destroyed our unincorporated government for the people, BY the people. Does anyone remember when our educators taught we are independent Unincorporated States, with a contract for the united States of America for certain governmental services?

Does anyone remember when our local, state and nation police forces were loved and respected for their service instead of feared by all?

Hang in there folks because we intend to take back our beloved united States of America and the tyrants will moan and groan.


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