The Mad Are In Charge Of The Swamp

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There is a series on Netflix titled GOTHAM, a fictional city that is so corrupted that it flounders in chaos and fear of violence.  The City of Chicago, where murders have become routine, totaling in thousands; other crimes are  equally routine; MS13 Gangs control whole territories throughout the City’s East side; prostitution is rampant; the police are ineffective based on the fear of entering entire areas within the city;  corrupt politicians slide from one administration to another, stemming back a hundred years.  The City of Chicago is bankrupt.  Ward healers amass great wealth by heading political election campaigns using payoffs, arm-twisting and other forms of intimidation that insures that the mobs’ candidates always survive.  Harry Truman was a ward healer before he became president.

GOTHAM is really Chicago, but the corruption has spread to “Sodom” by the Sea in San Francesco, and Hollywood, California.  There are many pockets throughout our country where illegal people have, through the Obama Administration’s blessing, violated Constitutional law and paid government trucking contractors, with taxpayer funding to redistribute illegals far from our boarders in order to settle in villages and towns throughout our nation. The purpose was to transform the population by mongrelizing the citizenry, blending the brown yellow and black races from Africa, China and other foreign locations to create a metamorphic conversion from western ideals into a caliphate or better yet a communist society devoid of qualifications for entry. Most immigrants do not speak, read or write English; most arrive to obtain a better life at the expense of legal citizens and will work for low wages compared to legal citizens.


The traditions, laws and inheritance of Western culture evolved over 802 years and resulted in enormous achievements in science, medicine, literature, poetry and philosophy when, in 1215 A.D., the  Magna Carta set the standards of law we enjoy today; but now, unhappily, we experience a process of decay of  standards ie; morals, religious and loyalty to our flag.  What once was a nation  based on the brilliance of our forefather’s  written Constitution and laws to enforce the bill of rights the system of justice is now slowly being corrupted.

President Obama encouraged millions of illegal aliens to overwhelm our immigration system complicit with Democrat Party support that applauded restricting, even preventing boarder control guards from doing their jobs.

He used every means to spread his propaganda by lecturing and ranting on TV, and other media, before the public assemblies lauding the rights of aliens to enter this country.  He publically condemned the police, labeling them guilty before they were tried by jury; he promoted racism between whites and minorities and helped racist mayors restrict police interference during riots; he praised Islam as peaceful and friendly despite the fact that Islam once controlled, through invasion, all of Spain and the entire Mediterranean to force captives into enslavement and execution all who refused to follow the teachings of Mohammad. The defeat of the Muslim control left remnants behind until those bloody purges during the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella.

Obama recited in Arabic the verses of the Quran and bowed before the Saudi King of Arabia (demonstrating obeisance) while on an official government visit,  what no other president would dare to do… acknowledge superiority of a foreign Muslim potentate.

His blatant “chutzpah” openly abused the privileges of his office by taking with him an entourage that included friends and family members to exotic locations throughout the world, claiming the trips as necessary, legally urgent and obligatory to conduct meetings and conferences.  He even allowed his wife to use the government backup intercontinental aircraft with the affixed presidential seal to travel to separate destinations accompanied by her own entourage of friends and relatives to enjoy luxurious accommodations at taxpayer expense, she stated the trips to be necessary for creating social comity within foreign countries.   In other words she was acting in the capacity of an ambassador. The cost to the U.S. taxpayers was staggering … amounting to millions of dollars per trip.  Added to these costs is the expense of additional aircraft to haul support vehicles, security personnel and the most expensive accommodations within each country visited.

Obama’s legacy, during his eight years in office, was to bring the United States to its knees by creation of debt so enormous that Americas’ currency, the dollar, which was the most respected, universal vehicle of exchange, to lose its status as the world’s medium for currency conversions. Obama, flooded our country, with non-vetted aliens, including devotees of ISIS, a murderous organization with a purpose to install a world-wide 12thcentury caliphate based on terrorism.   He created chain migration whereby whole families could join those who held green cards or became temp citizens with a job.  Almost immediately, these relatives receive benefits because most have no needed low skills and are unneeded by industry.  Those temporary Immigrants who are allowed to work have sent millions of dollars to wherever their families and relatives are located.

Obama ignored the problem and the loss of millions of dollars every month to be spent in foreign countries. So did the media and the entire Democrat Party who voted in lockstep to promote the most radical social welfare laws, such as the Medical Care ACT for the welfare state.  Forty percent of our nation’s citizens and noncitizens alike pay no taxes and received free Medicaid benefits.  The majority of Obama and the Democrat’s Party’s  immigration open door policy provides no incentive for the unemployed to exchange the benefits gained by being employed because the gains in the  welfare provided,  exceeds what they could not earn by working.  As stated previously, the majority of immigrants lack the higher paying skills for the jobs that employers require.

One other outrage by Obama was the agreement he made with the Iranian government regarding limiting nuclear development, where only UN mentorship of Iranian sites where nuclear operations and storage are stipulated Iran’s government, excluding all other suspected areas where nuclear development takes place.

Barrack Obama, arranged the transfer of $100,000,000 dollars in cash to be delivered by aircraft to Iran outside of the original agreement, purportedly responding to the Mullah’s later demand for the release of Iran’s funds that were frozen since the overthrow of the Shaw which was subsequently declared illegal by the World Court which does not impede or have authority within the United States jurisdictional authority.  It violates our nation’s sovereignty.

Class warfare

Obama and the majority within the Democrat Party vilify the very wealthy who create jobs, hire workers and pay salaries. The left adopted the philosophy of Marx and Engle’s. Manufacturers who were competing while located in the United States no longer could afford paying taxes, high wages, pensions and medical care and compete with foreign nations who import products to the United States, tariff free.  Either our manufacturers move their plants where taxation, fees and subsidies make it much easier to compete on the world stage or simply fail to exist if there are no comparative tax benefits that are provided by other countries.  Detroit, the hub of auto manufacturing, turned into a ghost town as did so many other major cities throughout the Middle and Eastern United States. Cotton mills and fabric manufacture left our country to China’s economy as did so many other industries.

The reason why our nation declined is not the Obama administration alone, but all the administrations beginning with Teddy Roosevelt coupling with Woodrow Wilson’s international central bankers and international corporate self-serving opportunists. Prior U.S. administrations now inherit the morals and conflicts of Europe and now as a member within the United Nations that opposes 90% of our nation’s interests.

What has changed is exemplified by the transfiguration of our youth and the freedoms bequeathed on them. Their present heritage goes back to the Age of Aquarius 1960.


The sins of father’s who attended the massive gatherings where free love, pot and other mind-bending demonstrations against conventional morals and practice of the past were passed on to their children and the left’s political candidates, namely Government leaders.   Blood sweat and tears of our military pay the price because of the misuse of the present Marxists or even worse the Communists who now are the many citizens of American heritage.

This is not unique, since the sins of Adam and Eve were inherited by their sons, Cain and Able as quoted in the first chapter of Genesis of the Bible.  Cain killed his brother Able and that created a first in the sorry history of good vs evil and is perpetuated through all generations.  One fact, that any thinking person must accept, is that it is too easy to take the wider road, the road that appeals to our bad side. The side where sex, gluttony, sloth, anger, misdeeds which are the antithesis of the commandments given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai.  When governments become so immune to feelings of guilt there are no limits. Crimes of murder, the killing of millions through development of weapons: poison gas that fries skin and inflames lungs and disfigures survivors.  Bombs spray deadly metal particles; missiles capable of flattening entire cities to rubble. Every form of weaponry is impervious to the pain and desolation that causes disfigurement tearing off limbs of both civilians and soldiers alike. War is heartless … pure evil. The arms manufactures sell weapons and ammunition for enormous profits, a prime reason that motivates wars.  Today, the rules of war no longer exist.  Our war making machine is now at its apex dedicated toward total annihilation of enemies.  Are our babies’ enemies in arms?  Is the enemy, the elderly or the very young who never wished for war, or is it the Luciferian leadership that forces death on enemies to justify annihilation?

I fear the condemnation by those who fall victim of propaganda that benignly molds minds to conclude that nuclear annihilation is not a proper solution.  Fools fail to foresee that using the nuclear solution as the only solution means more than likely the enemy will retaliate in kind. Mankind needs Divine Guidance.

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