Why a Woman?


By Anna Von Reitz

The more chauvinistic elements of the Jewish faith and the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Faiths  have asked me– why would God choose a woman to act as Fiduciary for Our Redeemer?

I answer that He has always chosen women to be the keepers of His House.  Uh-duh….

The wisest among you all have always known that this particular position would be held by a woman and most definitely not a man.

There is a reason that all the top financial decisions among the Israelis are always made by a group of elderly women.

And what am I?

An elderly woman.

Hello?  What is so strange or even questionable about this?

It is the Divine Feminine that is the caretaker of the House and the Body.  It is the Divine Masculine that is the caretaker of the forest and the field.  Thus He ordained it from the beginning and so it is to this day.

Men think in terms of machines. Women think in terms of life.

The correct balance is achieved when the needs and perspectives of both are honored.

How do you make sure that both are honored?  Put the woman in charge of the purse strings.

Her love of her husband will cause her to honor him and his needs, and her love of life will lead her to honor life, so that all things are fulfilled and sustained in balance.

Men, generally speaking, do not have the rounded edges that come from many years of cleaning up baby poop and dog vomit, of trudging to the market, of buying and preparing food, of housework and nursing the sick and caring for the dying and tending the garden.

In a sense, the world that most men live in is not real.  In the ultimate sense, then, they are disconnected and ill-prepared  to make choices about the true and actual value of investments.

Our Father knows this. So do we, if we stop for five seconds and think about it.

The Israelis are not the only ones to know and honor this truth. Traditional Native cultures around the world follow the same pattern. The Clan Mothers make the financial and investment decisions.

Over the course of the past year I have had many male (and some female) bankers approach me and try to bamboozle me into various kinds of usury and investment that serves to benefit them and their schemes, and only secondarily produces any good result for the world at large.

They are always amazed when I see through them and gently let them know that I am not deceived.

They think that their world of high finance is so complicated and advanced — how could a little old lady see through it all?

It’s because she sees with the eyes of God, not men.

Indeed, a spider’s web is complex, but it is still comprehensible. It is still just a spider’s web.  And a childrens’ game, even a childrens’ game that is unfamiliar to you, is still just a childrens’ game. If you observe it being played you can deduce what the goals and rules are, and then you can tell when a child is cheating, also.

No big mysteries.

Think of your own Mother or Grandmother when you were little and you tried to get into the cookie jar or steal away with your brother’s favorite toy truck.   Did she always know?

Same thing. World finance is as simple as that. Anyone can understand it.

This is not a job I wanted or which I chose for myself. It is the job I have been given and appointed to perform. If anyone wants to argue, they can argue with Him.

Nobody could be more amazed than I am myself, but it is what it is.

I turned to Our Father in gratitude one day and said, “You have so greatly blessed me. There must have been a reason? There must be something You want me to do….so, whatever it is, here I am….”

And here I am.

That is the long and short of it. I was willing to go and do whatever He wanted me to do, and He sent me.  Simple as that.

Now it is up to the rest of the world to come to terms with the work to be done, the restoration and reinvestments to be made, and the mechanics of it all.

Rest assured that I am divinely guided and not the Author of what I do in this regard.  Rest assured that just as He sent me, He has sent others to help and to make sure that nothing goes astray.

And be assured that despite whatever evil men may say or do, His Will for the Earth and for Mankind, not theirs, will be fulfilled.

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