It’s Your Copyright: Part 32


By Anna Von Reitz

The rats seize upon your given name while you are still a babe in your cradle, and they establish a false copyright on it, claiming that it is the name of a debtor to their corporation.  They then set up an ACCOUNT in your GIVEN NAME to service the debt.  Then throughout your life they have addressed claims against that NAME and they have hired the American Bar Association to operate their corporate tribunals as debt collection agencies under color of law, disguised as American public courts, to collect those debts.

That is the essence of the daily fleecing of America.

It is a little hard to wrap your head around the first go, so let’s examine it step by step and a bit deeper.

A baby— let’s give him the name “Paul Anthony Mitchell” is born in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

What should happen is that his name should be recorded as a land asset. He comes from the land and returns to the land —- “For dust thou art, and to dust returneth”.

This is a recording — not a “registration”.

A recording is a public record of an event or testimony or ownership interest in private property, etc., while a “registration” involves international commerce and involves giving up all or part of your ownership interest in the asset being registered.

Little Paul Anthony Mitchell is the “Holder in Due Course” of the name and estate.  His interest must be recorded by his parents or there is no public record in his favor.  Instead, the local federal franchise “state” doing business in this case as the “State of Minnesota” registers his name instead, and in so doing, makes him a “ward of the state”.

Once he is a “ward of the state” he becomes property belonging to the state corporation and not to his parents.  When he comes of age, if he does not correct this “presumed” political status, he remains a “ward of the state” for the rest of his life—-and the state “inherits” all the benefit of his name and estate. He remains a chattel property and dependent.

This de facto process of undisclosed enslavement has been used against virtually all Americans and this form of slavery has been continuously practiced by the “United States Government” since the 1860’s, first against black people and “rebels” and later against virtually everyone on this continent.

In promoting this practice the vermin responsible have violated both international law and the actual Constitution we are all owed at birth—-and, importantly, they have infringed upon your Common Law Copyright guaranteed by the Copyright Act of 1790.

The foreign federal franchise “State of Minnesota” has no natural right nor ability to use your given name.  You have not knowingly nor willingly consented to give your name to them for any such purposes as they propose.  So, what to do?

They have set up a collection account under the trademark “PAUL ANTHONY MITCHELL” or, more recently, “PAUL A. MITCHELL”—- these “marks” or “images” or “glossas” are not names; they only appear to be names.  They are actually trademarks that have also been created by the perpetrators of this vast fraud and crimes of personage.

And once again, they are infringing on your trademark as the natural Holder in Due Course of the given name.

How can any of this be legal?

Well, they gave you an insurance indemnity receipt guaranteed by the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE that your property would not be harmed or lost.  That insurance indemnity receipt is known as a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.


So how to deal this situation?   Our research thus far indicates that you need to establish by Published Notice and Recording a Common Law Copyright on your own given Name.  This corrects the failure of your parents to do this for you.

You also need to collect at least one, preferably more, Statements of Witnesses, from credible people having first hand knowledge of you and your family, confirming that you are in fact the man or woman whose live birth occurred at such and such a time and place.  These statements must be sworn or affirmed from “without the United States” and further witnessed by a public notary.

Next, you must give Notice of Fiduciary Relationship (IRS Form 56) to the government officials responsible for the existence of YOUR NAME.

You return “HIM” via an authenticated Birth Certificate signed over to the Secretary of the Treasury “without recourse” for the benefit of “The United States of America — Minnesota State” and “surrender” the DEBTOR.

In this, you are acting as a Bounty Hunter serving the lawful government of your state.

HE is now imprisoned, legally “dead” and unable to cause any more problems. When the rats start issuing BIRTH CERTIFICATES in the “name of ” PAUL A. MITCHELL the same process has to be followed to put HIM out of his misery.

Of course, there will continue to be references made to HIM and ACCOUNTS set up in his NAME, but that is not your concern anymore, is it?  The bills addressed to HIM now go back to the Internal Revenue Service for payment and credit, and it is up to them to establish transparent and user friendly processes to expedite this.

This is not an easy or well-defined process.  In fact, it has been deliberately obscured by those profiting from our ignorance, however, the Internal Revenue Service is the organization responsible for providing you with enforcement and once the Internal Revenue Service has been given proper Notice of the circumstances and your actions to correct, they have proven more than capable and willing to go after the perpetrators of this scheme.

When it ceases to be profitable, it will end.

Many people feel qualms about “surrendering” the STRAWMAN back to the  Treasury, because they mistakenly feel an attachment to something that appears to be their own NAME.

In fact, all they are “giving up” is a debt they do not owe and all they are doing is shutting down the mechanisms by which their own copyright and trademarks are being infringed upon and enclosed by foreign and predatory interests. In the process, by returning “HIM” to the Treasury, they also pay off the so-called National Debt and help balance the accounts.

I have often observed that we are owed a National Credit equal to the National Debt— a credit that is not being applied. When you turn in the STRAWMAN and appoint the Treasury Secretary your Fiduciary, you enable him to offset and apply the credit that is owed.  This is turn reduces the National Debt by an equal amount, refunds the government of your actual state of the Union, and unblocks your own accounts.

Anti-intuitive as it seems, the Treasury Secretary and the Internal Revenue Service are supposed to be your best friends and the means of enforcing your lawful interests.

So if you are sick and tired of “business as usual” in these United States, it is more than past the hour when you must evaluate your actual position with respect to the federal corporations and determine whether you serve the government (that is, function as a “citizen”) or wish the government to serve you (that is, claim “state national” political status).

Realize that some people are obligated to function as citizens by their own choices—- federal civilian and military personnel are all citizens according to occupation, likewise elected officials serving the federal corporations and their state of state franchises.  African Americans were never granted state national status and have to instead claim “equal civil rights”.  Likewise, first generation immigrants, political asylum seekers, and people receiving federal welfare benefits are stuck claiming equal civil rights.

In this discussion it is important to note that despite recent federal efforts to “redefine” Social Security payments as “welfare benefits”—- this is not the understanding or representation that the Social Security Administration made at the time you signed up and you need merely object to any such interpretation and require the blackguards to prove that you are NOT retired from any and all federal employment.

In days to come, our political focus must shift away from such idiocies as transgender public bathrooms to forcing the rats to address the political standing of the American People and the debts owed to us.  There is at present no simple and easy and straight forward method for Americans to record and enforce their interests in their own names and estates.

The Internal Revenue Service is ready and willing to assist us, if and when we can demonstrate a substantial knowledge of the whole situation and a willingness on our parts to take the actions necessary to prosecute our claims.

In addition to reiterating and publishing and recording our Common Law Copyright and Trademark interests in our own given names and estates, in addition to re-establishing our true identity via witnesses, and returning the STRAWMAN to the Treasury,  we need to take these issues up with President Trump and the members of “Congress” responsible for the predatory practices of the federal corporations with respect to us—– the people  they are supposed to be serving.

It is more than past time for peace to be declared and for these dishonorable and criminal practices on the part of the federal corporations and their state of state franchises to cease.

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