“SECOND VERSE SAME AS THE FIRST” by Michael Gaddy is posted on anationbeguiled.com today and this article by Barbara McCutchen is re-posted here because it makes people aware of the insidious nature of  psychological warfare and America has few people left who are free from it’s affects. THINK!!!!


By Barbara McCutchen

One must not only know what Political Correctness is, but also its purpose. Simply put, PC is a method of psychological warfare concocted by mostly German Jewish Cultural Marxists, first in Germany under the name of the Frankfort School and imported into the U.S. in the 1930’s & ensconced in the beginning at Colombia University.  Its Collectivist/Communist purpose is the destruction of Western Civilization.

Denial & ignorance of true history are the most dangerous reasons for falling into the P.C. trap, and many, if not most, well-meaning people are glaringly guilty of one or both.

Contents of the PC Tool Kit:

  1. “Critical Theory”, i.e. severely, relentlessly assaulting & criticizing/ridiculing Western values & mores.
  2. Family unit
  3. White male masculinity & leadership
  4. Christianity
  5. Logic & Reason
  6. Morality/ethics
  7. Merit
  8. Achievement
  9. Effort
  10. Individual responsibility
  11. Honor
  12. Egalitarianism=all people & cultures are equal/alike
  13. Multiculturalism=all races are the same, therefore race mixing is desirable
  14. Victimism vs. Rugged Individualism
  15. Feminism=women are victims of men
  16. Racism=all races are victims of the Whites, i.e. Affirmative action, quotas
  17. Anti-Semitism=anyone who criticizes or questions the Jews
  18. LGBT/Gender identity crisis=anyone can claim to be any sex they wish and must be accommodated, i.e. bathrooms & locker rooms, wedding cakes…
  19. No one can achieve on their own…they must have help (“It Takes a Village”)
  20. Pathological Altruism
  21. An individual does not belong to self, but rather the community, e.g. “giving back”, “make a difference”
  22. Putting others before yourself is highest moral goal
  23. Allowing yourself to be ruled by authoritarians whom you are not to dare question…who are you to question?
  24. Believing it is your duty to pay whatever taxes are levied and follow any rules/regulations the authorities demand, no matter how unfair or irrational.
  25. It is selfish to look after your own self-interest & welfare—self-sacrifice is one’s duty & goal  (a premise meant to disarm the producers, ennoble the parasites & enrich the imperious perpetrators)
  26. Eternal war for Eternal Peace
  27. “Patriotism” must be instilled at every opportunity, e.g. public events, & worship of military encouraged
  28. Sacrifice of blood & treasure is the duty of all patriot comrades
  29. Government declared enemies must be destroyed at all costs—Questioning/exposing not allowed.
  30. Revisionism
  31. History must be revised to reflect the goals to be achieved
  32. Education must be totally reconstructed to achieve compliant, barely literate, obedient citizens. Recalcitrant students must be punished, either verbally, physically, or drugged.
  33. Deletion or diminution of whole subjects such as Latin, logic, literature, geography, mathematics, sciences, physics, history, ethics, civics, etc. has & is taking place.
  34. Books and other sources of information must be either revised, banned or destroyed
  35. News and entertainment mediums must reflect/fortify the officially accepted, approved  actions, ideas, goals
  36. Discrimination
  37. No individual has the right to decide with whom they can associate or do business with without fear of recrimination or possible arrest & punishment.
  38. No longer an admirable attribute in being thoughtful or careful in one’s choices, but a concocted abominable sin, the sin of making judgments.
  39. Art—“the cultural barometer of a society” (Ayn Rand)
    1. Music: morphing from intricate melodies (often performed by multitudes of various instruments) & articulate/meaningful lyrics, to basic loud sounds (made by few, thunderous instruments) & incomprehensible, often trashy lyrics
    2. Painting: from reality based skillful renditions, to amorphic masses with no real, comprehensible meaning. (Recall the “Emperor’s New Clothes”)
    3. Theater: from academically, poetically, intelligent scripts with meaningful plots & complex characters, to crude, rude, violent images & characters.
    4. Dance: from an exacting, graceful, meaningful, dignified, disciplined form, to often suggestive, vulgar, uncivilized gesturing/posturing.

Debasement of civilized behavior & aspirations is obviously the goal of most Modern forms of art, thereby making a mockery of manners, excellence, good taste, refinement, etiquette, education/learning, intelligence, romance, beauty, and HONOR.

  1. Vocabulary (over time most don’t realize the crucial gravity of the subtle, insidious, manipulative changes) a few examples:


  1. Personnel Dept=Human Resources
  2. Crippled=physically challenged
  3. Retarded=mentally challenged
  4. Negro=African American
  5. Mexican=Latino
  6. Waitress=Server
  7. Fireman=Fire Fighter
  8. Salesman=Account Executive
  9. Mrs=Ms.
  10. Chairman=Chairperson
  11. Disabled=differently abled
  12. Dishonest=Ethically challenged
  13. Deaf=Hearing impaired
  14. Stupid=Intellectually challenged
  15. Mailman=Letter carrier
  16. Midget=Little person
  17. Indian=Native American
  18. Spokesman=Spokesperson
  19. Illegal Alien=Undocumented immigrant
  20. Poor=underprivileged
  21. Professional Sports=Arena of Gladiators
  22. Weatherman=Weather person
  23. Blind=Visually impaired
  24. Prostitute=sex worker
  25. Bum=Homeless person.
  26. Discrimination=Offending
  27. Male achievers/dissenters=Angry white males
  28. Patriotism=Blind allegiance to government chosen wars
  29. Rebel=racist
  30. Dissident=enemy
  31. Whistleblower=traitor, enemy of the state (Snowden, Manning, Assange)
  32. Perception=Reality
  33. Founding Fathers=Founders

Observe: the removal of masculinity, truth & reality, ostensibly in order to NOT offend; the twisting & distorting of rationality, thereby disarming & dumbing down the society, reducing it into a fearful mass of obedient automatons unable to question, think logically, or challenge authority.

“1984”, “Brave New World”, “Anthem”, “Animal Farm”, “The Camp of the Saints” all rolled into one…we are within a breath away from the Death of the West and a return to the Jungle, via the Dark Ages.

Ultimately, if the Collectivists win in destroying Western Civilization…what will they have attained?  A few ultra-wealthy, corpulent Vandals dwelling in  heavily armed fortresses, looking down upon an ugly mass of humanity which has destroyed everything lovely, charming, noble & inspiring—all the centuries of hard won knowledge gone.

And that is precisely why there are the courageous few (often called conspiracy nuts or troublemakers) who continue to fight against abuse, dishonesty, treachery, corruption, deceitfulness, betrayal, hypocrisy, fraud, unscrupulousness, and the deranged neurotics & psychopaths who occupy so many places of authority & control, many so delusional as to have no concept of the evil they are perpetuating, while posturing as the righteous do-gooders.

Hats off to the remaining Bravehearts & John Galts of this world!

~Barbara McCutchen



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