The Bankruptcy of America 1933


Please do not make the mistake of concluding this info is all lies, as years of research has uncovered many more credible authors versions of the Banking Cartels take over by stealth of our government. We are not Americans, we are really State Nationals, if you have the courage to pursue it. Any loyalty to THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION IS TREASON.


[The following is excerpted from Judge Dale’s The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America.]

By Judge Dale, retired

Public Trust

On March 9, 1933, House Joint Resolution No. 192-10 by the 73rd Congress, was voted into law, which is the Emergency Banking Act.  This Act declared the Treasury of the United States, ‘Bankrupt’, which is an impossible feat since the U. S. Treasury was secretly closed by the Congress twelve years earlier in 1921.  The Emergency Banking Act succeeded in abrogating America’s gold standard and hypothecated all property found within the United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank.

All Sovereign American Citizens residing within the Republic of States suddenly and falsely were expatriated from their Sovereign American status without their knowledge or consent and their labor, souls, children, property, sweat equity and credit became the financial collateral for the public debt, which had then been converted into a Public Trust, which had been scripted after the ancient Roman Trusts.

“Script” money or [negotiable debt instruments] was issued by a private corporation, which is owned by a group of Sabbatean European Jewish Bankers and which is known to everybody as: “The Federal Reserve System.” These promissory notes were called Federal Reserve Notes and our future treatment by the U.S. Government was to be redefined under USC Title 50, ‘The Trading with the Enemy Act’ in which American citizens are defined as, “an enemy of their government” and this is the reason why Lincoln’s Declaration of War is renewed yearly by Congress and the President!  In the same year President Roosevelt closed THE VIRGINIA COLONY CORPORATION and opened a new Government Corporation called: THE UNITED STATES, INC.

“The Federal Reserve Act” was designed and written by a German National who was repatriated into the United States in 1903 through Ellis Island of New York.  His name was Paul Warburg, and who was a carbon copy of Alexander [Levine] Hamilton.  Mr. Warburg was a Sabbatean German Jewish Banker and CFO of the Rothschild Banking Empire.  Mr. Warburg’s assignment was to craft a piece of legislation designed to control the finances of the United States Corporation from Europe.  The Federal Reserve Act is approximately 1500 pages and places the currency and finance for the United States Corporation under a private corporation called, “The Federal Reserve.”  The Federal Reserve is owned lock, stock and barrel, by the Sabbatean/Rothschild Banking Empire and not by the people or the corporate government of the United States.

The Great Depression of 1929, like so many other catastrophes before and after this date was actually a staged event, concocted by the Sabbatean/Rothschild and Rockefeller Banking Empires; the Queen and British Parliament; the US President and Congress; the Vatican and numerous Elite families to steal America’s gold and silver reserves and replace it with, “Negotiable Debt Instruments” or Script money.  Their theft was ingenious and by allowing the public to fall on hard times, the public soon began to demand that the government fix the problem by any means necessary!

This was like self mutilation being repaired with a band-aid!

NOTE:  While everyone struggled in this Country to survive, President Roosevelt and the Congress were making interest bearing loans to Foreign Governments, using the very money they publicly swore did not exist!  Germany used that money to enlarge their War Chest.  The American public however was so self-indulged about their own personal fate that they never considered or asked how it was possible that all of the above government individuals, never personally lost a dime during the Great Depression and how they all continued to enjoy their family estates and personal wealth!  Remember the term, “functional illiterates?”  Need I say more?

We all have been trained to believe that someone not born on American soil is an alien however we forget to consider that the Declaration of Independence was written completely by aliens and not one adult Colonist or Founding Father was born on American soil!  The Immigration Laws of the United States are contrary to the Declaration of Independence and the biggest Terrorist on the planet is now the United States Government!  This fact will be further discussed later on.

Following the 1933 bankruptcy; most American’s were not aware that HR 1491 or HR 4960 had been secretly passed, wherein the US Congress actually relinquished our right to have or accumulate gold and silver.  The Congress eventually repealed part of this legislation to accommodate jewelers but all Americans’ are still prohibited from having or accumulating solid gold and silver.  Hence, our coins are no longer solid gold or silver but are tin and nickel plated, carbon filled coins.  Pennies are tin and copper plated carbon filled coins.  These Acts also established the requirement of licensing and then with the enactment of ‘The Trading with the Enemy Act’ under War and National Defense; the Confiscation Act, the Reconstruction Act and the Lieber Code were all tied together to create the secret fascist government of the United States.

NOTE: The word ‘license’ is defined in all modern law dictionaries as:  “A permit to do something unlawful.”  Now think about that and consider all the Licenses you currently hold?  Those licenses are civil contracts that have been issued to you by the government only so that you may do something lawful but rather unlawful!

[e.g.]  When two people apply for a marriage license, the two of you enter into a binding contract and by applying for a license to marry, you now have voluntarily included the State as a third party to your marriage!  If things don’t work out in that marriage, the State is first to be satisfied.

[e.g.] Your right to travel is an unalienable right defined by the Declaration of Independence and not a privilege and yet the government demands that you apply for a driver’s license!  Google: Right to travel and read the millions of old Court rulings that cite our right to travel without a license!  PS/ The Courts now refuse to honor those old precedents of law since 1938 because of a Supreme Court case titled:  Erie Railroad v. Tompkins, 304 US 64 (1938).

Mr. Tompkins attempted to walk along a set of Railroad Tracks when he was struck by an appendage fastened to a mail train and he subsequently sued claiming negligence and damages on the part of the Railroad.  What Tompkins didn’t know was that the Railroads were in partnership with the Corporate United States Government and so to protect the Government, the Supreme Court ruled that: ‘Absent a ticket or license, Tompkins was trespassing on railroad property and therefore he was barred from any relief.’

This ruling wiped the slate clean by eliminating all previous Court precedents that occurred prior to the year 1938 concerning our unalienable right to travel and opened a floodgate for new State and Federal Government controls such as: The State Vehicle Codes and the requirement for licensing of everything and anything!

Prior to 1933, we all were proud and peaceful Sovereign inhabitants of America. The Trading with the Enemy Act, the Confiscation Act and the Lieber Code obligated the military government to, ‘peacefully interact with American citizens’ and prohibited them from ‘provoking us or to act belligerently toward us’ [or] they forfeit their ability to profit and loot [or] to securitize our property, equity and credit being held in a Public Trust.

‘Add in’ by ACS Editor

From Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (pg 9)
“War is therefore the balancing of the system by killing the true creditors (the public which we have taught to exchange true value for inflated currency) and falling back on whatever is left of the resources of nature and regeneration of those resources.”

When we voluntarily or involuntarily entered their Military Courts of Justice, one will frequently hear the prosecutor or defense lawyer argue that: ‘Your comment or actions are a belligerent response’ [or] ‘You are being combative.’  Key words to inform you that you or someone else, is about to be fleeced!  Lawyers will even attempt to provoke you or your witness’s anger in the Court, just so you or they behave belligerently toward them and this is why they do that!

Under Regulation 840-10 of the Military Code and sections of the Administrative Procedures Act and the presence of that Military [gold fringed] Flag on display in the Courtroom, instantly creates a state of emergency meaning that, the moment a police officer stopped you in the exercise of your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the police officer became a belligerent!  He is armed and you’re not!  He displays a military rank and you’re a civilian and he has now delivered you into a Military Court of Justice with the intent to ‘pillage and plunder’ within the Admiralty jurisdiction of that Military Court, which is also known as ‘The Law of Prize and Captured Property,’ as defined under Title 10, sections 7651 to 7681 of the Code of Military Justice, March 25, 1862.

As mentioned before, The Reconstruction Act included and changed all state officials into having ‘federal foreign standing.’ The 14th amendment deliberately forced and kept them there and section 2 of the Lieber Code instructs that: ‘A victorious army seizes all money and movable property and holds it in trust,’ and this is exactly what the Corporate United States Government and State Governments did and continue to do because they now perceive themselves to be, ‘a victorious army.’

The corporate Congress; the corporate Military Government and their corporate Military Courts of Justice however discovered that they could not gain access to those Public Trusts deposited into the Federal Reserve System, which they had created using our birth registration forms; social security registration forms, licenses, personal property, deeds, promissory notes, equity and credit, without including our individual persons into the bankruptcy of the United States Treasury of 1933.  So they cleverly denied our personal Sovereignty and converted our persons into an appellation, which is a corporate fiction or strawman and identified us by writing our birth names all in capital letters.  All of our Licenses and documents now reflect this appellation.

NOTE: Of course they cannot lawfully do this because we are a Sovereign people and they are a Corporation and under the Confiscation Act, they have violated their own, ‘Rules of Engagement and Military Protocol’ but do they care?  Not any more!

The all-caps name can be researched in every State Code under ‘corporations:’ [e.g.] see the Texas Administrative Code for example under ‘corporations’, Chapter 79.31, subtitled: entities; [also] the all-caps name is specified in the United States Government- Style Manual under the section titled [identifying corporations].

These Public Trusts are not a new concept.  The concept and strategy was copied from the Ancient Roman Empire and their use of Roman Trusts.  The Ancient Roman Trusts declared that everyone had died after Rome was burned [which was a staged event] and until those Roman Citizens served notice upon the Roman Senate that they were in fact alive and capable of managing their own Estates, all were presumed dead and the Roman Senate became the Trustee over every Estate and used them as they deemed appropriate!

‘Add in’ by ACS Editor

In 1932 the US Government did the same thing. After the banking cartel orchestrated the Great Depression, poverty gripped a huge percentage of the population. Most Americans are unaware that the ‘government’ helped destroy food while the people were suffering from mass starvation. Russian researchers have exposed this tragedy and named it the Great American Holomodor.

NOTE:  You can buy your freedom for a price of $600,000 dollars through the Department of State, which is the cost of procuring American diplomatic immunity pursuant to International Law.  In all other countries this same immunity can be purchased for $95,000.00, which is honored in 90 of the 267 world countries with the exception of: The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.  [Isn’t that curious?]  My point here is that everything is a game and for enough money, anyone can play and secure their freedom from criminal law, civil lawsuits, taxes and passports because everything in this world is about commerce.

In 1933, this corporate government enticed Americans to voluntarily register for birth certificates, social security, driver’s licenses, voter registration, etc. and enticed us with government benefits to do so.  Years later they obligated American’s to register for all of these documents except for voter registration.

These so-called government benefits were no bargain because they belonged to all of us to begin with and over time the largest benefits have been watered down!  What most American’s don’t realize is that: No Corporation can operate or fund itself. Corporations require human beings; their credit and sweat equity to finance and operate them!  Therefore, everything that the government claims to own actually belongs to “We the Public” and not them!  Everything they have been doing is one gigantic fraud and all of it at our expense!

As previously mentioned: These registration programs were instituted so that the Federal Reserve Banks and the Corporate Military Courts of Justice could securitize and monetize the public Trust Accounts.  Each Birth Certificate and Social Security Card was eventually converted into a Trust Account and became a government security [like company stocks and bonds] and is marketed as a Mutual Fund.  If you own a piece of a Mutual Fund Investment you are actually hedging your money against human collateral.

Every Bond or International Security is assigned a “CUSIP” number and if you know how to use their formula or have a close friend who is a stock broker, you or he can convert the numbers and letters found on your Social Security Card into its CUSIP number. Armed with those CUSIP numbers, anyone can look up their Mutual Funds that your life is being collectively marketed under.  Your Birth Certificate number is handled the same way.

Our forced registration [birth] actually made us the personal property of the State.  Each of us unknowingly gave our children away to the Government of the State where they were born when we registered them for a government issued Birth Certificate, which is how the State Government controls child custody!  Our children are now their collective property and we are permitted to keep and raise them, providing that we behave ourselves and comply with their corporate laws and regulations!

The State obligates us to pay for our children and they generally object to pay for anything unless we become dead or destitute!  It is also the Birth Certificate that provides the Police with the authority to break and enter any house under suspicion of abuse but now the Patriot Act covers all other situations.  The Fee Simple Deed gave the State your home and the right to tax you into poverty as a Tenant and the Patriot Act eliminated the need for search warrants.

You are no longer the King of your castle, which was guaranteed by the Allodial Deed because you no longer own a castle!  Your personal Lawyer set that one up too and received a large, one time secret kickback, from the State Government on your first tax bill in addition to the fees you paid to him to represent your best interests!  Devious people, aren’t they?

When our deeds were Allodial, no one could trespass on our property, not even the government.  No one could Tax your property and no Bank could foreclose on your property but there again, no Bank would ever loan you money against your property either! We were the Kings and Sovereign Rulers of our land and homes.  Do you now see how the government has been chipping away at your basic rights and freedoms?

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Judge Dale’s recommendations for dealing with our corporate-government are contained in Lawfully Yours – the People’s Empowerment Guide to our Corporate-Commercial Legal System. Lawfully Yours is a free download.

Link to: Judge Dale’s The Great American Adventure – the complete work PDF Notice: It may be safer to search for this document through your browser.

Spiral bound copy of The Great American Adventure available here.

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The Bankruptcy of the United States; Rep J Traficant’s March 17, 1993 speech on the floor of Congress. Please note: This speech has been altered in the Congressional Record, however it is published verbatim in James Traficant’s book; America’s Last Minuteman

Chapter 2, Magicians, of attorney Melvin Stamper’s book Fruit from a Poisonous Tree available here

The IRS is a private corporation that was chartered in Puerto Rico in July, 1933.

Canon Law and Cestui Que Vie Trust; Frank O’Collins

US Bankruptcy

To the American National People by John Nelson


[41 Stat. at L. 654] Section 3595 of the Revised Statutes of the United States, as amended, providing for the appointment of an Assistant Treasurer of the United States at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, Saint Louis, San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Chicago, and all laws or parts of laws so far as they authorize the establishment or maintenance of offices of such Assistant Treasurers or of Sub-treasuries of the United States are hereby repealed from and after July 1, 1921; and the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to discontinue from and after such date or at such earlier date or dates as he may deem advisable, such subtreasuries and the exercise of all duties and functions by such assistant treasurers or their offices. The office of each assistant treasurer specified above and the services of any officers or other employees assigned to duty [41 Stat. at L. 655] at his office shall terminate upon the discontinuance of the functions of that office by the Secretary of the Treasury.

Transfer of duties.

Utilization of Federal reserve banks authorized.

Vol. 38, p. 265.


Joint custody of trust funds.

Use of member banks as depositaries not affected.

The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized, in his discretion, to transfer any or all of the duties and functions performed or authorized to be performed by the assistant treasurers above enumerated, or their offices, to the Treasurer of the United States or the mints or assay offices of the United States, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, or to utilize any of the Federal reserve banks acting as depositaries or fiscal agents of the United States, for the purpose of performing any or all of such duties and functions, notwithstanding the limitations of section 15 of the Federal reserve Act, as amended, or any other provisions of law: Provided, That if any moneys or bullion, constituting part of the trust funds or other special funds heretofore required by law to be kept in Treasury offices, shall be deposited with any Federal reserve bank, then such moneys or bullion shall by such bank be kept separate and distinct from the assets, funds, and securities of the Federal reserve bank and be held in the joint custody of the Federal reserve agent and the Federal reserve bank: Provided further, That nothing in this section shall be construed to deny the right of the Secretary of the Treasury to use member banks as depositaries as heretofore authorized by law.

Use of subtreasury buildings, equipment, etc.   The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to assign any or all the rooms, vaults, equipment, and safes or space in the buildings used by the subtreasuries to any Federal reserve bank acting as fiscal agent of the United States.

Transfer of eligible civil service employees.


All employees in the subtreasuries in the classified civil service of the United States, who may so desire, shall be eligible for transfer to classified civil service positions under the control of the Treasury Department, or if their services are not required in such department they may be transferred to fill vacancies in any other executive department with the consent of such department. To the extent that such employees possess required qualifications, they shall be given preference over new appointments in the classified civil service wider the control of the Treasury Department in the cities in which they are now employed.

Assistant treasurers’ office Baltimore.    BALTIMORE, OFFICE OF ASSISTANT TREASURER: Assistant treasurer, $4,500; cashier, $2,500; paying teller, $2,000; receiving teller, $1,900; exchange teller, $1,800; vault clerk, $1,800; clerks-two at $1,600 each, three at $1,400 each, three at $1,200 each, three at $1,000 each; messenger, $840; three watchmen, at $720 each; in all, $31,500.


BOSTON, OFFICE OF ASSISTANT TREASURER: Assistant treasurer, $5,000; cashier, $2,500; paying teller, $2,500; vault clerk, $2,000; receiving teller, $2,000; redemption teller, $1,800; clerks-one $2,200, five at $1,600 each, one $1,500, one $1,400, two at $1,200 each, three at $1,100 each, four at $1,000 each; chief guard, $1,100; three watchmen, at $850 each; laborer and guard, $720; four money counters and handlers for money laundry machines, at $900 each; in all, $46,570.


CHICAGO OFFICE OF ASSISTANT TREASURER: Assistant treasurer, $5,000; cashier, $8,000; assistant cashier, $2,000; vault clerk, $2,250; paying teller, $2,500; assorting teller $2,000; redemption teller, $2,000; change teller, $2,000; receiving teller, $2,000; two book.. keepers, at $1,500 each; clerks-one $1,750, one $1,600, nine at $1,500 each, thirteen at $1,200 each; attendant for money laundry machines, $1,200; hail man, $1,100; messenger, $840; three watchmen, at $720 each; janitor, $720; eight money counters and handlers for money laundry machines, at $900 each; in all, $71,420.


CINCINNATI, OFFICE OF ASSISTANT TREASURER: Assistant treasurer, $4,500; cashier, $2,250; paying teller, $2,000; receiving teller, $1,800; [41 Stat. at L. 656] vault clerk, $1,600; clerks-two at $1,800 each, four at $1,200 each, two at $1,000 each; clerk and stenographer, $1,000; chief watchman, $840; two watchmen, at $720 each; in all, $24,830.

New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS OFFICE OF ASSISTANT TREASURER: Assistant treasurer, $4,500; cashier, $2,250; paying teller, $2,000; receiving teller, $2,000; vault clerk, $1,800; assorting teller, $1,200; cIerk-one $1,500, five at $1,200 each, one $1,000; typewriter and stenographer, $1,000; clay watchman, $720; night watchman, $720; messenger, $600; four guards, at $720 each; in all, $28,170.

New York.

NEW YORK, OFFICE OF ASSISTANT TREASURER Assistant treasurer, $8,000; cashier, $4,200; assistant cashier, $3,600; chief clerk, $3,000; check pay division-chief $3,000, assistant chief $2,000, bond clerk and assistant vault clerk, $2,800, paying teller, $3,000, assistant paying teller, $2,250, receiving teller $2,800; redemption division- chief $2,700, assistant chief $2,250, vault and authorities clerk $2,500; coin division-chief $2,700, assistant chief $2,000, paying teller $2,100; bookkeepers-chief $2,400, two at $2,000 each; clerks-one $2,300, two at $2,000 each, one $1,900, one $1,800, one $1 700, four at $1,600 each, seven at $1,500 each, nine at $1,400 each, five at $1,300 each, eight at $1,200 each, one $1,000; messengers-two at $1,200 each, five at $900 each, two at $800 each; guards-chief $1,500, one $1,200, four at $1,000 each; superintendent of building, $1,800; engineers-chief $1,200, two at $1,050 each; eight watchmen, at $720 each; twelve money counters and handlers for money laundry machines, at $900 each; in all, $150,460.


PHILADELPHIA, OFFICE OF ASSISTANT TREASURER: Assistant treasurer, $5,000; cashier, $2,500; paying teller, $2,250; coin teller, $2,000; vault clerk $1,900; bookkeeper, $1,800; assorting teller, $1,800; receiving teller, $1 700; redemption teller, $1,600; clerks-one $1,600, two at $1,500 each, two at $1,400 each, one $1,300, five at $1,200 each, one $1,000; chief guard $1,100; five counters, at $900 each; six watchmen, at $720 each; tour money counters and handlers for money laundry machines, at $900 each; in all, $49,770.

Saint Louis.

SAINT LOUIS, OFFICE OF ASSISTANT TREASURER: Assistant treasurer, $4,500; cashier, $2,500; paying teller, $2,000; receiving teller, $1,800; change teller, $1,600; corn teller, $1,200; clerks-two at $1,500 each, five at $1,200 each, two at $1,100 each, three at $1,000 each, three at $900 each; two watchmen, at $720 each; two janitors, at $600 each; guard, $720; in all, $33,860.

San Francisco.

SAN FRANCISCO, OFFICE OF ASSISTANT TREASURER: Assistant treasurer, $4,500; cashier, who also acts as vault clerk, $2,800; bookkeeper, $2,000; paying teller, $2,400; receiving teller, $2,000; clerks-one $2,000, two at $1,800 each, one $1,500; stenographer and typewriter, $1,200; messenger, $840; four watchmen, at $720 each; two guards, at $720 each; in all, $27,160. 656

Acts of Congress

September 24, 1789 – Judiciary Act

Federal Index


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