by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
 FBI, DOJ, Clinton crime regime

(NaturalNews) To all the men and women of the FBI who are now working diligently to bring down the corrupt DOJ and the criminal Clinton cartel, We the People support your effort!

Agents in the FBI are right now seeking to topple the criminal corruption at the DOJ by targeting all the following individuals who may soon be wearing prison stripes:

* Attorney General Loretta Lynch
* Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates
* Assistant Attorney General Peter Kaznick
* Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin
* Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell

According to a former U.S. Justice attorney Joe DiGenova, disgruntled FBI agents are “digging tunnels under the Justice Department. They are going to sink that place,” reports Daily Caller:

DiGenvoa says the agents within the bureau have gone “rogue” and any upper level bureaucrat that gets in their way from investigating Clinton could be exposed…

He later said, “Everything is on that laptop. It’s probably adverse to everything she has said publicly and probably proves that she has committed multiple perjuries. So their stuff like that over at the department of state.” He added, “There’s classified information. There’s pay to play. There’s stuff about destroying documents. No doubt it’s the panoply of issues that they have tried to cover up.”

DOJ corrupt officials are stupid… FBI agents are smart… guess how this turns out?

As an investigative journalist, the thing that really strikes me about all that we’re witnessing today is just how incredibly stupid the Clinton co-conspirators are. It’s obvious that none of them have any idea how technology works. They don’t understand real-time online backups, email originating server authentication or the fundamentals of digital security.

They’re arrogant, lazy and stupid, and that’s exactly why they’re now getting caught red handed (and may eventually find themselves going to jail).

Remember: Nobody in the corrupt Obama or Clinton regime attained their positions of authority based on merit. Most of them just bribed their way to high office or blackmailed somebody in the Clinton cartel to achieve power (because that’s the way corrupt democrats do things, you see).

[The FBI, on the other hand, tends to recruit intelligent people based on merit, not on how politically connected somebody’s daddy is in Washington. As a result, the FBI’s culture is one of more independent thinking, hard work and merit-based professional advancement. No wonder the FBI’s agents are seething at the corruption and criminality of the Clinton mafia… it’s a cesspool of unearned power from a cabal of elitist nitwits who are too obnoxious and arrogant to believe anything can ever bring them down.]

That’s why the scrappy, hard working men and women of the FBI are finding so much joy in toppling the Clinton criminal cartel: It’s sheer happiness to pull the plug out from under such a massive cesspool of criminal filth parading around as political “leadership” and watch the bewildered heads roll down the steps of Capitol Hill… thunk, thunk, thunk… SPLAT.

In fact, it’s a joy for all informed Americans to even imagine such an outcome. That’s why I wanted to let the FBI know that all the patriots across America are with you on this one. If the FBI brings down the DOJ, there will be victory parades in the streets!

The FBI can restore its reputation as the protector of a democratic society rooted in real justice

The FBI’s reputation among patriots took a huge hit with the Oregon rancher fiasco last year, but I’m willing to bet that right about now, all kinds of FBI agents are realizing the Oregon ranchers were right: The corrupt U.S. government really is a threat to us all. Thanks to the Clintons, the FBI sees that the same way the Oregon ranchers did. And just as the ranchers hoped to end BLM corruption across America’s western lands, the FBI is now working to end DOJ corruption in D.C. In both cases, you’ve got hard working cowboys fighting for a free nation by ridding this country of the corrupt criminal class running the show in Washington.

If FBI agents have now awakened to all this, the awakening is likely to keep spreading through the halls of D.C., including the Pentagon itself, where a military coup against a corrupt Clinton regime would be extremely popular among police officers, federal agents, patriots and ordinary Americans.

That’s where this will likely wind up if the FBI fails to bring down the regime. In fact, my analysis of the THREE waves of revolution that will assault a Clinton regime looks like this: (and if Trump wins, then the problem is already solved)

Wave #1) The FBI and other intelligence insiders (this process is already under way and may prove sufficient to end Hillary’s chances before Election Day).

Wave #2) The U.S. military (an armed military occupation of Washington, the elimination of the criminal Clinton cartel, and the restoration of fair and free elections).

Wave #3) A citizens’ revolt (armed American patriots storming Washington and taking their country back from the criminals who stole it from them).

Only if all three of these waves fail will the Clintons remain in power, and even then, most of America will refuse to recognize any legitimacy of a Clinton presidency, DOJ or even the U.S. Supreme Court under a Clinton administration. In essence, America will erode into a divided nation haunted by a screaming criminal tyrant named HELLary Clinton who will, sooner or later, go down in history as the most corrupt President to ever (briefly) occupy the Oval Office before being led off in handcuffs to face criminal prosecution for literally hundreds of felony crimes.

Stay tuned for more stunning history as it unfolds in real time…

NOTE TO THE FBI: Don’t fail America now, or there won’t be anything left to fight for… for any of us!


This author is among the most ignorant of any I have read, and the entire article is proof of his lack of historical American government knowledge.

He writes like a salesman for the international Banking Cartel that created this corporate coop of our Republic.

In the first place THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. and UNITED STATES INC. are two government services corporations that provide 19 particular services to the CORPORATE STATES AND VARIOUS OFFSHORE COUNTRIES.

The whole schbang is in place to drain the people of their assets, and although most of the people working for the Corporations which include many sub corporations, are ignorant of the coop and feel loyal to America, in truth they are guilty of extreme ignorance at the best. THIS ENCLUDES THE FBI!

Most Americans are totally ignorant of the real history of our country, as the only thing they know is what the corrupt media industry has brain washed them with, because it was never taught in school or anywhere else under government control. And “CONTROL” is what this mess is all about.

Humanities biggest fault is their infatuation with their self and family, and lacking any historical knowledge their natural instinct is to seek security, and pleasure. And the media industry is the world’s best supplier of pleasure.

Instead of wondering why their government is so corrupt and doing some research, they cannot tear themselves away from the pursuit of pleasure.

SO, the bottom line of this rebuttal is the FBI is not going to put anyone in jail, and the charade is going to continue until the people are so sick of the mess they will turn away and watch their ball games and variety shows, while a small minority continues expatriating from corporate tyranny and diligently re-educates their friends and family until there is a roaring wave of sovereign State Nationals forming Jural Societies and many other necessary organizations the people need to govern their own States. The County Sheriffs will soon be competing with the people’s sheriffs, and the corporate judges will find little to do as Common Law is reestablished in the Free States of America. There will be wailing and gashing of teeth as the corporate criminals become unemployed. Didn’t anyone ever tell you folks that corporations have only one purpose, and that’s to make profits for their investors?

This whole scenario is a dog and pony show to keep the sheep from finding out the truth.

Note to the FBI: If any of you really want to save truth and freedom, do your home work! http://www.newswithviews.com/Barnewall/marilynA.htm

Anna von Reitz


Military Officers, Police, Provost Marshals, Civilian Employees of DOD Remember who you actually work for and make no mistake. There are two different populations being served. American Nationals pay for your services and are owed your good faith service and dedication.

“US citizens” are allowed to be present on the land of the organic states, but operate (at present) under a different government and are not owed the same protections, rights, and guarantees. All American Nationals are owed all protections of their national trust indenture and commercial service contract known as “The Constitution for the united States of America” and any law, rule, statute, or code serving to infringe upon them or their material rights in contravention of their Constitution is a  violation of the Law of the Land and the Supreme Law of the Land which you are obligated to observe, honor, and protect under contract.

My local newspaper this morning had an article claiming the FBI had stopped the investigation against HILLARY. DUH! What did I tell you? She is untouchable!!!


Voting in this system is useless because they are appointed! NOT ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE! Get busy obtaining your status as a State National. The instructions are available here. Anna von Reitz This is the only possible method of obtaining your freedom from the Banking Cartel, and if this becomes widely known millions will follow your lead.


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