For want of a compass

By John Kaminski

Everyone needs to read this and contemplate what this man says here, for he is telling it like it absolutely is.  Some may not like or agree with what he states here, but then, those that don’t apparently either haven’t looked at the evidence, or the history, or they are afraid to pull their heads out of the sand.  I have been researching and studying in an attempt to understand what is the viral cancer in our world, for 16 years, and in the beginning, being raised a Southern Baptist, I never wanted to believe this destruction of morality and our economy, along with the wars, had anything to do with the Jews.  However, as I learned more, and began learning the truth about all of the wars, those in particular; the American Civil War, WWI, and WWII, the pattern that began to develop in my mind, became much more clear, and much more aligned with what I had read, coming from a few Real Historians, here in the states, but much more coming from those that had survived and remembered what was actually going on in the European Nations in those eras.

If Americans in particular don’t wake up, the whole world will collapse into nothing but a Jungle Ghetto where all of us will be living day to day, never knowing when we will be attacked by one, or some of our own level in a Mad Max World that we have allowed the Elite to create for us.  In that world we will find that it will not be Black/White,

Jew/White,Jew/black/Chinese/White/Black/ or any other  commonly thought scenario, but all, against all, at our low level of society, there will be no Middle Class, no Rich or Upper Class, and no Poor Class, but only the Poorest of the Poor, and the Super Elite with their Puppets to make sure we don’t somehow get through the gates of the Elite.  These Elites have been ruling the So-called US Government out of the Inner City of London, through the International Monetary System since 1914, at-least.

Although WWII was a major turning point towards using the US as the World Police Force, that would whip every other nation except Britain, into alignment with the One World Order, controlled by these Khazarian Jewish Bankers, the real jump in control using this same system began in 1969, when Henry Kissinger was sent to meet with the Oil Cartel in the Middle East, to set up the World Currency System, formulated by these International Bankers, and we did not know or understand it (although a few did, and tried to tell it), this would be the start of the avalanche!

Think this is not, would not, or will not be the case?  Read what John says below, and then research it further if you aren’t afraid to.  Remember these people claiming to be God’s chosen, for political reasons, are not Hebrews of the Bible, but those that Jesus said, claim to be Jews but are not, but are the Children of their father The Devil, they are a mixed bloodline of ancient Turks and Mongolians who were run out of the ancient land known as Khazaria in the late 700s by the Russians.  Could this be the reason they hate Russians so much?  Ancient maps show Khazaria to be just above and joining Russia.

I know this all sounds unbelievable, but it has been said that; “Truth is stranger than fiction”, and we all know everything has changed in an almost unbelievable and drastic way in our own lifetimes.


For want of a compass and the courage to recognize the purveyors of horror

Headlines trumpet our leaders  for who they are: degenerate criminals  serving as models for our children to follow.

By John Kaminski

I have trouble digesting the pomposities of white supremacists bewailing the loss of their privileged status and left tumbling in the tsunami of cultureless anonymity that America the melting pot has become.

They lost their privileged status because of their immoral behavior. The failure of political society in the world is wholly due to the inability of the white man to operate a just legal system. White people should never be trusted. They are, after all, merely the dupes of the Jews, those Turkic Mongol misanthropes who rule over a half blind society by dangling irresistible carrots in front of semi conscious compulsives. Whites are incapable of running their own lives without being controlled by the Jews. That’s what the Jews say, and what far too many white men believe.

Blacks are dupes, too, being used as saboteurs by Jews to destabilize white societies. With the recent clever invasion of Europe engineered by the Jews and their U.S. robocops, unassimilable aliens from Asia and Africa have cast a heavy net over Europe that will drag all these tiny countries living in the past down to dysfunction and ruin, which is just the way the Jews prefer all the other countries to be — broken and totally dependent upon Jews for survival.

Every day, all these countries are looking a lot more like Palestine. With their kind of peace the Jews are bringing to the world, their emphasis is unquestionably creating rubble where tranquillity previously existed.

No significant local groups are forming in America except for those latent outlaws in black neighborhoods all too eager to burn and loot their own blocks on a moment’s notice, as happened recently in Milwaukee before everyone learned it was a black cop who shot a fleeing black thug. But the inexplicable mayhem continued anyway, as if it was fulfilling some deeply ingrained cultural need to riot and destroy as a way of protesting their severely limited potential for affluence and respectability.

It should be mentioned in future conversations about immigration that blacks and in particular and Third World émigrés in general have a much greater inclination to burn down their own neighborhoods than do the austere white folks who actually built these buildings blacks are burning. It simply would not occur to white people to burn down their own neighborhoods as a way to protest perceived injustices against them. We are looking at the savage social traditions Africa has brought to America.

Once upon a time, it seems, back in the days when heroes seemed actually noble and beneficial and nuns rapped children on their knuckles for chewing gum, people didn’t act up because their leaders were seen to be honorable and society had a structure where everybody learned to fit in, or wash out. Deluded or not, America exuded a sense of respect for itself, which began to plummet with the mainstreaming of blacks.

It is always only when the Jews arrive that people are moved to dissatisfaction, and prone to action that ultimately destroys the relative tranquillity they formerly had. Happened in Russia, happened in America, happening everywhere.

Today’s political heroes are rehabilitated whores and druggies, never quite sure of their own honesty as society raves about their positive qualities. Faggots with drug-addicted doctors blackmailed them into declaring homosexuality normal, and now, like a virus, insensate copulation delivered by Miley Cyrus lures impressionable minds toward what they sell as freedom that consistently turns out be self-destructive and self-delusional addictions.

These public intoxications have overwhelmed family networks and more people wind up alienated, addicted and abandoning their children.

The presidents we have had over the past few decades have been paragons of perversion and doublespeak. A plague of deceitful homosexuals has taken over the government, which has itself devolved into a criminal enterprise of value only to the corrupt politicians who profit from it.

Headlines trumpet our leaders for who they are: degenerate criminals serving as models for our children to follow.

Nowhere other than in the slick funhouse of politics is honesty so little regarded. With no leader at the helm who commands respect for his virtues rather than his secret connections, the population succumbs to the public relations, and pays no attention to the crimes committed for the purpose of enforcing the law.

Nowhere, it seems, has a leader to emerge who can stand above politics and speak to the welfare of us all, and not the social science schemes that raise minorities to majority stakeholders, and regard the rest of the population — the ones who built this country — as just so many inconvenient insurance policies waiting to be cashed in.

Although there has always been a hidden Rothschild tentacle guiding the development of the United States, early Americans managed to establish their own freedom. With the evolution of standardization and corporatization, these freedoms have been lost, these choices are no longer ours to make.

We are wired to the grid. To detach from it is to disengage ourselves from the world. Soon it will be obvious that every individual will be programmed from a central point. Our ability to resist this will determine the degree of freedom we will retain.

We are set up perfectly for a race war. The vampire movies are apt metaphors. The powers that be want you to think of poor people or strangers to be less than human, because that will make them easier to kill, like cockroaches in a shattered home, ready to be shipped to the landfill.

Many have said that in the future we will all be prisoners or guards. Which one will you be?

Isn’t it tragically funny that the only real political leader we’ve had during the past few centuries is the one person who is vilified more than any other, Adolf Hitler.

That’s the degree to which reality has been turned upside down by the Jews who have totally commandeered reality and turned human freedom into a prison camp.

Sad to say but had our Allies lost World War II to Germany, none of the wars that followed would ever have happened, because the forces that won World War II make their living making war, and profit mightily from all the wars they cause.

A real leader would work for the people, not for the bankers. We are desperately waiting for one to come along.

To think that we are actually on the cusp of electing a president whom the law enforcement community refuses to indict for her crimes is the signature of a police state with far more dire plans for its ignorant populace.

No authentic progress toward a peaceful world and a humane society may be undertaken without a meticulous vetting of what the Jews have done to the world. When the world finds out, may God have mercy on their souls.

To a world gone mad we direct this conversation . . .

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


Why do our best writers remain ignorant of the real reason America is slated for the trash heap. Ladies and gentlemen we are owned lock stock and barrel through the law of the sea by the Banking Cartel, as are most all Nations on earth. These scum-bags have created a system where we humans are reduced to investment contracts and our de-jure government was taken over by the existing de-facto corporation without anyone knowing what was going on. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. and other variations of it are for profit corporations designed to transfer the world’s wealth to the Banking Cartel, killing off all non profitable humans, and wind up owning every asset on earth. This is not that hard to prove, even for the dumb asses watching dancing with the stars. One can only wonder how someone like the above author does not know this in detail.



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