The Big Switch An Open Accusation of Worldwide Fraud

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By Anna Von Reitz

The Big Switch – An Open Accusation of Worldwide Fraud

When I was a little girl I lived on an old homestead farm that was bisected pretty much down the middle by US Highway 12.  Back in the days before the Interstate Highway System old US Highway 12 was a very busy road, with semi-trucks and trailers and big oil tankers and military convoys running day and night.

Along with all this traffic came troupes of ragged men, “hobos” my Father called them, and he watched them with sad and wary eyes, at once sympathetic and on guard because they were all unknown quantities as they wandered down our long driveway to the farmhouse door—-looking for food and sometimes for warmth.

My Grandmother fed them all—sandwiches and strong coffee and if we had it, pie.

One day I noticed that there was a sign placed on the gatepost leading into our place, a strange little squiggle like an ancient Rune.  I asked my Father what it was.  He said, “It’s a sign to the Knowing, that the poor can find rest here.”

That’s all he ever said about it and I took it for granted that it was a sign among the hobos and gypsies that they were welcome, for they always came.  They knew what the squiggle meant and where to look for it, though the rest of the world would never notice it at all.

It is the same way with the sign language that has been utilized by the pagan Roman Cult to enslave Americans, Brits, Aussies, Canadians, Indians, Europeans, Japanese and many others—– a cult of Satan that has grown like a tumor within the body of the Catholic Church from its earliest beginnings, until it now threatens to kill its host.

These ragged people traipsing through my Grandmother’s kitchen were admittedly strange and they lived by a code and rules that were very different from our own.  To them there was only truth or lie.  Nothing in between.  Words were nothing.  Actions were everything.  They often communicated with signs and symbols and spoke in odd and secret ways intended only for each other.

Notice all the hand signals and winks passing between the initiates of the Roman Cult and their henchmen, the black-robed priests pretending to be judges?

Sitting wedged between the cast iron cook stove and the old dry sink I listened to everything, never saying a word, just a little girl perched in a corner— but I got quite an education. It has taken me sixty years to fully grasp what I overheard.

I learned that there are only two things— the actual and the imagined, the truth and the lie, the fact and the fiction. There is the True God and the False God and we choose between these two.  If you serve one, you cannot serve the other.

You are a man or you are the mask of a man, a “Person”.

The Roman Curia creates all “Persons” — all corporations including trusts, foundations, cooperatives, commercial corporations and so on, belong to the Holy See as a result.  The Holy See holds “equitable title” to all “Persons” in the name of Satan.   And who owns the legal title?


These “Persons” appear to be names— our own names—- merely styled in a peculiar way, written in all capital letters.

They are presented to us in sign language masquerading as English.

It’s not a mistake that this sign language is a debased and defiled form of Ancient Latin known as “DOG LATIN” or “GLOSSA” or “AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE”—- terms that you can look up in Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, or find in the 16th Edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

This foreign symbolic language is embedded in the descriptive English text of all manner of contracts and bank and legal documents –for example:  “EASY LIVING REAL ESTATE is the creditor of JOHN MARK YODER.” —to create a purposefully false impression called a “presumption”.

The heart of the deception is this—-presented with the foreign glyphs embedded in English text, we naturally think that this is all English and read it as if it is, but it’s not.

It’s a combination of English and DOG-LATIN—a sign language which cannot be read correctly as English.  What the above mixed-language sentence actually translates down to is this:


It is gibberish.   It is “babble” as in Babylonian.  Non-sense in English.  It is a mish-mash of “hidden-symbols” as in Egyptian “Hieroglyphics”.   It is nothing.  It means nothing.  It is a lie.  A fraud.  It is a deception designed to make you think it means something, when it doesn’t.  More than that, it leads directly to a crime called “personage” which is occurring all day, every day, in courtrooms across America.

How often have you seen what appears to be your name, but written in all capital letters?

Every time you get a tax bill, a utility bill, a bank statement?

Many, many people have wondered about this, and while we have long been able to determine what it was not—- not proper English, not allowed by the Government Printing Office, not any recognizable common language convention—-it is only now that everyone can recognize what it is: bitterly hard evidence of a vast, pernicious, long-standing, worldwide fraud promoted by a pagan Roman Cult embedded within the Christian Catholic Church.

JOHN MARK YODER is a sign—literally like a signboard or grave marker or the rune on our gate—and that sign says that John Mark Yoder, the living man, is dead.

Such “PERSONS” were created at the time of the Magna Carta by a Roman accountant named Accusius (The Accuser—who else has that name?) and this thing that appears to be your name is not a name.  It is an ACCOUNT.

This is what you got when you signed up for an “ACCOUNT” at a bank, a credit union, an electrical utility, a telephone company, at Social Security, Medicare, and so on and on.  You walked in, innocent as the flowers in May, and allowed yourself to become identified as a PERSON—an ACCOUNT—literally owned by the Vatican.

When you mistake this ACCOUNT for your actual English name, you attach yourself to it, and the owner of this ACCOUNT—-the Vatican—then holds you responsible for paying it.

This is the Big Switch.  The Ultimate Con.  It unlawfully converts you, a living man, a landlord owed dominion over the Earth, and through Jesus, a son of God—– into a dead thing subject to the whims and demands of Satan, the False God and ultimate leader of the Roman Cult.

The statement of ACCOUNT tells the Bill Collectors of Pagan Rome, black-robed priests, how much is owed by the Slave of Satan responsible for the ACCOUNT. Whoever that slave is. They can’t prove it’s you.  After all, the apparent name “JOHN MARK YODER” doesn’t mean anything.  It’s just gibberish attached to a mailing address.

The perpetrators of this fraud have to count on your own ignorance to step forward and claim this ACCOUNT as yours.

And this is how you, living men and women, are being charged in every court case in America.  This is how you are being forced to worship the False God by those who pretend to be the Trustees of the True God.  This is how they rob you of your life and energy and all that you possess via lies and false presumptions.

The Pope sits in his Chair as the Roman Pontiff, two-faced, two-sided, just as his Office of Janus implies. One side is good and true, one side is evil and false.  It’s up to him—and to you—to choose between the two. He stands as the doorkeeper, literally the bridge (“Pontiff” means “bridge”) between worlds— the actual world and the fictional world.

It is time for Pope Francis to close and settle all these ACCOUNTS.  It is time to end this brutal con game.

People do not need to be mischaracterized as slaves of Satan to do what is right by the telephone company.  And, by the way, Satan doesn’t own the telephone company.  The people who paid for it do and their children after them.

Members of the Roman Catholic Church—- is this repulsive deceitful system of dead things making false claims against the living what you desire to promote and promulgate as part of your Church?

I say that Old “Accusius” has had his run and so has the Roman Cult.

I say that a fresh, strong wind of awareness and repentance must blow through the Church so that it is cleansed and set free again.  I say that all this fraud and breach of trust must end and it must end now.  Otherwise, the Final Passover begins in Rome.


****With much gratitude, appreciation, and love for “Kodey” and “Rohan” who finally spliced all the pieces together and re-forged the blade that was broken.****

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