An excerpt from Deanna Spingola’s book


Pages 409 – 410

Transcribed by Olddog

“Novels, like many television shows or Hollywood movies are the most benign of propaganda yet they have functioned very effectively as propaganda because people subconsciously accept fiction, portrayed in a novel or movie, as if their writers and producers had based their creation on absolute fact.

While there might be a modicum of truth or accuracy in some novels, shows or movies, we must remember that there is no such thing as valueless entertainment: everything, whether non-fiction and especially fiction has an objective. Unfortunately, people when enjoying something purportedly entertaining have  their guard down and do not expect people to manipulate their values and dispense false information.

Writers compose books, articles, essays, novels with a particular agenda. It is up to the reader to dispassionately accept or reject certain portions or an entire work or to be a critical student and discern the truth through his/her own investigation and conclusions.

So-called documentaries or fact based movies attest to this human peculiarity in contemporary society.

Novels that portray fiction as fact gain popular support and transform a controversy into a “cause” and then recruits role-model-style backers.”

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 These so-called authors are as lethal as the most accomplished liar intent on the destruction of truth. America, it would seem, has an over-abundance of brain-washed citizens running around spouting off lies as the gospel of truth.

The vast majority of American’s have been propagandized through government controlled education, and every form of entertainment possible since infancy which enables the government to control every facet of their lives. It is true that many of them have no idea they are their own enemy, but remain responsible for their ignorance!                  

 These words are absolute fact and if the majority of Americans do not get off their lazy asses and study the real history of their government and it’s people they will lose their freedom, all their possessions, including property. family and their lives. The International Investment Banking Cartel must be rounded up and exterminated. A new government of the people, by the people and for the people must be rebuilt from the ground up. And they must be re-educated to learn how to keep it. Absolute tyranny has been the form of all governments since they became a necessity, and only astute adults with the needed knowledge must be allowed in office.

 In closing, let it be known that you were warned over and over and did not have the courage and or will power to be free.

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