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By Michael Gaddy

America’s largest criminal enterprise, one which operates with the consent and cooperation of millions is best known as our government. This criminal enterprise owns the so-called justice system because those entrusted with dispensing justice depend on the criminal element for appointments and income. Yet, there are still people who believe this element within our government will somehow turn on those from whom it gains power and sustenance. These are the people who believe Hillary Clinton will be indicted and perhaps convicted of a crime.

Missing from the thought process of those with such beliefs is to understand that to indict and convict Hillary would be an indictment and conviction of the operations of the government itself.

The U.S. Justice department has been tasked with the investigation of Hillary. Who controls the actions and direction of this department? Regardless of who you point to in this regard, your finger must point to another member of the criminal cabal. Loretta Lynch, as U.S. Attorney General, sits in her office at the pleasure of a man who has circumvented the Constitution and ignored his sacred oath to that parchment on a daily basis for almost 8 years now. Why would one criminal seek the indictment of another criminal whom he just endorsed for his current position?

The Attorney General owes her position of power and the wealth associated with that position to the confirmation of the U.S. Senate. Name for me please the members of this supposedly august body who have honored their sacred oath to our Constitution at least 50% of the time. I assure you it will be a very short list. Was Hillary once a member of that body of government? How many members of that body have endorsed Hillary for president including a Republican female (Susan Collins) who is considering just such an endorsement? Would they now embarrass themselves by seeking her indictment? Of course, they wouldn’t.

One who looks to the opposing political party for aid in ousting this career criminal, indicting her for a multitude of crimes and sending her pompous ass off to prison has to be completely ignorant of how prominent members of that party of opposition prevented her criminal husband from being impeached when he held the chief capo position in our government.

David Schippers, who was given the lead in the process of impeachment involving William Jefferson Clinton wrote a book about his experiences in that effort which he titled “Sellout.” In accordance with the tenets of revisionist history, Schippers is referred to now as a “Republican prosecutor” yet, in actuality, he was a member of the Democratic Party when he served as a prosecutor in Chicago before he was appointed to prosecute the impeachment. If one wants a detailed examination of the impeachment of Clinton, the male sexual predator, I highly recommend the book by Schippers.

Why would he title his book “Sellout” one might ask? Perhaps the answer can be found in Schippers’ own words.

“What I saw as chief investigative counsel for the House Judiciary Committee,
and therefore the man in charge of compiling the case against the
president was not a pretty sight. Lies, cowardice, hypocrisy,
cynicism, butt-covering, amorality. These all combine to make a
mockery of the impeachment process.” 

I can hear the murmuring now: “those damn Democrats did it again.” Au contraire, mon Ami. Schippers discovered otherwise.

“…whenever I heard the word bipartisan from a Republican, that meant that they were selling out to whatever the Democrats wanted, in the House or in the Senate, and that was bipartisanship.” 

Does anyone really believe that it has gotten better in Congress over the past two decades since Slick Willy’s impeachment? Does anyone believe these criminals will turn on each other when so much of their personal and professional lives are dependent on their fealty to this criminal enterprise called government?

When Schippers was asked why he thought the whole impeachment process was “fixed” he responded from his experience as a prosecutor with the justice system in his hometown of Chicago.

“In Chicago, we refer to it as a first ward election. The outcome was decided before we ever went over to the Senate. Apparently, they had all agreed, one, the
Republicans didn’t want to be bothered with this; two, the Democrats were going to vote not guilty. So it was a foregone conclusion. I’m an old prosecutor. It is like walking into a courtroom and saying, all right, judge, we are ready to proceed, and having the judge say: ‘Not guilty.’ That’s what happened.”

Why would the Republicans not want to be “bothered” with this impeachment process? Could it be because a thorough investigation of the illegal practices within government would expose all of the members of Congress, the various bureaucracies, and their criminal acts?

Next, let us take a look at the investigators in this fiasco of criminality. Of course, I refer to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). First of all, the director of the FBI is a political appointment, not a merit appointment. It cannot be denied the person selected for that position must have political clout. This means they must have connections within the criminal cabal called government. No criminal enterprise is going to select anyone they believe might turn on them. A plain, cold, hard fact.

What about the track record of the vaunted FBI when it comes to their own criminality? Ever heard of Cointelpro? It is now openly admitted that many of the acts perpetrated by the FBI under the authority of Cointelpro were, in fact, illegal. Where are the records of the prosecution for these crimes?

Who shot an unarmed mother in the face while she held her infant at Ruby Ridge; A mother who just hours before had her 14-year-old son shot in the back by other members of the criminal cabal. When the state of Idaho sought to indict the murderer of Vicki Weaver, why did the government (a federal judge) step in to protect their own? This perpetrator, one Lon Horiuchi, was never prosecuted. Was he also an active sniper at Waco? Where is he now? Is he in witness protection perhaps? Is this not similar to how the mob protects its shooters; Getting them out of sight?

Why was a “contempt order” issued against the FBI in the trial of Randy Weaver?

Following Weaver’s sentencing, Judge Lodge issued a contempt order against the FBI and levied a fine (paid by taxpayers) because the prosecution had “received less than full cooperation from the FBI” and the Bureau had not produced items of evidence “timely.” The court referred to the FBI’s “recalcitrance” and held that the Bureau had “evidenced a callous disregard for the rights of the defendants and the interests of justice and demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the order and directions of [the] court.”  Would it surprise anyone that rather than being disciplined, the FBI personnel involved in this contempt were promoted? Would it surprise anyone the 3.1 million dollar award to the Weavers for the criminal actions of the FBI was paid by taxpayers, not the agents who committed the murders?

Who has been accused of withholding evidence about the FBI’s heinous acts of terrorism committed at a place called Waco? Who ordered the assault on a church building containing 26 children that ultimately led to their horrible deaths in Waco?

Who has been accused of complicity or withholding evidence in the JFK assassination, the MLK assassination, the RFK assassination and the OKC bombing? Who provided the explosives to the perpetrators of the first World Trade Center attack in 1993? Why were the 9/11 Pentagon video tapes seized by the FBI? Why was video footage from the Sheraton National Hotel seized by the FBI on 9/11? What about the video footage seized from the Citgo station just southwest of the Pentagon on 9/11? Why has the American Public never seen the film from those cameras? If these videos provided truth of the government’s version of events surrounding 9/11, I assure you they would have been seen ad nauseam on Fox, CNN, and other government-controlled outlets.

When it comes to the criminal acts of the comically named Department of Justice, why wasn’t anyone prosecuted for providing weapons to known gang members that led to the death of a Border Patrol Agent named Brian Terry? Is not providing a weapon to a criminal who uses that weapon in the commission of a murder classified as “accessory before the fact?” How many people without political clout are serving time in prison for such charges? Don’t forget this criminal government would like to blame guns for the commission of crimes—that is crimes to which they are not participants.

The Clinton family has been involved in criminal acts for well over three decades, first in Arkansas and then they took their criminal show on the road and made all Americans beneficiaries of their actions. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Hillary has collected something over 27 million dollars from a criminal banking enterprise in just the time since she left her position as capo di tutti Capi at the U.S. State Department. She obviously believes in the words of another famous crime family member (“Lucky” Luciano). “There is no such thing as good money or bad money. There is just money.”

The Clinton’s have enough dead bodies surrounding their political history to start their own graveyard. At the very least Hillary is guilty of accessory after the fact and obstruction of justice in the death of Vince Foster. It has been well documented she removed evidence from his White House office after his body was discovered. The other mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons are too numerous to cover in this short piece. Some claim the body count to be near 90.

The fix is in folks; the president endorsed this criminal and then visited the AG to make sure nothing happens to make him look bad with his endorsement. Who was tasked with monitoring what Hillary did as Secretary of State? Any thorough investigation of our government would send a great many office holders to prison for the rest of their lives, but, not to worry, the politicians you have voted into those positions because they have the appropriate letter (D or R) before their names are safe because the criminal cabal controls the investigators, the judges, the prosecutors and the courts.

All is well in politically criminal America. Do not be surprised if between now and election day, instead of an indictment, the Department of Justice releases a statement exonerating Hillary of all accusations. It just makes sense when we consider what has happened within the bowels of this government for the past 150 years. While I hope that I am wrong—I also realize “Hope is not a method.”

Now, for all you folks who believe one can put a stop to this by electing a new face to the criminal enterprise, please consider how that approach has worked in the past. Hope springs eternal, but Einstein had it pegged when he defined insanity.

Folks in 1776 realized they could not compromise with those whose goal was their destruction. They laid out their solution in what we refer to as the Declaration of Independence. Many have not yet arrived at the awareness level of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and the Sons of Liberty which led to that declaration. We will continue to suffer the criminally induced malaise of this government as long as we believe voting will cure the problem.

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