Apples or Oranges?

Anna asks you.

Everyone continues to mistake apples for oranges.  Just like we, the people, are not THEM, the persons, our system of law is not THEIR system of law.

In the Common Law, which we are owed, the people have the right of “jury nullification”.  Any jury of 12 honest Americans can overturn, edit, or abolish any law passed by any legislature. Period!  That is how the people rule.

But these crooks have instituted their admiralty law system and we haven’t provided ourselves with the system we are owed, so here we sit.

Our friend in Georgia is still confused by this, still banging his head pushing against a “pull” door.  He can’t get justice out of THEIR system and should not expect to.  It is not a justice system and it is not controlled by the people. It is a debt collection agency set up to create and launder penal bonds for the corporations that own the court system.

Literally, they own the courts.   If IBM owns the court, are they going to find in your favor when you bring suit against IBM?

Current statistics say that that happens less than 2% of the time.

So— what to do?   Milligan Ex Parte says that wherever our American Common Law Courts are functioning, there is not excuse for them using military-corporate tribunals.

Organize your jural assemblies for the land jurisdiction of the United States, elect your judges, your Sheriffs on the Land, your clerks, etc., and get going.

 Calling Out John Daresh, and NLA


by Anna Von Reitz

Do you all have sense enough to know that a Common Law Grand Jury is just one part of a Common Law Court?

Go through it in your own head. What makes up a court?

You have the office of the judge (or justice or magistrate), you have the court clerk, you have the bailiff, you have the grand jury, you have the trial jury, and you have a sheriff and his deputies to enforce the jury’s decision.

Observe that the Grand Jury is just one part of the whole. Without the rest, it spins its wheels. It goes nowhere.  It does nothing.  Just like NLA’s Common Law Grand Juries have done for the past three years.

John Daresh and Kyle Rearden and the other ignorant prognosticators want you to believe that a Common Law Grand Jury can function on its own and I am telling you that it can’t.

Now let’s look at the facts.  How many cases has NLA prosecuted in the last three years?

Zero that I know of.

Of those, how many were brought to a just conclusion?

Also zero.

You can’t run a car on just an engine.  You need a drive train.  You need a fuel pump.  You need brakes. And the truth of the matter is that simple.

So here we are, taking up the rest of the work to be done to actually form the American Common Law Courts that are so desperately needed and what does NLA do?

Tries to undermine the effort.  Tries to STOP us from building real public courts. Says that we are “fake judges” when we do.

Well, if we are “fake” then it stands to reason that they are “fake” — but the truth is that if we are owed a Common Law Grand Jury, we are owed an entire Common Law Court System and if NLA or John Daresh ever had any intention of actually doing anything meaningful, they’d be doing it by now.

Not just spending their time and energy gossiping and telling lies about us.

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