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By Betty Freauf
President George Washington warned us about entanglements with other countries and President Grover Cleveland, the forgotten conservative, also warned about this, so when former Republican Congressman Ron Paul said after our 9-11 incident it was caused by blow back – U.S. sticking its nose in the business of other countries where it did not belong, he was right. And the media demonized him.

Endless western military interventions in the Middle East have brought only destruction and division. As Nixon was leaving politics after his California loss for governor on November 7, 1962 he told the left-wing media “You won’t have me to kick around anymore” and I’m sure when Ron Paul left Congress, he felt the same way. The pundits who come out of communist-controlled universities thinking they are journalists are the enemy. Read below how they caused the Umpqua Community College terrorist attack.

Even FOX distorts the truth and failed to vet Obama in 2008 and now Bill O’Reilly, in the name of compassion, is advocating allowing women and children (but no men) to come to America. Geoffrey Grider writes about Bill O’Reilly’s Catholic Church being paid $79 million by Obama Administration to force migrant invasion. The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

Being called a Christian nation by all the documents of the Founders, even though they gave us a Constitutional Republic, we tried to Democratize the people who worship a different god; however, the Bible tells us not to be unequally yoked and like Abraham and Sarah below, our leaders didn’t listen. Being unequally yoked could apply to marriages, business partners and even nations with a culture adverse to ours. The fact that God even considers us a nation is due to the early Puritan’s teachings and warning us humankind is depraved and in need of a Savior which the “progressives” have debunked.

In M. Stanton Evans 1965 book, The Liberal Establishment he says the progressive decay of liberty brought on by liberalism’s total disregard to the American initial design would find our Founders: Madison, Adams, Hamilton turning over in their graves because what we have done far exceeds the brand of interference practiced by the 18th century king and Parliament against whom these men rebelled. In fact, it’s become even far worse since the publishing of his book in 1965.


Perhaps a good place to start would be with Genesis 21:9 of the King James Bible and the story about Hagar and Ishmael that most people haven’t a clue is even in the Bible. Ishmael was the illegitimate son of Abraham. God had told Abraham and Sarah He would give them a son but after a few years went by and being impatient and stepping out of the will of God, Sarah decided she might be the problem that she wasn’t conceiving so she encouraged Abraham to have sex with Hagar, an Egyptian bondwoman. She gave birth to Ishmael.

Finally Sarah gets pregnant and Isaac is born when Ishmael was 13 years old. Up to this point, Ishmael had been a pretty nice boy but now with the appearance of this other son in the family, Ishmael may be really showing his true colors. He may be jealous which illustrates that humans have two natures – good and evil, and God gives us free will to choose.


Sarah wants Ishmael and his mother out. And the war began. Genesis 21:8-10 Sarah’s request in verse 11 was very grievous in Abraham’s sight because of his son but in v. 12 God said unto Abraham, let it not be grievous in thy sight because of the lad, and because of thy bondwoman; so God tells Abraham to keep peace in the family, hearken unto Sarah’s voice for in Isaac/Israel thy seed shall be called as God had promised and Ishmael will become rejected and angry.

Jesse Lee Peterson, author of the book SHAKEDOWN exposing the real Jesse Jackson has written his newest book THE ANTIDOTE, The Victory Over Victimhood and the Black Lives Matter movement. In this book he says President Barack Obama while being raised in a privileged life, says whenever someone gets something without earning it, they have no appreciation for whatever it was they received or do they have respect for those who gave it. He says Barack was raised without a father and his mother had much anger about her own white race and told Barack white people were racist. Obama, like Ishmael, suffers rejection resulting in the anger we’ve heard in many of his speeches – too many to mention.


Now here is the ISIS dilemma in the Middle East. In verse 13, God forgives Abraham and in order to treat his two boys equally, God says to Abraham because of his seed with the bondwoman, He will also make a nation called Islam. While there can be extremists in all religions, Islam and the prophet Mohammad– descendants of Ishmael- are definitely out to kill especially Christians as is noted in the Umpqua Community College massacre in Roseburg. Today Christians suffer rejection with a smile and stop listening to those who criticize and name call while Islam has proven itself not a religion of peace and love but totally incompatible with Western Christian values.

The Los Angeles Times labeled the Umpqua Oregon shooter as having “white supremacist leanings” even though the shooter was black. The shooter identified as “mixed race” and reportedly had a black mother. The paper wrote an “alleged anonymous federal law enforcement source familiar with the investigation said authorities had obtained some of Harper-Mercer’s writing, as well as a note he left behind, suggested he supported white-supremacist causes and opposed organized religion.


According to the EU Times, the Federal Security Services (FSB) reported that an American black-Islamist terror suspect, who committed an act of mass murder in the State of Oregon (United States), had been included on a list of 87,000 “known/suspected” Islamic terrorists that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) refused to accept from the Federation due to its not being “politically viable in the present atmosphere.” … According to this report, the black-Islamist terrorist who committed this act of terror, Chris Harper Mercer, had previously been identified by electronic intelligence specialists within the foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) as being an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) adherent after he had attempted to gain passage to Syria via Turkey during the first week of September, 2015.


By the Obama regime refusing to accept this terror list from the Federation, the report continues, Mercer was able to accomplish his terror act when he killed 9 people and wounded 7 others at the “gun free” Umpqua Community College. This report confirms my suspicions that Mercer came to Roseburg with a population of 22,275 and hardly a tourist attraction, because the CNN made sure some person sympathetic to Islam would note that Alek Skarlatos, a 22 year old National Guardsman, one of the heroes on the French train who derailed the massacre, was from Roseburg, Oregon and that he’d served in Afganistan. Alek was interviewed on November 16th on Dancing With the Stars, and he still seemed to be in a state of shock at his instant celebrity status in just three months since his trip to Europe. The bedlam worldwide we are experiencing today was how God used Israel’s enemies to shape them up and get them to repent and obey. Is He doing this to us?

Anthony Sadler, a senior at California State University in Sacramento, was on the first trip to Europe with his long-time Sacramento neighbors and friends. Spencer Stone rushed the gunman, Ayoub El Khazzani, a Moroccan national, and tackled him getting slashed several times with a box cutter causing wounds in the head and neck and almost had his thumb cut off. Later, Stone was stabbed in Sacramento with non life-threatening wounds. I noticed neither Stone nor Sadler’s hometowns were mentioned, only Alek’s where his folks now reside.


The U.S. Army says the Umpqua Community College gunman, Christopher Harper Mercer, flunked out of basic training in 2008. In addition to the rifle, the shooter also carried five handguns, a law enforcement source told FOX News. Lt. Col. Ben Garrett, an Army spokesman, said Mercer was in service at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, starting on November 5, 2008. But by December 11, 2008, he was discharged for failing to meet the minimum administrative standards. Generally, the Army requires recruits to pass physical fitness tests and to be generally in good physical and mental health. Recruits also must score highly enough on a multiple-choice test covering science, math, reading comprehension and other topics. The army spokesman did not say which standards Mercer failed to meet but it wouldn’t matter if he could go down in history books as a martyr.

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Are all of these events coincidental? We went from a radical Islamist’s plans to massacre people on the French train three months ago to Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon and now back to Paris for more mass killings. And then on the same day, former Democratic presidential candidate eccentric Al Gore was staging his 24-hour climate change telethon from the foot of the Eiffel Tower to focus attention on this month’s United Nations climate summit in Paris. The attacks forced him to pull the plug on the event after five hours.

I’ve seen pictures from Paris including some showing the broken cross and read many reports but how many have read Geoffrey Grider’s report that at the Eagles of Death Metal Concert the crowd with their hands raised high in the air, making the Satanic “devil horns” salute were singing “Kiss the Devil” the Moment Terror Attacks began? Not even Glenn Beck’s THE BLAZE mentioned the Devil song.

Grider said as the French death metal fans were singing their love for the Devil, the Devil responded as the Devil always does. With death and destruction. Now, you go ahead and spin that any way you like, Grider says, any way that makes you feel comfortable, but as a Bible believer, he says he knows exactly what happened Friday night at 9:40 PM GMT in Paris France. People asked for a manifestation of the Satan and guess what? They got it. Grider, a street preacher in St. Augustine says to “most lost people, the Devil is a joke and Hell will be a beer and sex infused party. Nothing could be further from the truth.”


And because the Devil is alive and well as described above, Muslims will be coming to America and, in fact, are already here. Please listen to this 4 minute video that speaks loudly to this invasion.


A spokesman for Elijah Ministries said after the Paris attacks that Obama is not incompetent as many think. He is not just a loony leftist. In fact, he is one of the most effective presidents America has ever had. Just think of the damage this man has been able to accomplish in the last few years. The spokesman for Elijah, an ex-military man, said Obama is a traitor. He continues to commit treasonous acts against our nation. He is currently trying to seed Muslims in our nation knowing full well the harm they will eventually bring upon us. So many want to dance around this betrayal and none dare call it TREASON. He asks, “Where are our other leaders? Where are the checks and balances? Where are the Lesser Magistrates that will rise up and end his tyrannical rule? Where are the men in authority that have the power to arrest this fraud, this impostor, and stop his madness? Are we that delusional as a nation that we cannot discern who this man is and why he is here?”

He says it again: OBAMA IS GOD’S JUDGMENT UPON AMERICA!!! He is grinding us to the dirt. He has made us a laughingstock among the nations. He has emboldened our enemies, alienated our allies, and demoralized us from within. He has helped to inspire a generation that does not want to survive in a very dangerous world. College campuses are producing whiny, bratty kids that actually hate our nation and are in agreement with those who want to destroy us as Peterson illustrates in his book.

© 2015 Betty Freauf – All Rights Reserved

Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.
Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to


This is what you get for supporting a corporation posing as a government! If you want a real republican form of government, then get involved in constructing it.
It is past time for the internet Patriots to wake up to the truth, learn it, and revise their commentary to fight it with all their might. This means educate the sheep non stop until they are as outraged as we all should be. We need to get this information out to a hundred million people ASAP. Why would an entire Nation accept a Corporation for a government? There is only one way for things to change for the better, and that is for a hundred million people to read this: You Know Something is Wrong When…..: An American Affidavit of Probable Cause (Paperback) by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger & James Clinton Belcher

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