Jim Willie: The Fed, Yellen, U. S. Dollar, and Negative Interest Are a Joke!



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In the following video, Jim Willie talks about how the U.S. capital is under attack specifically because of the Fed’s policies. He declares, “The U.S. economy and the U.S. Dollar are a total joke.” Anyone who is saying the Fed is seriously contemplating a “hike” (BTW: hike is defined these days as 1/4 of 1%) in interest rates at December’s Fed meeting, is just another Kool-Aid drinker listening to the talking heads, and repeating what they are told to repeat. There is NO chance the Fed will raise rates. Did Janet Yellen say after the last meeting that rates might go up in December? Yes. She also said, “Rates Could Stay at Zero Forever,” and furthermore, she also said if the economy worsens significantly, that “potentially anything, including negative interest rates are on the table.” Those that latched on to her statement that rates “could” go up are living in fantasy land. You know what? Barack Obama “could” do us all a favor and resign today too. Enough said?

Jim says that Yellen’s comments about potential negative interest rates represent the fact that Fed policy, which is not supposed to be political in anyway, but is 100% political under the Obama administration (go figure), is a TOTAL failure. That means that what we call money, and what we value, has been turned into an international joke (like Obama; go figure!). We are printing money like Zimbabwe to cover the national debt these days, and does anyone remember how this policy of printing money worked out for Zimbabwe, or the Weimar Republic, which led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany? Liberals might know if they read history books in college instead of organizing “Million Student Marches” for free stuff.



Why would ANY bank offer negative interest rates? Right now there are 21 central banks (owned by the Rothschild’s incidentally) that are doing just that! Here in the U.S., once the most powerful economy on Earth, Jim explains that working capital is forced to hide. It’s hiding in banks. In other words, so much money is coming into banks for safe haven because of the horrendous economic policy by this administration, that banks cannot make enough money anywhere to support the level of assets on their books. Normally that money would be lent out to businesses looking to grow and invest in capital, but this administration has strangled businesses to death, so the very few businesses that even meet the credit worthiness standards attempt to borrow money. Willie says the Fed is like a ship without a rudder, and the U.S. has lost all concept of what capitalism and liberty mean. We are a country that has TOTALLY lost its way.
So, when Janet Yellen says negative interest rates are on the table if the economy significantly worsens, she’s already lying because the economy has significantly worsened every year under Barack Obama. Conveniently, Jim explains, the government manages to hide a -4% growth rate by LYING (Obama? Really?) about what the REAL inflation rate is. Listen to Jim’s analysis on what we are TOLD the growth rate is vs. what the growth has REALLY been, and that’s just the first half of the video. The second half Jim eviscerates the Fed’s highly politicized monetary policy even more!

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