YouGov Poll 29 percent Of Americans Would Support A Military Coup


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By Joshua Krause

EDITOR’S NOTE: I have written extensively in the past about the dangers of military coup and the sad reality that many in the Liberty Movement support such a development.  To be frank, some people support the concept of military coup purely because of cowardice.  It is far easier to have someone else fight your revolution against corruption for you, rather than having to do it yourself.  The problem is, if average people do not lead in the fight against tyranny then they will have no power to decide what system replaces the original.  The new system could very well end up being as criminal as the old.  Military coup is NOT outlined as an option in the Constitution; it is the common citizen and civilian that carries the responsibility for the removal of corrupt government.  If this duty is shirked out of laziness or fear, it will quickly come back to haunt us.  It is the duty of each serviceman to refuse unconstitutional orders when they are given and to fight on the side of the citizenry when necessary, not to follow some trumped up cabal of elitist military brass in a potential farce of a revolt that ends in a Junta that the people will eventually be forced to destroy anyway.  Also keep in mind that military coups have been used by the elites throughout history in order to con the masses into thinking they have “defeated” the oligarchy when in fact they have only replaced one puppet structure with another.  Military coup is a losing proposition, and only a fool would entertain it as practical…

Brandon Smith, Alt-Market Founder

This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

As it stands today, our government is a constitutional republic in name only. Our nation is ruled by wealthy oligarchs and special interests, and there is plenty of blame to go around for this situation. No society falls to these depths without at least the implicit consent of the population, and even the most ruthless of governments can’t survive if its citizens refuse to go along with the program.

So it’s safe to say that the American people are at least partly to blame for the sick institutions that rule over them. And if that’s the case, you have to ask yourself, what might our society come to accept in the future? If our lack of resistance has contributed to the corrosion of our civil liberties and the growth of our unbounded government, then nothing is off the table. If we’re willing to put up with this, what won’t we put up with? What sort of system might our society produce in the future?

If recent polls are to be believed, then a military dictatorship is certainly a possibility. After a West Point professor entertained the possibility of a coup occurring on American soil two weeks ago, (which led to his resignation) YouGov decided to poll 1000 American voters on their opinion of the military, and whether or not they would support a military takeover. The results were fairly shocking.

In a new survey by YouGov, 29 percent of respondents said they can imagine a situation in which they would support the military taking control of the federal government – that translates into over 70 million American adults. Forty-one percent of respondents said could not imagine supporting the military taking over the country.

Republicans (43 percent) were more likely to say they can envision a scenario in which they could support a military coup than Democrats (20 percent). Perhaps that difference is related to having a Democratic president who some critics on the right see as overstepping his power.

Regardless of political ideology, one reason people might support a military coup is because they respect officers in the military far more than they do people in Congress. According to the same YouGov survey, almost three-quarters (70 percent) of respondents believe that military officers want what is best for the country, while only 29 percent think the same of members of Congress.

Lawmakers better shape up or they might be shipped out — literally.

The poll also found that 55% of the population believes that the police want what’s best for the country, while 24% thought that they were only interested in what’s best for themselves. The other categories, which included Congress, local politicians, and civil servants, went in the other direction. The majority of those polled thought that the people in these categories were self-serving.

In other words, most Americans have a lot of confidence in the armed enforcers of government, but very little confidence in the politicians and bureaucrats in our government. This is a rather dangerous trend when you think about it, but it’s not exactly a new one.

Every year gallup asks Americans about their confidence with 15 major segments of American society. The police and the military routinely top the list with overwhelming support, while no other government institution inspires confidence among the majority of voters. That includes the presidency, the Supreme Court, public schools, the justice system, and Congress. Also near the bottom, is the media, big business, and the banks.

Essentially, most Americans have completely lost faith in the system, and the powers that be. The only people they still trust, are cops and soldiers.  And a society that trusts its armed enforcers more than everyone else, including the people they vote for, is a society that is ripe for a coup.


Assuming the reader is intelligent enough to see that the author is right, what other options are there to get rid of a tyrannical government such as we have had for over a hundred and fifty years? HOW ABOUT AN EDUCATED PUBLIC CONCLUDING THAT NON COMPLIANCE IS AN OPTION!

That could be a semi peaceful method of taking down the power structure, and all we have to do is refuse to do business with them. Yes, they may send their goons to arrest you, but that’s a hell of a lot easer to deal with than a brigade of syked up soldiers. Refuse to pay taxes, refuse to apply for a drivers license, refuse to send your kids to public school, refuse to obey, all speed restrictions !  REFUSE TO VOTE!  Do not engage them in warfare unless it is self defense.  Refuse to acknowledge their authority in all things! But most important, do your home work and be prepared to support known activist who have educated you. There are thousands of authors who have proven their knowledge about freedom and a real Republican Government. 

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