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NOTE:  Groups of citizens have been meeting together for discussion about these issues since the Vietnam War days.  The govt does not care about those who sit and talk; however, it kills those who try to change their system.

Atty Hudes has not offered a good solution, albeit it was a “safe” one for her to offer.

Unless and Until…enough men and women take responsibility to bring the local government into tow at the COUNTY levels, there cannot be a resolution.  It is a fact that the organization of every state is by COUNTY for very legal reasons….go and do your duty.  Look up the LEGAL history of County formation and learn how it works in the LEGAL system.

The Global Currency Reset


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April 28, 2015 interview

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REPORTER NOTES: (The following is a rough transcript, go to the link for accuracy.  It is intended to help those who cannot upload the large website or who don’t have time to listen for an hour.)

HOST:  Chris Pante

GUEST:  Karen Hudes

Karen Hudes is the Legal Counsel to the Global Debt Facility in the World Bank.  She is an attorney who is blowing the whistle on the Cabal in the international banking community.

HOST:  Explain what happens when a Person signs the back of a Bank card…

HUDES:  “That is when you have something called “CONTRACTS OF ADHESION.”   That is a fancy word for saying a contract that you had no choice to agree to or not.  There is a fellow, Chris Mercier, who used to be the Clerk of Courts in New York.  In 1985 he wrote a book about hidden contracts that when you sign your signature card, on the very bottom in very fine print it says:  SUBJECT TO BANK RULES.

If you look to see what those bank rules are, then there is a hidden contract in there that says you agree to not go to a regular Court that you are supposed to be entitled to go to under the Constitution.  Instead, you are going to go to an Administrative Court.  Those judges who are sitting up there as if they are actually Federal judges are in reality in a secret Administrative Court. 

They are not looking at you as if you are entitled to your rights under the Constitution.

HOST:  Does this mean that even if I am not in the Court for financial reasons, like say a crime, if I signed the bank card, does the put me in this court?

HUDES:  “That is right.  You are not in a real criminal court.  ALL OF THE COURTS ARE ADMINISTRATIVE COURTS.  I went to the Senate Judiciary Committee and tried to get them to own up to this fact.  If the Congress is not going to admit that they have been DECLARING A STATE OF EMERGENCY every single year since 1861, and if they are not telling the American people that they are SECRETLY UNDER MARTIAL LAW, do you think that they are going to admit to the fact that citizens are not going to Courts of Equity?

(4.59 minutes)

HOST:  You mentioned the bank card.  So just by doing that, we forfeit our rights by the constitution.  The constitution isn’t the one that we think we have, is it?

HUDES:  That’s right.  In 1871, the banks incorporated the United States, and called the United States “a corporation”.  When they created the District of Columbia, what they did was put that corporation in the District of Columbia.  They said that the members of Congress were actually managers of that corporation.  They said that the President of the United States was actually the President of that corporation.  So, we are not living in the country that we think we are living in.  I have said that what they have done is called State Capture.

I have said that there is an Interregnum.    If you look that word up, that means we don’t have a LEGITIMATE government.

[INSERT]  Interregnum

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaAn interregnum (plural interregna or interregnums) is a period of discontinuity or “gap” in a government, organization, or social order.

When the founding fathers wrote this constitution they realized that the Bankers were trying to pull a fast one on us and to try to take over our governance.  They put in a safety mechanism.   There is something called Article V, which says when 2/3 of the state legislatures request an Amendment, then the Congress is required to convene a Constitution to consider an Amendment.  The Congress was supposed to do that back in 1929.  They have been in contempt of the American people.  They have not given us an opportunity to get our original constitution back.  They haven’t even told us that we are not operating under our original constitution.  They have been lying to us.

(7.32 minutes)

HOST:  We send people to the House, and we send people to the Senate, but it is immaterial who we send, isn’t it?  They do the bidding of another master.

HUDES:  That’s right.  And so we are under something called STATE CAPTURE, which is that our Public officials are actually serving the interests of the Bankers.  They are not serving the interests of their constituents.

HOST:  Every day we open up our wallets and we see a Federal Reserve Note.  It is labeled:  Legal Tender for Debts.  I would say that 90 percent of the country, if they even recognize the words Federal Reserve, have no idea how they got into this country.  Tell our listeners who these people really are and how they got here.

HUDES:  The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE institution.  It is not a government organization.  They are actually a part of something called the Network of Global Corporate Controls.  Three mathematicians did a study of who owns all of the 43,000 companies on the world’s capital markets.  What they found out was that one company has put Directors in interlocking Boards, in a kind of a Ponzi scheme.  They have ten times the economic might they are supposed to have because of the clever way they did this.  They didn’t think that we would find this out, but we did.

This Company has 60 percent of the profits.  They are in control of 40 percent of the Assets of the 43,000 companies on the capital markets.  In the meantime, they bought up all of the Media.  They are censoring the media.  What they are telling people is their version of what they think people need to know.  They are censoring information, that if people knew about it, would think they are entitled to know.

(9.53 minutes)

HOST:  It is interesting that every time we look at our Social Security Card and our Drivers License, we see our name in bold printed big BLOCK letters…What is the significance of the big block letters?

HUDES:  The significance is that they have actually created “miniature companies” for each citizen.  They have said that we are actually companies who are not real people.  They treat us as if we were those companies.  When we go into a court, we are not seen by the Judges there as if we are human beings.  We are seen as if we are Representatives of that corporation in our name. And when they take the Birth Certificates, they bundle them together and Pledge them on the Capital Markets.  They earn money on them.  They calculate how many taxes we are going to pay over our lifetime.  Then, they issue a Bond in that value, and they earn money on that bond.

HOST:  So we are cattle?  We were deemed that we are prizes for other people, and we are not real people.  We have already been bought and sold.  By the time we enter the world, we have a Social Security Number and we have already entered that system.  When we sign a bank card, we lose our rights.  It sounds like a depreciation of humanity… the System is meant to control you.  From what you are saying, “own you.”

HUDES:  When you realize how this could have come into effect, it is a BETRAYAL of the most fundamental way.  Part of the question that you have when you hear about this is you say, “How many people have been working on this, and making it this way?  Who has been doing this?  Who has been betraying us?”  One of the main culprits is the legal profession.

HOST:  Talk to me about that.

HUDES:  Yes!  The American Bar Association has been betraying people.  They have been creating a very complex system, without telling people about it.  When people go to Law School, they are never taught about this.  Fortunately, there are some very clever people, who have been studying this, and teaching this to other people.  When you finally find out about this, you can find the evidence for it.  You can see the Statutes as they have been enacted.

For example, the Social Security Act is in the United Kingdom.  The reason why is that when we pay our taxes, they are actually going out of the country.  Our income taxes, 100 percent of them, are leaving the country.  Ronald Reagan had a Grace Commission do a study of where our tax revenues are going.  The Grace Commission did a report.  He found out that the Income Taxes were all going to the Bankers; foreign bankers outside the country.

(13.26 minutes)

HOST:  So what we all just did before April 15…we were told, “You owe the Federal Government $300, and you owe the State government $112” …yada, yada, yada….you write checks, and it never ends up in the place we sent it?  All this money is just siphoned to the Bankers?

HUDES:  What they did with the States was they incorporated the state as well.  Then, they created something called Metro 1313.  They have special agencies that on the face of it look as if they are helpful.  The National Association of State Legislatures.  There is a whole slew of these organizations.  They are actually there to undermine states.  I think there are ten states who no longer recognize their own boundaries.

(14.28 minutes)

Their agenda was to erase the states, and to put them into ten FEMA Regions.  We were going to have a different kind of Governance than we thought we had.

HOST:  Is this State of Emergency that you say we have been in since 1871…

HUDES:  It was 1861 that we started a State of Emergency.

HOST:  Is the end result of that Martial Law?

HUDES:  Yes!  We are under Martial Law.

HOST:  Just by having that State of Emergency?

HUDES:  That is what it is designed to do.  Yes, to put us under Martial Law.

HOST:  That means we are located in one of the ten FEMA Regions.  I know that “F” stands for Federal, and that is never good.

HUDES:  Federal Emergency Management Act.

HOST:  It is even more martial that it is.  If something broke out in FEMA Region 2, then the military would be at the President’s disposal to create what…let’s call…Lasting Peace?  Does the military work for us or for them?

HUDES:  Well, I can tell you actually what’s been going on with the military, because when former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was still Senator of Nebraska, I was talking to him about a very powerful analytic tool called a Power Transition Model.  It was developed in the Department of Defense by Yasek Kugler, who is a political scientist.  He holds the Chair of the Political Science Department at Claremont University in California.

(16.21 minutes)

What this model does is predicts how coalitions will form.  It is 90-95 percent accurate.  They have been looking at it over 300-400 models, and maybe more now.  What this predicts is how coalitions will interact with each other by using Game Theory modeling.

What the Power Transition Model predicted was that there would be a coalition for the Rule of Law that would counteract the corruption of these banks.  I spoke to Senator Hagel about this model back in 2008.  When he became Secretary of Defense, I kept writing to him about it, because it predicted that the United States was going to lose its allies.  That is what has actually happened.

That is why Germany is joining the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).    This model predicted that if the United States did not start acting like a country, defending its own interests, and if it did not end the State Capture of the Banking institutions, then we were going to be isolated.  That is what the risk is.  We have been forming a coalition to fight those Bankers.  That coalition now exists.  That coalition has placed the Federal Reserve and the rest of these Private Central banks into RECEIVERSHIP.  It turns out that those Banks owe us more than we owe them for our country’s Debt.

(18:04 minutes)

HOST:  Where does that stand?  Are we going to get what we deserve to get from them, or is this just going to be in the courts and litigated for ever and ever?

HUDES:  It is not going to be in the courts.  Let’s step back a little bit and figure out how it is that these banks owe us more than we owe them.

Underneath all of this paper currency, which is just paper.  The only reason the Federal Reserve Notes are valuable is because we, in the United States, are willing to pay taxes to back up these Federal Reserve Notes.  We recognize them.  When one understands what these things are, we should not be recognizing them.  We should have our own honest constitutional money, because the Federal Reserve Note is unconstitutional.  We were never supposed to have paper currency.  We were supposed to have currencies issued by the Congress, based on precious metals – silver and gold.  Instead, we have paper currency, which in 1971 became detached from the gold.  That was when Nixon did that.

The reason Nixon did that was because we had the war in Vietnam, and there was Debt piling up, and there was not enough gold to compensate people.

CALLER: Explain “bank card”.

(20.35 minutes)

HUDES:      I am talking about the bank’s Signature Card.  They want you to give a specimen signature.  I may be the credit cards, but I don’t know that for a fact.  I am basing this on what George Mercier wrote.

HOST:  There is a lot of discussion about a Global Currency Reset.  You just mentioned that the world is filled with this paper money.  It could be the Yin, Dinar, the Dollar…whatever…and there is always this battle of what is this one worth versus another one.  Let’s talk about the Global Currency Reset…

(22.45 minutes)

HUDES:  Okay, and let’s go back and finish the question about the U.S. military, and where does the military stand.  That is actually the crux of the Global Currency Reset.  That is also why I am very convinced it is not going to be chaotic.  It is going to be very smooth.  It is going to be a wonderful transition, because the military understands that the USA should not surrender unilaterally.  If the Federal Reserve Note is worthless, then how are they going to pay their troops?  If there is nothing backing the Federal Reserve Note, but the thought that the American people are willing to work to pay taxes.  But we understand that our taxes are NOT STAYING IN THE COUNTRY and paying for what we think our taxes ought to go for, but are just simply going to the banks.  The currency is printed by them out of thin air.  It is a digital entry on a computer screen.  They get to keep that money as if it had been issued by them with some value.  They are keeping the difference between what it costs them to print, and the face value of the money.  That is called SIERAGE.

[INSERT]  Money Multiplier – go to wikipedia

(24.34 minutes)

HUDES:  Any President that tried to … have the Treasury issue the currency and not a Private bank, they were murdered.  That is what happened to Lincoln.  That is what happened to John F. Kennedy.  Ten days after Kennedy signed what was called the Green Hilton Agreement, and let’s look at that agreement.  What was that agreement?

There is a Trust Fund that contains the world’s gold monetary reserves.  It is called the Global Debt Facility.  When the World Bank and the IMF were created in 1944, the SECRET REASON for them to be created was so that after fifty years, the gold was put into a Trust fund, a secret Trust fund, and at the end of fifty years the IMF and World Bank were supposed to decide how that was going to benefit Humanity.  That Trust Fund is for the benefit of humanity.

It is administered by the World Bank and the IMF.  I found out about this Global Debt Facility.  I was in the World Bank for twenty years as their lawyer, and I saw that the World Bank was doing crooked things.  I knew that it was my job as the lawyer inside the World Bank to stop that corruption.

I also knew because of this Power Transition Model that if the corruption did not end, then we were going to have a nuclear war in the Middle East.  The likelihood was 90-95 percent.

So when I got my statement about the corruption in the World Bank up on the U.K. Parliament website…I got three statements up…my last statement, along with another Whistleblower Elaine Colvell from Scotland also got her statement up… once that happened, the Power Transition Model predicted that we were going to clean up the corruption.

At the beginning when I started talking about all of this, I thought I was talking about corruption inside the World Bank.  I was not going to start trying to end world corruption as a lawyer by myself.  I would never have started on that.

I did know that as a lawyer inside the World Bank that it was my job.  It was my Duty to end the corruption inside the World Bank.  I also knew from Yasek Kugler that it was something that could be done.  I also knew that if I didn’t do it, that there was going to be a nuclear war in the Middle East.

Actually, that nuclear war nearly happened with Syria.  As you can see, that we have been succeeding in rolling back the Banking Cartel.  So that war did not happen in Syria.  The war didn’t happen in Ukraine.  And, there was a threat of a nuclear bomb being dropped on Charleston.  That was on October 7, 2013.  Now, that is where you see that the U.S. Military is actually loyal to the citizens, and not loyal to the banks.

This past month, we nearly had a nuclear war with Russia.  When Chuck Hagel left as Secretary of Defense, he put in an extra layer of approval for a nuke being utilized by the U.S. military.  A woman (Christine H?) has been arrested for refusing to authorize a nuke dropped on Russia.

(28.16 minutes)

HOST:  Wow.  Do you get the feeling that the development of nuclear weapons is essentially for the Banks to have leverage; always the leverage of fear against citizens?

HUDES:  I will tell you why the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in Japan.  It was because Japan was refusing to tell the bankers where their gold was.  What happened in World War II, was that Hosea Resole had been in charge of this gold for the Vatican.  He took the gold that the Bankers thought was theirs, and he shipped it to Singapore.  He had it melted down and he had it stamped.  He put it in this Trust, the Global Debt Facility for the benefit of humanity.  Then, the Japanese refused to tell the Bankers where they had put this gold that had been restamped.  That is why they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.

HOST:  What was Pearl Harbor then?

HUDES:  Pearl Harbor was to get the United States into the war.  That was a False-Flag.

HOST:  So what we were told, and again this was hogwash.  Essentially the attack was allowed.

(30.16 minutes)

HUDES:  Let’s fast forward now.  Japan does not have its own military to defend itself.  What they have instead is the United States troops on Okinawa.  Those troops are governed by what is called the Joint U.S.-Japan Committee under the Status of Forces Agreement.  I went to Japan last summer.  The Japanese do not want the U.S. to surrender unilaterally, which is what is going to happen if we don’t get rid of the Federal Reserve Note.

This Quantitative Easing that we are told is done to try to strengthen the United States economy, that is actually done so that there will be a unilateral surrender of military might by the United States.

The Federal Reserve Note as you continue printing more and more of it becomes valueless. They are trying to have the United States surrender unilaterally.

I asked General Martin Dempsy who is the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, why we did not accept the gold that the Global Debt Facility has offered to the United States, and use that to mint dollars out of the gold, which would not crash.  Why would he not accept that if his job is to defend the United States?  He refused to answer the question.  I asked him that question twice.

It is because he is not really working in defense of the United States.   He is working as a Knight of Malta to try to unilaterally surrender the United States.  So Chuck Hagel was going to Court Martial Martin Dempsy, and that is why he had to step down as the Secretary of Defense.

(32.12 minutes)

HOST:  So we have all this gold out there which was made for the Benefit of Humanity… and the IMF and World Bank are trying to figure out what to do with it.

HUDES:  We have already figured it out.  We have agreed that this gold is going to each and every country so they can mint their currency.  It is not a “One World Order.”  It is not a single currency for the world.  What it is:  Each and every country will have its own currency, but they will mint it out of the gold.

HOST:  I see.  We never should have gotten away from that in the first place.  When people talk about Nixon, they always talk about Watergate.  The worst thing he did was get us off the gold standard and why he did that?

HUDES:  He did that because there was not enough gold to go around.  We had too many dollars and too little gold.

HOST:  Is this reset going to happen?

HUDES:  Yes.  The likelihood that it happens is 90-95 percent.  What I have done is written to each and every country back in July [2014] and offered them the gold they they needed to mint their currencies.  There was a Spring meeting of the World Bank and IMF on April 17-19 [2015].  Just before that we had something called a Notarial Protest, which is I wrote to the Federal Reserve and also the U.S. Treasury.  I said, “The Gold that you are claiming is in the Monetary Reserves is actually held at the Global Debt Facility.  You are lying.”  I asked them to respond.

They refused to respond a number of times.  I copied the U.S. Post Master General.  I copied the Universal Postal Union Director General of the International Bureau.  After that, I filed Financing Statements against each of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks.  Because what they did in the 1930s is they gathered up gold from the elites, then they issued Certificates issued in denominations of gold.  At the time it was over $200 Trillion (dollars).  That has been accruing interest, and the interest has been compounding.

So now, the Federal Reserve owes over TWO QUADRILLION DOLLARS denominated in gold in these Bonds.

(34.56 minutes)

All of the country Debt is less than that.  We can off-set the Debts – Ireland’s debt, Greece’s debt – and just say that the money that we owe under our debt is off-set against the money that the Federal Reserve Owes, held in the Gold Debt Facility.

I put the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) and the 60 Central Banks into RECEIVERSHIP to the Global Debt Facility during the Spring meetings in April.  That is where they are.  I have been discussing this with the Secretary of State in some of the states where they have raised questions about the U.C.C. statements; the Financing statements that I filed.

In Chicago, where the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank is located, I got a letter saying that they wanted me to Prove that the Global Debt Facility had the Right to file these Financing Statements.  I looked at that law.

The law said that for a Bank that is regulated in the U.S. there is no Requirement to Prove anything.

The World Bank is actually regulated by something that is called “The National Advisory Council On International Monetary and Financial Policies.”  That is chaired by the Secretary of the Treasury.  It has the Chairman of the Federal Reserve on it.     It has the Secretary of State.  It has the Chairman of the FEC on it.

Anyway, I said that I was Exempt.  I also showed where the Fed had been trying to buy up the quadrillions in Bonds that they owe.  They actually tried to buy those back at a DISCOUNT.

I cleared that letter with the Board of Governors, and that is over 180 Ministers of Finance and Ministers of Development that are in charge of running the World Bank and IMF.  I cleared that letter with them.

HOST:  So essentially what you are saying is that the Global Reset that you are talking about is the minting of gold to these countries that was kept aside for the good of humanity….There are people out there that talk about all of the world’s FIAT CURRENCIES would be revalued.  And, there are a lot of people out there that have invested in these fiat currencies.  What would you say to those people?

HUDES:  The first thing they would have to do is look at what the BRICS are saying.  These countries have 25 percent of World Trade among themselves.  They are refusing to use Federal Reserve Notes in that trade.  There are also 133 countries called the “G-77.”   They are also stating that they are not going to us the Dollar or the Federal Reserve as currency.   So the Dollar, which is the Federal Reserve Note, has lost its status as an International Reserve Currency.

This means there is a TOTAL GLUT OF FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.  Nobody wants these anymore.  So how are you going to have a Federal Reserve Note as part of a basket of World’s currencies, the STR, which is what the IMF is saying is going to happen with the Global Reset.  People aren’t agreeing to that.  You cannot have a reset when there is no agreement.

HOST:  So this is not something that is going to happen overnight?  So we are months away, years away, or you don’t know…?

HUDES:  I actually think this is going to happen very soon.  I will tell you why I think that.  It is because, and as I said the United States is under STATE CAPTURE, and we have this interregnum.  So, when I wrote to all the Secretaries and Ministers of Finance, I did not write to Jack Lew, because he is not serving the interest of the United States.  He is serving the interests of this group: The Network of Global Corporate Control, which consists of all these companies rolled into one.

What I did say is that the United States interests are now being served, first of all by the County Executives of America that ACCEPTED THE GOLD.  Why wouldn’t we accept our gold?  Of course, we would accept our gold!  That is what the County Executives of America did.

[INSERT] ·  Jack Lew – CNBC

www.cnbc.com/id/10000444   Cached

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew talks to CNBC’s Sara Eisen about the US economy and how there can be stronger growth around the world.

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Jack Lew engages in fearmongering and scare tactics over …


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(40.11 minutes)

So I went just last week to the Mint Council, to the President of the Mint Council, who is Rhonda Set, who is a member of the American Federation of Government Employees.  I said the Mint should accept this gold and mint the dollars, and then we should just exchange the Federal Reserve Notes for those dollars.  And if the AFGE is not accountable, and somehow thinks that it is supposed to serve this Network of Global Corporate Control, well we will just go to a different Mint.   There is nobody that is going to force us to use the U.S. Mint if they are not going to accept our gold that we are entitled to.

HOST:  You know, it is amazing and sometimes it is a matter of semantics.  The Federal Reserve Note is one thing, and the Dollar was a Spanish word.  It was a denomination of Silver.

HUDES:  That is right.

HOST:  We have been totally duped.  You think that you have a dollar bill.  You will wish you had a dollar bill, because it would be worth something.  It would be backed by something.  This Federal Reserve Note is just a piece of paper with the number “5” on it (for example).  If it is not backed by silver, gold, or oil, then it might as well be backed by Gaiter Aid.  It has to get to a point where something has to stop.

HUDES:  Many people are confused about what they should do right now as we speak.  The quarters are not issued by the Federal Reserve.  Buy quarters.  They are worth something.  They will stay valuable.

There is something else that people can do.  Austria has issued gold now, and the gold is a gold bar that can be broken down very easily –  It is meant for that – To 25 pieces of 5 grams each – roughly 8 dollars. You can buy that is going to serve as your currency until we get this sorted out.

I am optimistic that we will get it sorted out very readily.  I have been in touch with any number of countries that know there is a Coalition for the Rule of Law.  And they know the people of the United States are not completely duped by this Network of Global Corporate Control that has the mainstream media.

(42.45 minutes)

There was something that I wanted to show everybody.  It is actually kind of fun…

HOST:  Let me hold it up and go Camera One here…

HUDES:  (Pointing to the picture)  What you have is one leg (blue) that is Democrats, and on the other leg (red) it says Republican.  Underneath the boot on the blue leg is an American voter saying, “Ouch, next time I will vote Republican.”  Under the red leg boot is a Republican saying, “Ugh, next time I will vote Democrat.”  At the top, from the waist up, is a pyramid entitled:  GLOBAL ELITE BANKER using a megaphone called, “The Main Stream Media.”

The cartoon is called:  THE MARCH OF TYRANNY.

Enough American citizens know that the News that they are getting is just propaganda from the Bankers.  The bankers bought up all of the papers.  How many people know about all of these things that I am talking about?  It is people who are lucky enough to see your show, Chris!  Or they look at what is going on in the Internet.  The internet is very, very powerful now.  A lot of people now know that there is going to be a Global Reset of Currency.  That the World’s Gold, and it is not just gold, it is Precious Metals, it is Artwork, is in this Trust that is intended for human beings.  For all of us.

CALLER:   I am retired.  Talk about the local level.  How is this going to affect me when I go to bed or get up in the morning?

(45.27 minutes)

HOST:  Here it is, in short, and then you can pay more attention to Karen.  Anytime you hear the word – GOLD – it has been the currency of the Elite forever.  The only way you can leverage your resources is to have gold or silver, because if this gold that was left for Humanity is given to the countries, then a currency backed by Gold is going to be the ticket.  So any gold or silver that you hold, is going to help you in the resource area.

HUDES:  The very first thing is that I don’t want to frighten people, but we are at a fork in the road.  One fork is Peace and Prosperity.  The other fork is a currency war.  As you know, currency wars lead to real wars.    We are talking about the difference between World War Three and Prosperity.  Right off the bat, when you pay your taxes, for most citizens that is three months [of work] out of the year.  They are working three months out of the year for Bankers for no good reason.  The Bankers are not entitled to print money out of thin air, and then buy our politicians.

How things are going to be different?  It is going to be the most incredible blossoming.  I have been talking about gold currency, but there is actually a different currency, which is much, much more important.  That is Local Currency.  We now have Laws that say:  “Legal Tender is only the Federal Reserve Note.”  There is no other legal tender.  But if you get rid of that law, which should never be there, then you can have local communities issuing their own currency.  You would have goods and services in the local area with the merchants.  It is like a local Barter System, but better.  You could have full employment overnight and all over the place.

CALLER:  So in my assets, I should have gold and silver?

HUDES:  I am not an investment adviser.  What I do say to people about gold and silver when you get it, it is not so much as investment as “insurance.”

HOST:  Before the hour runs out, we have to talk about “Certificate of Title” and actual “Title”.  So I have a car, paid off a mortgage, and someone gives me the Title to the house, but that is a “certificate of title,” and not the actual Title.  What is the difference?

HUDES:  It is the Warranty of Title.  In the 1930s, when the United States was put under bankruptcy, the states all got together and agreed that they were going to keep the Certificates of Title for the Bankers and they were going to keep the actual Title for the Bankers.  They were going to give BOGUS TITLES to the citizens.   When you have paid off your mortgage, and get your Certificate, that is not the real Title to your house.

HOST:  So they have held the actual Title as collateral?

HUDES:  That is right, for the Bankers.  You know a lot of this information people will say it sounds outlandish.  How can I take your word for it?  I am actually relying on the research of people who are telling me this, and I can go back and show you.  There was a very detailed research that was done by a man who analyzed this. He called it, “War Powers Act.”  The government of the United States considers its citizens to be “Belligerents.”  That is what has given them the right – they think – to take our Title from us.

HOST:  That means everything.  The 401-K that we think we have, and the house that we think we own, the car that we think we own, is a BIG SHAM.  It is going to remain a sham until we take it back.  Correct?

HUDES:  Yes, and fortunately everybody is all working together to undo this corruption.  It is all corruption.  When I talk about corruption, there is another word for it that was invented by lawyers:  GOBELDYGUCK.

These systems where you have this hidden reality where nothing really is the way it appears, this has been INVENTED BY THE LAWYERS.

I have been talking to the lawyers about this.  I have been talking to the President of the American Bar Association.  I have been putting comments up.  They take the comments down.  I put them on Twitter, and people can see the Proof of everything that I am saying.

They are going to have to be accountable to the American Public who are not going to accept these lies.

HOST:  What is our Recourse?  Are we supposed to have access to our government? You know we all live in 50 states.  It was meant to be fifty countries as far as freedoms goes.  Who do we Petition?  Who should we really be mad at?  Who can we call?  Our mayor is not going to do it for us.  The Congress and the Senators are in the back pocket of these people.  The Governor would be the same, no?

HUDES:  What I am recommending people to do is form their own independent Networks.  Kind of like a Book Club.  Get together regularly.  Don’t just sit and open the newspapers while believing you are going to be reading what is actually happening.  Those media outlets are owned by the Bankers.  You are being fed propaganda, and much of it is probably lies or manipulating you into being frightened.

People should not be frightened.  What is happening is that people are now realizing what the actual State of Affairs are.  Maybe it is not pleasant news, but it is better to know what is really going on than to be completely duped.  So if you have these groups, you can work together and keep up to date with what is actually going on.

What is actually going on is that we do have this gold at our disposal.  We are going to be Minting this currency out of it.  We are going to be exchanging the Federal Reserve Note, which is worthless for this valuable golden currency.  The chances that we do this are 90-95 percent.

HOST:  There are a lot of folks out there who have been investing in foreign currency, like the Dinar.  The situation in Vietnam, what is it?  The Dong?  What are the dangers of that kind of activity?

HUDES:  The group that is deciding how this Reset is going to be occurring, that is the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF.  We are not likely to have valuable gold currency given to speculators who are trying to make a fast buck.  Most of these people have bought the Dinars and Dongs for pennies as speculation thinking that they are going to get rich quick.

I would go back to the people who have sold these things to you, and I would demand my money back.  The likelihood that you are going to get rich quick with this speculation is very, very unlikely.

HOST:  Has this ever happened in history?  Where people have bought currency for speculation and they have become rich?

HUDES:  What we are doing right now has NEVER HAPPENED IN HISTORY.  It is a magnificent endeavor.  The likelihood that we pull it off is like I said:  90-95 percent.

The reason that I am so optimistic is that every day when I open my emails, I see how many people are working on this and how we are all contributing.  It is Teamwork the likes of which you have never contemplated.  It is so exciting.  I think we are going to manage to do this, but it is not going to be done in a way that individuals will be getting rich quick.  We are going this for generations to come.  We are cleaning up this corruption that we have all been suffering from through our history.

HOST:  So essentially, from the time we became a country, the Parasites were already here?

HUDES:  Oh, Chris, this goes back to the Sumerians [20,000 B.C.].

HOST:  Right, so this is nothing new.  They get their tentacles in you, and they make real wealth almost impossible to acquire.  People like yourself, put your “football helmet on”, and you go into the middle of the lions, and you start creating rachises which get people to talk.  Think about the video you and I did in January – 22,000 people have seen that particular interview… In the next 30 seconds, do you feel that is unbelievable?  Do you feel your responsibility?

HUDES:  We are in the Age of the Internet.  We are all responsible.

HOST:  So you don’t feel an extra responsibility?  An extra burden?  I know that you are in an area where you be a “target”.  Does that effect you in any way, shape, or form?

HUDES:  Oh, I have been targeted every which way, and it just helps me know how to duck better.



Lawyers can confuse just about anyone, so keep that in mind! Karen seems to be mixing provable truth with beguiling speculation as far as I am concerned, and that has always been the banksters action plan. I am satisfied that America has never been a free Republic because the people (citizens) have always been too lazy and self concerned to compare what happens to what is promised. They beguiled us through inspiring documents that never had the authority to enforce what was promised, and ditto with the employees who claimed to be representatives. Karen seems to be providing false hope to slow down, and put back to sleep, the awaking victims. The bansters will never give up until they have been burned alive and their ashes mixed with the excrement of their employees.

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