The Transportation Stop Action Script.

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“Transportation Stop” Action Script.


If necessary, print this out and keep it in your car for easy reference, but it will more effective if you practice it and memorize it like you would for a part in a play. The more you practice the material the more easily it will

come to mind when needed and the more effectively you can assert your rights and protect them.

NEVER FORGET!! ALWAYS carry one or more audio/video recording devices with you into the public world. NEVER go out without them. Try to make sure that they are always charged or have good batteries as necessary. The moment you suspect that you are going to have an encounter with some public servant/official, then, TURN THEM ON AND START RECORDING!! Having a pen and notepad of some kind readily available for taking notes is also recommended. Write down any names and badge numbers you receive and use them accordingly. It is also recommended that if you have a cell phone in addition to other recording devices, then, you

ALSO call someone that can act as an audible witness to what is said during the encounter and possibly also record the conversation from their end as well. No matter what the officer says, DO NOT hang up the phone. If

necessary, LIE about who you have on the phone!! Tell the officer that it is your legal counsel on the line and you will not comply with any of his/her demands without proper legal advice from your counsel.

There is no law against being on the phone during such an encounter, nor is there any legal basis for an officer to threaten you or demand that you disconnect your call during the encounter. The idiotic claim that such a demand is related to “officer safety” is not a plausible basis for such demand.

What you say and do during a “transportation” stop can mean the difference between simply getting a citation (or not) and being released to continue on your way, or, being hauled off (illegally) to jail. These

questions and actions are specifically designed to protect both your physical being and your fundamentally protected rights. If you fail to follow these recommended procedures then you should not be surprised when

things do not go the way you want them to. Ignore these procedures at your own peril.

YOU must control the information exchange and your own emotional state. Do not allow yourself to become flustered, frustrated, afraid, or angry. Maintain your composure and speak in a calm and collected voice and

manner at all times. You want the video evidence to show that if anyone lost self-control during the encounter it was the officer(s) and not you. It is also important that you ask anyone else that may be with you to remain silent and to say and do nothing except as described herein. If they are unfamiliar with these concepts and procedures then it would be a good idea for you to either educate them on these concepts and procedures or simply don’t have them with you. Someone else can get you into just as many problems as you can yourself if they say or do things other than as described herein.

While I am aware that there is the ability to say less just as effectively, I believe that we should be working toward ending these abuses and behavior by our public servants by making a record that would allow us to take action against those of them that refuse to honor and obey our rights, their oath of office, and the limits of their power and authority. This script is intended to assist you in making a viable record that can be used in a lawsuit against these public servants in state and federal court. If you can get THEM talking about the violations they are perpetrating and their knowing and willful intent to commit those violations, then, a jury is much more likely to find in your favor when the officer(s) stand condemned from their own mouths and recordings.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Do remember that an officer is REQUIRED to read you your rights before questioning or searching you if they have placed you in a custodial arrest. In Texas you ARE ALWAYS in a custodial arrest when stopped for an alleged “traffic offense” (see Secs. 543.001-.009, Texas Transp. Code). The reading of your rights is a mandatory requirement that works in your favor unless/until you behave stupidly by talking voluntarily (see Art. 38.22, Texas Code of Crim. Proc.). Be aware, however, they almost NEVER do this, meaning that anything incriminating that you may say or that they may find can be suppressed as an involuntary or coerced statement or illegal warrantless search and seizure. You should also be aware that the officer(s) is/are trained to lie about you being in a custodial arrest and will most likely say instead that you are in an “investigative detention.” If you are in Texas (and most other “states”), then understand that this is a TOTAL LIE! You almost always ARE in a full-blown custodial arrest (see Legal Equation illustration below).

Don’t EVER answer an officer’s questions. You have the right to remain “silent,” so USE IT!

However, being “silent” DOES NOT mean to suddenly become a DEAF MUTE! It simply means that you are NOT to provide ANY information or documents in response to the officer’s demands or questions.

Invoke your fundamentally protected right to remain “silent” and to assistance of counsel, and then simply refuse to waive them, which you will do if you comply with the officer’s demands. The foremost thing to remember in these situations is to NOT engage the officer(s) in idle conversation, dialog, or chitchat.

It is important that the ONLY things you say to the officer(s) are specifically directed at the preservation and protection of your fundamentally protected rights, and nothing else. This is known as my self-imposed rule of “invoke, demand, protect.” Once you have invoked these rights NEVER waive or abandon them by ignoring these recommended procedures. Questions like “Where are you coming from?”, “Where are you going?”, “Who are you meeting?” have NOTHING to do with a “transportation

stop.” They are used simply to get additional information that may allow the officer to continue his witch hunt and escalate the severity of the charge(s) he might make against you. Also, NEVER answer questions

like “Do you know why I pulled you over?” or “Are you aware that you …?” Stop helping him screw you over! don’t answer these questions!! Remember the cardinal rule about talking freely, SHUT UP, KEEP SHUTTING UP, and when you have done that, SHUT UP SOME MORE!!

Whatever you say CAN and WILL be used against you in a court of law, so SHUT UP unless you are doing or saying something specified in this script!

Do rember to roll up ALL of your windows and to lock your doors whenever you get pulled over, and don’t ever open them or get out. That being said, MY personal habit, on warm and sunny days, has always been to carefully but quickly exit the car (keeping my hands in plain view) BEFORE the officer

can prevent me from doing so, while simultaneously locking my doors, throwing the keys into the front seat, and closing the door. Doing this removes the possibility of you having access to any form of weapon

that may be inside the car and could be used to injure the officer(s). In this way the officer no longer has the legal ability or excuse to conduct a warrantless search of your car, even if they tow it. Remember to

keep a spare door key in your wallet, pocket, or purse if you do this. However, if it is freezing cold and/or pouring down rain, remain in your car and let the officer stand outside for as long as he likes in order to

conduct his unlawful and illegal witch hunt while you take your time in following this script.

Don’t EVER roll down more than one (1) window at a time if you remain in your car during the stop, no matter what the officer(s) tell you to do. This eliminates the possibility of an officer fabricating an opportunity to escalate the stop by saying that the resulting cross-breeze allowed him/her to smell

something. If you must open a different window then be certain that you have closed all other windows before doing so.

Don’t EVER roll down your one open window more than two and a-half (2.5) inches, no matter what the officer(s) tell you to do, and for the same reasons as stated above. Just say “I can hear you fine officer and I am most comfortable with the window at its current level, thank you.”

Don’t EVER provide an officer with any documents or other information that they demand. The legal ramifications to your fundamentally protected rights are devastating.

Don’t EVER give your consent to an officer to search your car for any reason. You are just asking to have incriminating evidence planted or discovered that could be used to criminally charge you, and it

won’t matter if you knew it was there or not, YOU CONSENTED TO THE WARRANLTESS SEARCH!!

DON’T BE AN IDIOT!! Don’t let them threaten or coerce you into waiving this right because it also attaches to the waiver of other important fundamental rights that are essential to your legal wellbeing.

Even if they threaten to have a canine unit report to the scene you must not waive this right. Tell the  officer “I do not consent to being detained by you for any additional time or other purposes. Am I free to go or are you going to continue to illegally falsely imprison me beyond the time needed to conclude this stop?”


Officers will almost always insist that you are NOT under custodial arrest, but rather are simply being “detained” or are part of an “investigative detention.” This is a blatant lie most of the time. No officer has the authority to simply walk up and demand that you answer questions, produce ID, or provide them with your private information, verbally or otherwise. Be aware, however, that when you won’t submit and give them your information, their favorite tactic is to threaten to charge you with “Failure to Identify.” However, in Texas law (Sec. 38.02, Penal Code) you can be charged with “Failure to Identify”

ONLY if you have ALREADY been lawfully arrested for some other offense, or, you are being lawfully detained for questioning in a criminal investigation, and then ONLY under the following conditions and

circumstances; in either case you are required to give ONLY your name, address, and DOB, nothing more; in the case of already being lawfully arrested for some other offense, you cannot refuse to provide

these three things; in the case of being lawfully detained, you cannot provide false responses for these three things, but you CAN refuse to provide them at all. You can provide this information verbally (Texas). There is no law in Texas that requires that it be presented on some form of physical ID or document, nor could there be (anywhere USA) because there is not and cannot be a valid law that requires and compels a private individual to obtain and carry a state or federally issued form of ID.


It is of the utmost importance that you understand the true nature and purpose of a “transportation” stop.

The goal of every enforcement officer nationwide is to create a situation that culminates in one of two scenarios, (1) a DUI bust, or (2) a drug bust. This is ALWAYS the goal. It is NEVER about “public safety.” It is always about

maximizing the potential charges against an individual and the revenue that a conviction on those charges generates.


Also, DO NOT attempt to “educate” the officer(s) about what they can and cannot do or the law associated with “transportation” or the Code of Criminal Procedure. Register your verbal objection to their actions for the

record by following the procedures below. Napoleon had it right when he said “Never interrupt your enemy while he is busy making mistakes.” Learn from this wisdom or you WILL make your own “fatal mistakes.”

Once you know the officer(s) name(s) and badge number(s) use them both together as often as practicable as shown in these procedures. Make him/them aware that they are being directly associated with any unlawful and illegal acts or violations of your fundamentally protected rights in which they might otherwise engage during this encounter. While it is not fatal to the situation if you fail to do so, it is relatively important that you try to do things in the order and verbiage presented below.

REMINDER: It is important that the only things you say to the officer(s) are specifically directed at the reservation and protection of your fundamentally protected rights and nothing else. Once you have invoked

your rights NEVER waive or abandon them by ignoring the recommended procedures listed above and below.

Simply repeat the verbiage in items 1 & 2 as necessary for each new officer you speak with.

NOTE: Sub-items 2(a)-(c) are optional, but are also potentially useful during the discovery process if the claim is made later that the officer’s equipment was “malfunctioning” during the encounter. Bear in mind that these questions and statements by you are VERY important to the record you are trying to build, try to remember this and use them accordingly.

(1) For the record, may I get your name and badge number please?

(2) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, is there a recording being made of this encounter?

  1. Is that recording comprised of both audio and video?
  2. Are you relatively certain that your recording equipment is functioning properly for the purposes of making this recording?
  3. Is your body microphone and camera, if any, turned on and functioning properly to the best of your knowledge?

(3) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, what is the emergency and how can I help?

(4) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, what facts or information are you alleging gave you probable cause to stop and accost me?

(5) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, do you have a properly signed and issued warrant authorizing you to search me or my property?

  1. (IF YES) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, do you currently have that alleged warrant in your possession, if so I would like to see it please?

(6) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, do you have a properly signed and issued warrant of

arrest that accurately describes or names me as the person to be arrested?

  1. (IF YES) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, do you currently have that alleged warrant in your possession, if so I would like to see it please?

(7) For the record, I am not “operating” in a “for hire” capacity by engaging in any form of “transportation” or other commercial use of the highways. Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, please acknowledge that you have been so informed.

(8) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, am I under custodial arrest?

(9) If I am not under custodial arrest then am I free to go?

(10) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, what is the articulable probable cause that leads you to believe that I have committed or am about to commit a crime that authorizes you to stop and detain or arrest me?

(11) For the record Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, in order to protect my rights and not waive any by error or accident, I wish to clarify my legal understanding of the situation:

  1. You said that I am not free to go, so I must conclude that I am in a custodial arrest and not simply an investigative detention.
  2. Therefore, I am invoking all of my fundamentally protected rights, including my right to remain silent and my right to assistance of counsel.
  3. From this point forward I do not consent to providing you with any information or documents that could or will be used against me in a court of law or to possibly incriminate me, so please do not ask me to produce anything and give it to you.
  4. From this point forward please do not ask me to answer any questions or to perform any form of test relating to any matter whatsoever without my attorney present.
  5. Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, do you intend to harm, injure, or punish me by any method of assault, arrest and/or incarceration because I have invoked these fundamentally protected rights?

Understand this, when you refuse to produce the demanded documents or to answer any questions, the officer is going to begin to get upset and continuously state that “… the law REQUIRES that you produce a

driver’s license and other information on demand of a law enforcement officer.” They are also prone to falsely accusing you of obstructing or interfering with a public duty/officer or just outright threatening to

commit acts of violence against you and/or your property. DON’T FALL FOR THIS, IT IS A SCARE TACTIC! Invoking and refusing to waive your fundamental rights is not and cannot be converted into a crime.

And if they DO arrest and charge you falsely for interfering/obstructing then you get to sue the crap out of them. Just remember, when the officer(s) continue to demand that you produce a license, registration, proof of financial responsibility, or any other information or document(s), despite their threats, repeat the following ad nauseum:

(12) For the record Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, no law is valid if it requires me in any way to waive any fundamentally protected right in order to exercise any other right or alleged privilege. And no law can convert the free exercise of any right into a crime. I have repeatedly

informed you that I choose not to waive any of my fundamentally protected rights.

(13) So, I ask you again Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, do you intend to harm, injure, steal my property, or otherwise punish me for invoking my fundamentally protected rights?

WARNING: Be prepared for the officer to do or threaten precisely that, and they usually start by threatening you with all manner of unpleasantries, including falsified criminal charges. You only need to use sub-item “a” once on the first officer that threatens you. When s/he/they begin(s) to do so,

state the following:

  1. Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, due to your attitude, demeanor, and your continuous threats to falsify charges and commit acts of violence against me and my property while displaying a deadly weapon, I feel physically threatened and in fear for my life. I demand that you cease and desist and request the immediate presence of a supervisor. I do not consent to any of your actions, the use of force against me or my property, or to being forced to exit my car for any purpose, especially so that you may attempt to steal my property and/or assault, injure or kill me.

(14) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, you are fully aware that I have already invoked my fundamentally protected right to remain silent and my right to assistance of counsel. Do you intend to continue in your unlawful efforts to violate my rights?

  1. It is my belief that the information you are demanding may possibly be used against me in a court

of law or in an attempt to incriminate me.

  1. And if that is so, then, upon the advice of legal counsel I must respectfully decline to provide you with any information or evidence that possibly can or would be used against me for those purposes.

(15) Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, I am asking you again, do you intend to continue to deny me in my rights and to falsely imprison me or am I free to go?

WARNING: Be certain to keep your face as far away from the window opening as possible while sitting normally. Never exhale or speak directly into the opening or toward the officer(s) face(s). Doing so will almost certainly result in the following scenario. Read the Do’s and Don’ts to better

understand why.

If the officer makes any statement making a direct accusation against you or directed toward escalating the stop to the status of a DUI or drug bust situation, and they almost certainly will, you MUST be prepared to

rebut it INSTANTLY. If any officer makes ANY statement resembling either of the following, BEWARE and immediately respond accordingly!!

OFFICER: “Sir/Ma’am, I smell alcohol/marijuana and I am going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle.”; or “Sir/Ma’am, are you aware that you ( allegedly did something ) and I am going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle.” (Be sure that s/he IS lying in this case.)

16) YOU: Officer _____________ Badge/ID # ________, your statement is patently false and an outright lie. Are you now trying to fabricate probable cause by making false statements into the record and false allegations against me?

  1. Even if they threaten to have a canine unit report to the scene or to break out your windows you must not waive your fundamentally protected rights out of fear. Tell the officer I do not consent to being detained for any additional time or other purposes. Am I free to go or are you going to

continue to illegally terrorize, threaten and falsely imprison me beyond the time needed to conclude this alleged “transportation stop?

Repeat steps 12 – 16a as required for each new or continued demand or threat imposed by the officer(s).

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Currently under construction, Tao of Law aspires to be the most technologically-advanced, cutting-edge, web-based patriot community and patriot educational, unifying, organizational and mobilizing tool in existence.

Why “Tao” of Law? “Tao” is a Chinese word loosely meaning “way” or “path.” Most accurately, Tao is not a name for a thing; rather, it is the underlying natural order and principles of the universe. Thus, Tao of Law’s goal is to teach not only true law, but also the underlying and guiding principles of law that the modern court system, judges, police officers, politicians, legislators – and even We the People – seem to have long forgotten.

Tao of Law is being built in two phases. All of the features, functions and tools that will be available when Tao of Law is initially launched are outlined below in Phase-I. Even more (and more revolutionary) features, functions and tools are planned for addition under Phase-II (see below), based on popularity, usage and financial support of the Phase-I features, functions and tools.

Meanwhile, some free resources are currently available here: Eddie Craig’s  Traffic Stop Practice Script , which will help you establish and maintain your rights during traffic stops and other encounters with police, and his Cross-Examination Practice Script , which will guide you through cross-examination in court. You can also grab a copy of Eddie’s  materials discussed on the April 4, 2013 Alex Jones Nightly News (382KB zip file).   If you have received a red-light camera ticket, have a look at the Red Light Camera Special Appearance Lettertemplate.

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Real-Time Audio-Visual Conferencing Center

Our Real-Time Audio-Visual Conferencing Center will enable our members to communicate in real time via audio and video, give presentations and slide-shows, participate in whiteboard sharing, share their desktops and more. Conferences can be recorded for playback at a later time and for sharing with others who may have missed that important conference. Members can create conferences open to all who wish to join or private conferences only for a specific list of members. These conferences can be created on the fly or scheduled for a future time. Conference invitations and automated reminders can be sent via e-mail, and members will be additionally informed of any accessible scheduled conferences via our Event Calendar. Our members can conduct or participate in discussions of court cases, practice/role-playing sessions and more!

Online Classes, Seminars and Consultation

Despite the growing popularity of the Tao of Law classes and seminars, many individuals have expressed a desire to attend along with an inability to do so based on scheduling conflicts, travel distances and other reasons. The Tao of Law website aims to rectify this by making classes, seminars, private consultations and more available via our Real-Time Audio-Visual Conferencing Center:

  • No longer will our students or prospective students be prevented from attendance due to distance as they will be able to participate right from their computers.
  • Any potential scheduling conflicts will be solved as well because our classes and seminars will be automatically recorded and made available for students to review at their convenience.
  • Class/seminar materials, updates and extras will be made available to our students for direct download the moment they are published.
  • Invitations and automated e-mail reminders for classes/seminars will be sent to each student, and upcoming classes/seminars will appear on our Event Calendar.

Never again will our students be forced to miss a class, seminar, update or extra based on travel distances or scheduling conflicts (or forgetfulness)!

Court-Watch Groups

Members will be able to create, invite, manage, and participate in localized groups encompassing specific cities or areas of cities in order to obtain and give support to and act as witnesses for fellow group members who are attending court.

For example, if you have an upcoming hearing in, say, an Austin, Texas court and are a member of the Austin Court-Watch group, you will be able to post your hearing date and time, the location of the court, case number, case type, and other pertinent information, to the group. When you do so, the other members of the group will be automatically notified of your hearing and its details via automatic e-mail invitations and reminders, and the information you post will be automatically added to the group’s Event Calendar. Members who receive invitations to your hearing or who see your hearing on the Event Calendar will be able to indicate whether or not they plan to attend your hearing with you, and you will be notified of any such planned attendees.

What does all of this mean? It means the end of “going it alone” in court!

Custom Groups

Members will be able to create, invite, manage, and participate in customizable groups to organize virtually any type of event or gathering, and can encompass any geographical area from a single location, to neighborhoods, to the entire nation. These groups can be open to the public or only to a specific list of invited members. As with the Court-Watch groups above, members of a Custom Group will be notified via automatic e-mail invitations and reminders of any events scheduled for that group, with such events also appearing in the group’s Event Calendar, and members of that group will be able to indicate whether or not they plan to attend the event.

Interactive, Personalized Event Calendar

Our Event Calendar will display and keep members informed of any type of event posted around Tao of Law. Members will be able to click on any event shown and be taken directly to that event and given all information pertinent to that event. Members who created/on a particular event will be able to reschedule, remove or edit the details of the event. The events displayed on the Event Calendar will include:

  • classes, seminars, consultations and public and private conferences scheduled by members for our Real-Time Audio-Visual Conferencing Center;
  • court appearances and hearings posted to a Court-Watch group;
  • meetings, gatherings and other events posted to a Custom-group; and
  • special events scheduled by Tao of Law instructors and administrators.

Rule of Law Radio Show Archive Access

Tao of Law will provide members with direct, instant access to archives of past Rule of Law Radio broadcasts.

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Tyranny Alert

Our Tyranny Alert system will enable members being accosted by rogue public servants to send, right from their cell phones, distress calls, audio and video streams and GPS coordinates to other members’ cell phones, and to receive from those other members a list of who is responding to the scene and estimated time of arrival for each en route respondent.

Members who receive distress calls will be able to, right from their cell phones, indicate whether or not they are responding to the scene, monitor the audio /video stream of their fellow member in distress, view the location of the distressed member on a map and get turn-by-turn directions to the exact location of the distressed member.

Chat Room

Our public text-based chat room will allow members to gather together to discuss court cases, important events, Tao of Law classes and seminars – or to just kill some time, relax, socialize and get to know one another.

Tao Community

Tao Community, a sub-site of Tao of Law, will be a social networking site similar to Facebook or MySpace (but without a blitzkrieg of advertising and government tie-ins). Among many other things, the Tao Community will allow members to (within the Terms of Service):

  • create personal profiles and say whatever they like about themselves;
  • create tags to label and follow their interests, and connect with other members sharing similar interests;
  • re-share posts and spread the ideas;
  • give other members honorable mention;
  • show that they appreciate something by “loving” it;
  • share things with specific groups of other members or with the entire Tao Community;
  • connect their profiles with, and cross-post to, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, to stay connected with their friends, even if those friends are not members of the Tao Community;
  • create “bookmarklets” to discover fun and helpful content around the web and share it with whomever; and
  • upload and share photos with whomever they please.

Public Servant Information and Statistics

Tao of Law members will be able to post information about their encounters with police officers, judges and other public servants, and the posted information, along with information submitted our Automated Document Generation Engine and Tyranny Alert system, will be aggregated into searchable reports and statistics on those public servants.

Case Information, Statistics, Analysis and Commentary

Tao of Law members will be able to post their court cases and documents, and create writeups about their cases. Tao of Law instructors and assistants will be able to post analyses and commentary on the cases, and the win/loss ratio of posted cases will be available site-wide.

Tao Library

Our Tao Library will give members a flexible search engine for, and instant access to, resources and information, including:

  • class/seminar materials;
  • legal white papers;
  • law and statutes; and
  • case law.


TaoWIKI aims to be a powerful informational and research base that collects and links to information and documents collected from around the Tao of Law website, including, but not limited to, blogs and posts in the Tao Community, posted case information, documents from the Tao Library and information submitted to our Automated Document Generation Engine.

Automated Document Generation Engine

Our Automated Document Generation Engine will enable members to answer basic form questions and generate documents custom-suited to their needs, including:

  • judicial misconduct complaints;
  • attorney bar grievances;
  • court clerk complaints;
  • court reporter complaints; and
  • state and federal criminal affidavits

Forms and Templates Repository

Our Forms and Templates Repository will be, in essence, a searchable library of legal forms and templates, instantly-accessible and downloadable by our members, for motions, briefs, affidavits, notices and other documents commonly used in any court-related process.

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