The transmitter of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT legislation to Ark. state legislators is identified as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) an instrument of Agenda 21. Senator Files belongs as do most Republican Senate & House members to this freedom-killing organization.

Some excerpts of the goals of Agenda 21/SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

Agenda 21 proposes and is intended to be implemented on EVERY PERSON on earth…it calls for specific changes for ALL PEOPLE.

563 American cities have already implemented Agenda 21…is Fort Smith one of the 563?

  1. LAND…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures & inefficacies of the market.
  2. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS…will have to take a backseat to the COLLECTIVE.
  4. A VIEW OF WHAT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE—single family homes, paved & tarred roads, dams & reservoirs, power line construction, plowing of soil, raising of livestock, etc. etc. etc. (See “Agenda 21 in One Easy Lesson” by Tom DeWeese,4/6/11, News with Views)

Citizens, have you noticed the recent frenzy induced by the Fort Smith city government or was it induced by the state & federal government, pertaining to Bikeways, Walkways, Trails, and the city/county governments’ activities in promoting Parks, a Water Park, Softball Complexes, etc?  Why the sudden interest? Consider, if you will, “Bread & Circuses”, that is keeping the majority of the masses entertained, liken to Pavlov’s dogs, e.g. conditioned responses. In this particular case, entertainment venues compliments of the F.S. city government, but all paid for by gullible taxpaying citizens. The ultimate goal?

A Roman poet, Juvenal, circa AD 100, displayed his contempt for Roman politicians that passed laws in 140 BC to keep the votes of poorer citizens by introducing a “grain dole”: giving out cheap food & entertainment, i.e. “BREAD & CIRCUSES”, and quickly became the most effective way to rise to power. Can you say America today, or in this case, Fort Smith today?

Are these wonderful entertainment venues set in place by politicians and bureaucrats out of the kindred spirit for “public service”, or is there another agenda/motive?

The answer is absolutely yes!  It is called “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”, the god of globalism and its goals.  While citizens enjoy Bread & Circuses they are subjected to more indoctrination & conditioning unbeknownst to them. The result is ordinary citizens coming to rely wholly on government for all things provided by the increasing throngs of so-called “public servants” who claim they are diligently laboring to better the lives of us Ordinaries—do you believe that?

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is the battle cry of the United Nations and U.S. governments, and is vigorously being promoted globally. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’S progenitor is the U.N.’s Agenda 21=CITIZEN CONTROL.

Now you say, our Fort Smith Board of Directors and other hired public servants, e.g. City Manager Ray Gosack, would never be involved in promoting freedom & property-taking programs.  Unfortunately there’s reason to believe some Board members do not comprehend the destructive concepts of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and its far reaching deleterious effects on citizens.  Be aware that City Manager Gosack and his handlers, accompanied by Sebastian County Judge David Hudson, must be aware of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.  They are longtime wards of government, therefore they do not possess the political freedoms or willingness to govern & advocate with & for independent resolutions. Their voices & acts echo only the instructions meted out by their respective government unions who have no regard for middleclass citizen concerns.  OBSERVE!

Have you noticed that all the above listed endeavors, Trails, Parks, etc. have already reached fruition in the quad-cities of NW Arkansas? Do you believe Fort Smith’s efforts are simply a coincidence?

Note the activities of the Frontier Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), an unelected Non-governmental Organization (NGO).  Circa 2014 the moribund Frontier NGO arose from the sands like a Phoenix and now presumes and in actuality is the unelected chief advocate & promoter for Bikeways, Pedestrian Walkways & the Trails and other development projects, so say some elected officials.  Therefore: who are the stakeholders in the Frontier MPO and what is their game? Some would say “public service”, I say, “Go to the back of the class”.

The city of Fort Smith pays dues to an entity called Western Arkansas Development & Planning in the amount of about $26,000 per year. The organization’s function is to take over every facet of citizens’ private lives in F.S. as will be shown as this article continues. The organization has 7 departments, one of which, for example, is RITA (an NGO) and Republican State Representative Matt Pitsch is the CEO, unelected, the authority, funded by whom and how much?

Recent statistics indicate there are at least 22 NGO’s in Fort Smith—all unelected & appointed, exercising immense control & power over our lives.

The Frontier MPO (an NGO) is under the heavy hand of Cultureal Marxist planner Diane Morrison and is funded by the Arkansas state & federal governments.  By how much? City sources say, at this point, Fort Smith does not fund, but Morrison claims that the city will contribute for openers $17 million to the projected Trail System, in addition to continuing state & national funding. Morrison is the CEO of the Frontier MPO and is a salaried position…how much & who appointed Morrison & under what authority? Officials relate that Morrison has sole authority over the Trails Project & other development projects. What are the development projects? Are Morrison & her Frontier MPO presently involved in financial arrangements pertaining to the construction of the projected multi-county Trail System?

Another example of elected officials delegating their responsibilities to unelected persons, accompanied by little or no oversight.

Morrison’s website claims she has expertise in 34  areas dealing with SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, all  having to do with the reshaping & remodeling (removal of private property) of every facet of the city of Fort Smith and is comfortable using the term SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT in her job description; the reason I label her a Cultural Marxist.  Her planning calls for the ultimate demolition of all citizen privacies & rights. It is oxymoronic that Ms. Morrison’s involvement in Cultural Marxist philosophies has to be subsidized by a free enterprise society.

Specific questions have been submitted to some elected officials pertaining to the Frontier MPO and other subjects relating to citizen concerns, e.g. financial contracts made with American Resort Management. At this juncture far more questions arose than were answered—authority, contracts, grants, salaries, etc.. Is it a cover-up or do they simply not know?

FOIA’s have been submitted to City Manager Gosack & County Judge Hudson. The results will be reported.

Under the guise of transparency, city government and the Frontier MPO have previously orchestrated 3-4 “window dressing” meetings to sell the Trail System.  Meetings were sparsely attended and in the main attendees were self-servers, e.g. bicycle shop owners.  Probably less than a combined attendance of 100 individuals in a metroplex of 150,000 or more residents and being directed by an unelected state/federal body…they and the city government have forcibly & brazenly usurped the rights of Fort Smith citizens.

Citizens, do you want 100 or less individuals to dictate the tenor of business for 150,000-? Why don’t the City Manager, Mayor & Board of Directors take responsibility themselves for the 87 mile inter-counties Trail system and subject themselves to questions regarding SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT? Again, statements made by some elected officials would suggest they are oblivious to the ultimate goals of the Trail System being proposed to citizens as eye-candy.

Four more of the so-called public open-houses for Trails discussion are scheduled beginning this month and are to be held in Greenwood, Pocola, Van Buren, and Fort Smith.  Certainly not a local program, nor is it intended to be.

Again, the question must be asked—why all of a sudden the volcanic interest in Trails? Do Ft. Smith politicians, bureaucrats & aspiring Insiders possess an insatiable appetite to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to satisfy the desires of a hundred people or less, or is there another agenda?

Yes! it is one of  Agenda 21’s children, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.  Bread & Circuses you know—keep the majority of the masses preoccupied, fat, entertained and uninformed and they will gleefully walk into the flytrap & won’t know what hit them when the tent of freedom collapses.  Precisely, the physical & mental state of many if not most Americans.

The majority of the masses are ignorant. The word ignorant is not to be interpreted as denigrating or hateful.  It simply means–Absent Facts.

Many Americans, I believe, are aware of corrupt political & bureaucratic shell games, cover-ups, and diversions that impregnate every facet of American governments, but do not understand how to identify.

The implementation of Trail Networks is being pursued globally, instrumented by the United Nations & global governments as Job One and guarantees, in the near term, limitations on the types of transportation allowed, via the gerrymandering of  borders, boundaries, traffic patterns, while controlling and limiting destinations. The reconfiguring of housing models (stack & pack), mass rationing & a takeover of all privately held natural resources, e.g. waterways.  Additionally another right to be forcibly taken is our right to private property. Laws are being passed presently which provide cover for the unconstitutional & the vile act of private property confiscation; witness Arkansas SB 757 introduced by Fort Smith Republican Senator Jake Files.  See below.

Plentiful entertainment venues, incorporated with other so called freebies, make it much easier for governments (police, fire, game wardens, forest rangers, et al) to control and manage populations. Notice: these agencies are all militarized and take their orders from national & international governments and NGO’s, not from you or me.

If you believe government is protecting your God-given & Constitutional rights, you are indeed ignorant (observe the number of laws, regulations, codes, etc. being passed currently by the Arkansas General Assembly—over 2,000). Much of the legislation in this session is being promulgated by outside interests, corporations & “non-profits” (NGO’s), to whit Senator Jake Files’ SB 757 gives the Arkansas state government power to preempt private property, i.e. expand state government’s Eminent Domain capacities, resulting ultimately in the elimination of private property—SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

In one section of SB 757 there are 15 points that lead to NO RECOVERY FOR CONFISCATED PROPERTY.

The Bill is a quagmire of slick political legalese. SB 757 also limits government compensation to private property owners, denying Constitutional rights.

Senator Files is in the quid-pro-quo business, e.g. $2 million state taxpayer dollars to the projected Fort Smith Marshall’s Museum in exchange for an ownership in a huge softball complex, much if not most is to be funded by taxpayers.

SB 757 was funneled to Senator Files & the Republican dominated General Assembly by the freedom-killing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC is the genesis of much legislation offered and passed in state assemblies.

Realtors, contractors, Morrison with her 34 areas of Cultural Marxism; (e.g. multiple planning’s, grants, outreaches & “place making”, consulting, etc.) attorneys, bureaucracies, government expansion, etc. to name a few will make millions with the implementation of Files SB 757 with the help of his RINO buddies.

To bring that statement even closer to home, if you believe City Manager Ray Gosack and Sebastian County Judge Hudson and their enablers are protecting your rights, you are surely comatose. The above two have been wards of government throughout their adult lives and are instructed via their state & national unions every program they are to institute, sustain, and the mechanisms to be employed.

Citizens, we are in the flypaper.  The omnipresent activities of the power-lusting Democrat & Republican parties, if left to their designs, guarantee the flame of liberty will be extinguished, in this case by Republicans.

The City Street & Sewer Sales Tax vote that would in part subsidize the projected SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Fort Smith Trail System will appear on a ballot in May.

Will it pass? Absolutely! Remember—Bread & Circuses & Ignorance. A textbook example of citizens subsidizing their own demise.

The war for the elimination of our freedoms is in full bloom and Sustainable Development is just one of the multitudes of instruments that are being used to control the masses—BREAD & CIRCUSES.  Juvenal understood despotic government 100 AD, so why can’t citizens understand in 2015?

Government is and has always been the reservoir for despots.

Joe McCutchen

P.S.  There are other significant matters, i.e. the $1/2 billion mandate and the accompanying $300,000 fine issued by the EPA, the anticipated 7-8% pay raises for all city employees, unfunded police & fire pensions, forced water fluoridation, the dysfunctional Convention Center, the proposed Marshal’s Museum, subsidizing downtown property owners, the failed Mitsubishi deal, replete with a plethora of “Bread & Circus” projects—all allegedly short or without funding. Where did the 30 year, $600 million street/sewer tax money go that was earmarked to fix crumbling streets and the dysfunctional sewer system?


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