By Ron Edwards

February 13, 2015

What is the greatest danger America faces? The list of dangers faced by our beleaguered republic is long and varied. Amongst the most obvious are the over twenty terrorist training camps strategically ensconced throughout America. The funny thing is that the only reason the terrorist camps pose any danger is that the federal government refuses to go after them and shut them down. I truly wish that federal government officials, would recognize and follow constitutional guidelines to protect our nation from enemies, both foreign and domestic. If they did, perhaps we would not be facing the huge possibility of yet another major terrorist attack within our extremely porous borders.

To put it as plainly as I possibly can, it is without a doubt, that the federal government has gone rogue. Many elected officials in both the Senate and the House are along with president Obama, more loyal to the United Nations and Agenda 21 than the United States and the Constitution. Why else would a sitting president and his Department of Justice leader threaten to take action against the governor of Arizona for seeking to protect the citizenry from murderous illegal immigrants?

On to yet another danger facing our nation. The preponderance of statistical data which reveals the overwhelming number of criminal acts perpetrated by Black Americans against other Black Americans, including murder is staggering. It has been noted that if Black on Black crime in America were reduced to the percentage levels of the general population, the United States would statistically be the fourth safest nation on earth. Whew!! Tragically, the only time certain populations become upset over violent acts is if a thug who picks a fight with a police officer, loses his life. Yet rarely a peep about the thousands of Blacks who are either gunned down or murdered in the womb, year in and year out.

Right now, America is listed at number twelve amongst nations of the world as a nation of economic opportunity, according to a recent Heritage Foundation observation. Just six years ago, she was number six. Not great, but respectable. America’s continued over taxation, (for example the world’s highest corporate tax rate) and over regulation against economic activity and prosperity will not reverse the trend. Another economic burden, Obamacare is designed to be one of the greatest dangers to our economic, personal and medical freedom. If unchecked it will open the door to direct government control over you and I. Potentially, from cradle to grave.

Also, amongst the greatest dangers threatening our republic turned mob rule democracy, is the bull headed determination of President Obama to spend and tax America into oblivion. His proposed record breaking four trillion-plus dollar budget along with desired tax increases could permanently flat line our economy and chances for opportunities. But then again, that is the written goal, among others to bring America down to her knees and under the control of certain international elements.

Have you noticed how in a majority of cases where government intervention occurs, the quality of whatever the government has intruded upon either gradually or quickly deteriorates? Yet the cost goes way up? The medical industry is the most recent major example. Almost everywhere, whether the medical industry, housing, energy production, etc. the danger here is that eventually, if left unchecked, government intervention will kill off the incentive for superior private sector investment and involvement altogether. But of course that is the goal of the progressives. If you think I am exaggerating, just simply ask the increasing number of Americans who can no longer receive needed treatments for numerous chronic ailments. That is all courtesy to the government intervention of Obamacare.

Another great danger to America is government big wigs in the nation’s capital exhibiting more loyalty to enemy nations and groups than trusted allies like Israel, the United Kingdom, Chad and Kurdistan among others. It has been obvious that President Obama is willing to work out a deal with Iran, that could enable that nation to quickly secure atomic weapons. This is despite the fact that the Iranians have numerous times expressed their goal of firing nuclear warheads, at both Israel and the United States. Another clear and present danger indeed.

So far, fifteen and counting Democrat party lawmakers have stated they will not attend the March third joint session of Congress, where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is slated to speak. So much, for those all inclusive tolerant liberal progressives. The before mentioned dangers to America are formidable indeed. But none of them rate as the greatest danger to our beloved republic. That distinction belongs to our nation’s three pronged road to destruction. Number one has to be the government school system.

For generations, government school educators have been indoctrinating students against everything that is good. They have been so masterful, so now for the first time ever, graduating students prefer communism over the blessings of free market economics. Next on the trilogy of danger to America is the government’s refusal to secure our borders so that illegal immigrants can be used as a voter base for the democrat party. Or even worse, the Muslim terrorists they are letting in can blow something up. Last but not least, is the very dangerous societal turning away from God, who was recognized by the Founding Fathers as the source of our national blessings and strength. If this unwise trend is not soon reversed, America could end up as Ronald Reagan predicted decades ago as simply, one nation under.

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While Mr. Edwards does an admirable job of describing the METHOD being used to destroy America, he misses the real reason its working and why voting won’t change anything. NOT UNTIL enough Americans do the research and determine that WE DO NOT have a sovereign constitutional government, but WE ARE surreptitiously owned by a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION, AND OUR SO CALLED ELECTED REPRESENATIVES ARE EMPLOY’S UNDER STRICK CONTROL BY THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTEL, will we ever have the courage from rage to fight back. OUR REAL PROBLEM IS FROM HAVING SO MANY LAZY, STUPID, BRAIN WASHED CITIZENS, CONTENT WITH BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO, SAY, AND THINK.


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