By Dr. Laurie Roth

June 13, 2014

America and her future are at a critical crossroads in history. Will we lead, achieve and serve or be pressed into the ash heap of fallen empires? Rome – Greece – Persia – USA – It kind of has a ring to it — kind of like a fossil ‘rat pack’ of fame and power gone wrong.

What is Obama’s dream? – To transform the U.S.! To what?

Obama doesn’t have a dream to destroy America and make her disappear but rather to enslave, control and manipulate us and all our assets. All those who resist his agenda will be destroyed. His stated views written and spoken for his whole ‘fake out’ career have been to be the leader of an international movement and control the entire world with international laws.

Step one is to seize and redistribute all wealth, make America a mass of amorality and crush real morality inspired by the God of the Holy Bible. Obama is a radical – Communist – Islamic and has always hated what the real America represents. Christians, conservatives and patriots must go, so must her spirit and real history of greatness.

Obama intends to make this transformation happen through clear and thought out methodology. He has never just had a dream or philosophy he operates from but detailed plans and international – Islamic support. He has always mysteriously had billions of dollars in backing. It is most clear that Obama, from birth was the chosen destroyer of America. Why, the massive millions spent to hide all Obama’s documents — falsifying his birth records, use of false social security cards and hiding College records? Think about it a second. Have you ever heard of any U.S. President ever spending millions to hide every detail of his life from the people?

We see Obama organizing and enforcing a tectonic shift through the Islamic lead caliphate- with the goal of controlling the entire world one day. We have watched Obama side with Islamic dictator after dictator – exposing again and again his real faith in Allah and Muhammad, not the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. Think of the endless amount of corrupt and criminal dictators and terrorist groups he has boldly backed – Zelaya, Morsi, giving aid and comfort to the Taliban, employing Muslim Brotherhood members through out his staff on and on it goes. He always sides against the Christians and Jews and for Islamic radicals.

Scandals of destruction and corruption collect around Obama like snowflakes in a snowstorm. Now we get to wade through his complete violation and betrayal of our Vets with the Veterans Administration horror show and his illegal exchange of 5 top ranking Taliban commanders for a known Islamic radical and deserter. Naturally, Obama committed another crime by bypassing Congress and not giving them 30 days to respond. Now we shall see if Congress has already been bought and paid for or will stand for the law and the people. This latest crime of Obama is serious enough that if Congress will act, Obama could be facing huge prison time.

So, what is it to be people…tyranny and control or freedom and achievement? Obama has already decided but what will Congress, the 2014 and 2016 elections and ‘the people decide?

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As each day passes and more and more tyranny is imposed on the people without any blowback, OBUMA is more and more encouraged to destroy our way of life. I despair of my fellow countrymen for not standing up to this tyrant and demanding his expulsion and indictment. And, let’s not forget our duly elected representatives who cower in their offices and sell our freedoms and economy to the corporations. History will make a laughing stock of the so called courageous Americans who bend over and take the shaft. People where is your spirit?

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