Ending Taxation – “The Only Game in Town” 2011

The way our government can “and” should be. (Updated)

The documentary “The Fist Cut” was uploaded to YouTube on October 31st 2011 and is a video that is essential for viewing by every responsible American (1hr 12min). The “Final Cut” should be finished in 2012. (1hr 30) and released on DVD.

It can be viewed on the CAFR1 YouTube account but should “not” be copied and posted elsewhere other than by using the “embedded html code”




When watched you will realize this documentary must be viewed by as many Americans as possible and viewed by them as soon as possible. The big picture will come into clear view and then the course of action will be very clear also.

People in the business and financial community need to see this documentary. The “good” Guys and Gals running for public office also.

The copy uploaded to YouTube is a mid resolution file to play where stopping play to let load will not be that frequent if at all. If the play does stop, hit the “Pause” button on the player and let load for a while and then when the “Play” button is hit it should play uninterrupted. (the mid-size file was 392 megs)

Per regaining control of our government where “all” Americans truly benefit, what is brought forward in this documentary is not “a” solution, it is “the” solution going forward for centuries.

Please share the link for viewing with all that you know.

This documentary will fill in the biggest piece of the puzzle that has eluded the public, intentionally done so by a control structure out of self interest for over a 100-years. No longer will the population be left in the dark or be “the mark” for the controllers with the public release of this video and the comprehension learned through it.

If you have an email list for AARP, Financial Planers, Education Groups, News Services, Member Associations of Firemen – Police – Teachers – Military – Taxpayers, please send the link for all of them to view.

The more Americans that see this documentary the faster corrective action will com to play. So please help accomplish massive viewing of this documentary from Coast to Coast.

After viewing, please don’t forget to click “Like” and comment on the documentary. Additionally there is no reason that this video will not exceed five-million views worldwide in the next 30-days. Help make it happen!

Released FYI and for your community, State, and national action by,


Walter Burien – CAFR1.com
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Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs “Without” taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs! What is taxation? ANS: A revenue source. What is investment income and enterprise income? ANS: A revenue source. It s time to replace one revenue source with another. Taxation is not needed, TRF today and no taxation for tomorrow.

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